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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin Opposed the Translation of Liturgical Texts into Modern Colloquial Language

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin (1968- ), the chairman of the MP Department for Church and Public Relations


Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, the chairman of the MP Department for Church and Public Relations, thinks that the translation of liturgical texts from Church Slavonic into modern Russian is inappropriate. “I don’t think that we need to translate the language of worship, which was formed in ancient Russia, into the language of music videos or SMS-messages”, he said on Thursday at a press conference in Moscow. Fr Vsevolod went on to say that most people don’t experience distress because of the use of Church Slavonic in worship. “If someone really wants to understand the services and they put all of their heart into it, then, after three or four weeks of regular attendance at worship, they begin to understand it all”, he said. “The Church does speak in different ‘languages’. There are also Orthodox blogs and Orthodox music videos. However, the liturgical texts are a special case. Even if you translate them into modern Russian, it wouldn’t be easy to understand them. They’re high philosophy, understandable only to those who are enlightened by the teachings of Orthodoxy”. At the same time, Fr Vsevolod thought that the texts themselves educate us; they teach us what we need to pray for. “After all, we don’t always know what to pray for. We pray about money, our careers, or our family’s welfare. Maybe, that’s bad for us”, he said.

1 April 2010



Editor’s Note:

In simple and understandable terms, Fr Vsevolod shoots down the cacodoxy taught by SVS and New Skete; he exposes Andrei Psaryov and Vassa Larina as fatuous overeducated boobs. We mess with traditional liturgical language at our own peril… that’s clear to babies… but not to “scholars”, “academics”, and the “credentialed”. Note well what Fr Vsevolod said, “They’re high philosophy, understandable only to those who are enlightened by the teachings of Orthodoxy”. Amen! Hmm… does that mean that Vassa Larina, Jonas Paffhausen, and Chad Hatfield have to bow in repentance before all other Orthodox for their defence of the Jesuit Uniate pig Robert Taft? After all, he’s not “enlightened by the teachings of Orthodoxy”. He’s a four-square and unashamed papal supremacist. To think that Orthodox were taken in by such a phoney! I’ll say this… Vladyki Laurus wouldn’t have allowed such! Fr Vsevolod’s words are bracing… it should warn you to stay away from frauds such as Paul Meyendorff and Bradley Nassif. I wonder what Fr Vsevolod thinks of the aforementioned gentlemen’s notion of “liturgical fundamentalism”… perspirin’ minds want to know!


“Look at What Our Opponents Do…”

The Scapegoat (William Holman Hunt, 1856). It’s time to end the practise of trashing laypeople for the crimes of the clergy. Let the filthy members of the clergy swing from sour apple trees (metaphorically), I say… they only harm the Church, spit upon Christ, and scandalise the faithful. May the Lord have mercy on us for our bovine cowardice…

The sexual abuse scandal amongst the RCs is developing in an interesting manner. Yes, it DOES apply to us. Firstly, read this:


Simply put, the argument is obvious. “There are those who oppose us because we disagree with abortion and homosexual marriage. They will use any stick to beat us”. Unfortunately, not only is this argument without support, for there are those who oppose abortion and homosexual marriage who are demanding justice in this matter, it also links topics that should be kept clearly separated as they have nothing in common. For instance, I can demand that a paedophile priest face the music for his deeds whilst, also, at the same time, defend traditional Church teachings on abortion and homosexuality (that describes my position exactly… Benedict of Plano’s guilt did not cancel out the truth of the Church’s position on other matters).

Benedict’s cred is zilch. Once a public figure has lost their “charismata”, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to regain it. It is likewise with Jonas Paffhausen. He, in similar fashion, has no cred left. He defended Piggy Iggy and Bobby K when four years of records went “missing”. He defended Ray Velencia in the Koumentakos case. All three of these grinning paladins retain their Church positions. JP has the empty cardboard box… as does Benedict Ratzinger. However, this illustrates the tactics used when the clericalist party no longer has any real ground to stand upon.

Let’s revisit the words of the late Vladyki Job Osacky (do say a prayer for Vladyki’s soul… the Lord took him to spare him further suffering at the hands of the Syosset/SVS cabal):

I’ve often stated that in our little OCA, where many people know many others and have had longstanding relationships with them, we have largely failed in learning how to agree to disagree. I’ve used the example of a most unfortunate exchange; regarding not concepts or points, but, personalities.

The first person says, “You do not agree with me. That means you are not with me. That means you don’t like me. That means you are against me. That means you’re out to get me. That means you are attacking me. That means I have to destroy you”.

The second person should reply, “No, it means I don’t agree with you. That’s all. Let’s have a cup of coffee and discuss it, and maybe you’ll convince me, or, at least, we might be able to reach some compromise”.

But, my friends, our reality has shown that the exchange would not take place. The second person would never have been given the opportunity to respond, and the attack by the first person, with the motive of character assassination would begin. And, my sisters and brothers, there would be no opportunity for discussion, for dialogue, or for compromise. This scenario was repeated again and again, and continues today, and has become the basis for promoting personal agendas and lusting after power and authority. Is this noble; is it righteous; is it Christian? Can it ever be justifiable as being “for the good of the Church?” God forbid! And may He help us all, because this is how we’ve been operating in the Holy Synod and Central Church Administration for years, and we are slow to adopt an alternative.


THAT is what the Vatican is doing in the case of those who are criticising it for covering up child abuse by its priests. It is what the clericalist party anywhere, in any religious group, says and does in such cases. Criminal priests are defended to the point of harming the actual interests of the group, and the clericalists do not care if laity are scandalised and leave their group (as, indeed, happened in the Koumentakos affair). In essence, clergy are to receive a “get out of jail free” card… Those who speak against such sorts are vilified and held up to public obloquy. For instance, take Cappy Larsen and Melanie Sakoda… both have been called all sorts of nasty names for exposing the misdeeds of paedophile clergy. Look at Kristine Koumentakos… her reputation was trashed to protect a member of the Syosset/SVS cabal… and the konvertsy smile idiot grins and support everything that JP does.  An SVS faculty member sexually assaulted Eric Iliff, and those who covered it up remain in positions of authority. Look at the Via Dolorosa that Archbishop Job walked for demanding the truth in the recent scandal surrounding Herman Swaiko (which was more an affair concerning the cabal, but they managed to divert the criticism away from themselves and managed to have a pliable successor named).

In both cases, such tactics are the harbinger of the end game. In the case of the RCs, Benedict has lost his mantle of leadership, and he shall never regain it. Indeed, he appears to have taken it poorly, and such could presage a physical collapse. We’ve all seen cases where someone “loses the desire to live” and they drop dead. In any case, this has tarnished Ratzinger’s legacy. The attempt by the Curia to trash the messengers only made it worse. As far as JP is concerned, no one save apparatchiki and true believer konvertsy support him. It’s interesting to note how Mark Stokoe refuses to criticise him, in marked contrast to his behaviour towards Herman Swaiko. In both cases, there is a refusal to face clerical filthiness. No screams of “hogwash” from Alexander Lebedeff can cancel out the facts… I would say in reply, “Look at Gleb Podmoshensky of Platina, Panteleimon Metropoulos of Brookline, and Benedict Greene of Plano… I rest my case”.

The nasty actions of corrupt clergy do not affect what the Church is… the Very Body of Christ. However, those who mindlessly take a clericalist position harm the Body of Christ. We have covered up our losses for years by refusing to issue an accurate accounting of our numbers. Anyone who disputed the public “party line” was run out of the Church. I’ll say this for the Episcopalians… they gave out accurate info that showed the extent of their losses. They also saw to it that a dishonest treasurer did state time in the slammer here in New York State. We haven’t even done that. Moreover, we call the Episcopalians nasty names… I’ll check myself into Bedlam. I can see why Kristi Koumentakos left the Church, and all those who have the gall to attack her have to go through me first. What is more, they expect us to defend those who profit by the destruction of innocent lay folk. Excuse me whilst I hurl. We have some work to do, and it’s going to take at least a generation to clear away the mess. First, we must get rid of the cabal and its episcopal enablers. How many shall have the guts to do that? Only time shall tell us…

Pray for Kristi and her family. They didn’t deserve what they got. “Christ is risen, dear… and I have no words of reproach for you. s Bogom (go with God)”.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Easter Tuesday

6 April 2010

Albany NY

Kremlin Catering Staff Prepared Almost 18,000 Kulichi for Easter

Kulichi for Easter… yum, yum… we make it but once a year, so, don’t miss out!


The RF Presidential Canteen System Administration will offer visitors 17,800 kulichi (Easter cakes) weighing 6.8 tonnes (@7.5 tons), Viktor Khrekov, a spokesman for the presidential administration, told Interfax-Religion on Saturday {this means that the “average” kulich weighs a little under 14 ounces (382 grammes), a not-unsubstantial item: editor}. “We’re baking kulichi with nuts, candied fruits, and other ingredients in various sizes, ranging from tiny ones, weighing only 60 grammes (a little over 2 ounces, a mere cupcake), to large ones of 1,200 grammes (2 pounds 10 ounces)”, he told us. In addition, the cooks produced 2,250 paskhas (cream-cheese mounds) with a total weight of 1,100 kilogrammes {the “average” paskha thus weighed about 500 grammes (a tad over a pound): editor} and 24,000 Easter eggs with multicoloured stickers, with views of the Kremlin, St Basil’s Cathedral, and Easter symbols. On the eve of the holiday, the staff of the Office of Presidential Affairs conducted master classes in how to paint eggs, bake kulichi, and in decorating the Easter table. This Administration covers the canteens of the Presidential Administration, and other government agencies such as the RF Gosduma, the Federation Council, the Audit Chamber, and the Central Election Commission.

3 April 2010



Footy Fans Gave the Easter Greeting at a Match in Moscow

FK Lokomotiv footy fans at a match on Easter Sunday… I wonder if Fr Vsevolod Chaplin was there… he’s a big-time major footy fan… if he was, his voice was raised with all the others, no doubt!

In Moscow, at a match at Lokomotiv Stadium on Sunday night, football fans gave each other the Easter greeting. Our Interfax correspondent reported that at the beginning of the second half, thousands of FK Dynamo fans started a chorus, chanting, “Christ is Risen!” Thousands of FK Lokomotiv supporters seated on the other side of the stadium responded to them. They also began to chant in unison, “He is risen, indeed!” The crowd repeated this dialogue several times. Our Interfax correspondent, with nearly 50 years of experience as a fan, says that this is the first such case in the history of football in the motherland. During the match, Lokomotiv fans hung a huge banner on their side of the pitch, “Christ is Risen!”

5 April 2010



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