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Friday, 23 April 2010

Don’t Drink the Kool Aid… Or Eat the Yellow Snow


Remember… what were the very first words in the OCA announcement of the Sidebottom “confidential settlement?” “We have done no wrong”… if you had “done no wrong”, then, why was there a need for a “confidential  settlement” in the first place? Perspiring minds want to know…


There’s been quite a brouhaha over the so-called “confidential settlement” in the Koumentakos case. Firstly, if you’re interested in what appeared on Mark Stokoe’s website concerning this, here’s the URL:


Get a load of this quote:

“The records from the two-year old case have been sealed and the terms of the settlement won’t be made public”.

Here’s an example of what happened to an analogous corporate body, the Boy Scouts of America. Here’s a quote from Paul Mones, the lawyer for the defendant in a civil suit against the BSA, where the scouts had to cough up 18.5 mill.

“They’ve always settled. And they’re silent. No one hears because it does not see the light of day”, Mones said. “What we saw here in Portland really pulled back the covers on the Boy Scouts of America, and what it did to cover up”.


This is what the OCA does. It did this in the Koumentakos case recently. It did this in the Sidebottom case right after the installation of Paffhausen. The Iliff case disappeared after Eric’s rather murky suicide (do ask, “Cui bono?” and follow the trail… SVS DID benefit from the dropping of Eric’s lawsuit after his death, didn’t it?). The Syosset apparatchiki cleaned up after the sodomite Feodosy Lazor and the equally murky Pierre l’Huillier with a raftload of “confidential settlements”. Again, heed what Mr Mones said, “They’ve always settled. And they’re silent. No one hears because it does not see the light of day”. Note well that Stokoe is covering up for his pal Paffhausen, yet again. He’s shilling for the apparatchiki… he once called for justice, now, he openly kisses up to the powers-that-be. After all, they made him a member of their “Metropolitan Council”. I’m making a fuss over this because Paffhausen claimed that he was going to be open and “transparent”. I observe that he never keeps his word (remember the pact with Nashotah House after his loud announcement of “no contact with the TEC?”), that he defends the old guard (remember his statement at PSTGU in Moscow that “no one was left from the old administration except for a housekeeper and two clerks”… whilst Kishkovsky smiled wickedly at his side?), and his juvenile disregard of the structures and statutes of the body he heads (remember how the Metropolitan Council voted down his proposal to move his residence to Washington DC, so JP just moved there anyway?).

This isn’t something that started yesterday. One of the things that JP refuses to address is the nature of his relationship with the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky. The only reason that the ROCOR Holy Synod defrocked Podmoshensky for serving whilst under suspension was that certain clerics believed that if the truth about Podmoshensky’s sodomy were to emerge, it’d threaten their interests. It was “easier”, they believed. It was for “the good of the Church”. You see, if they’d addressed it frankly (just as Archbishop Innokenty Vasiliev was to do later in England in re the crisis caused by the schismatical Basil Osborne), it would’ve exposed the full extent of the rot; it would’ve enabled the Church to cut out the cancer and kill it. It would’ve revealed the extent of the sodomite cabal in the Church. It would’ve exposed the nature of James Paffhausen’s relationship with Podmoshensky, for one thing. Note well that Paffhausen kept up his relationship with Podmoshensky even after GP’s very public defrocking and deposition by the ROCOR Holy Synod. Reflect further that Paffhausen kept this relationship going until the early nineties, at the least; for JP went to Russia under GP’s auspices, Russky Palomnik was an unofficial rag put out by GP, it wasn’t an official MP publication. This is neither minor nor inconsequential… it shows that JP has always held the official Church in contempt and he does what he pleases… look at his actions last year, such as his rant in Dallas against “foreign hierarchs” and his lunatic remarks to the anti-clericalist OCL at Antiochian Village (I wonder what Demetrios Trakatellis thought of that antic?). They reveal his true mindset to all but the wilfully deaf and blind.

Secondly, if this isn’t bad enough, essentially, Paffhausen has allied the OCA with the official Anglican Communion; it only lacks communio in sacris to be a new form of Unia. Of course, last year, JP loudly and sanctimoniously proclaimed that he was dropping relations with the TEC. Then, in October, he signed a concordat with one of the seminaries of the TEC, Nashotah House. Nashotah House is nothing but a typical bunch of No-Church Proddies… they believe in female ordination, the 39 Articles, and the Branch Theory. What concord hath Christ with Belial? No matter which way one tries to spin this, it’s an agreement signed by SVS with an openly unrepentant heretic institution; it’s an agreement with an institution of the TEC just two months after JP trumpeted that he was dropping relations with the TEC. When one adds to this the fawning reception given by SVS to Rowan Williams (can you believe that they had this heretic write an introduction to one of their Popular Patristics series?) and the ecumaniac lovefeast in Texas two weeks ago between JP and the Anglicans, it looks for all the world that JP is preparing for a Unia between the TEC and the OCA. Why is a former Episcopalian sucking up to his erstwhile confession? By the way, oca.org still doesn’t have a news item up on its site concerning this meeting… and Mark Stokoe smiles blandly and defends JP. If you want to see a photo of JP with his Anglican confrères, here it is (the Anglicans had it on their site, why is JP being secretive?):


In short, a great deal doesn’t add up. I’ll say this… Herman was secretive, but no one believed him in the end. Paffhausen is twice as secretive, but all the konvertsy slobber in glee over his every statement and defend his every action. I do believe that there’s now an obvious, but not open, schism in the Church. On one side are grounded Orthodox (ethnics and converts who realise that one cannot have Orthodoxy without the Orthodox), on the other are mostly newbie half-bakes, in the main, they are disgruntled former Episcopalians. A priest friend of mine in the MP said in an e-mail, “I quite agree. The point is that Humpty Dumpty did a lot of fence-sitting. Now, the result of fence-sitting is that eventually you fall off… from having a pain in the… No one, not even all the King’s (= Patriarch’s) horses and men, is going to be able to put you back together again… or even want to… but we in the Russian Church will be around to pick up pieces… but only the pieces that want to be picked up. So, all we have to do, like the whole Russian Church, is just wait for him to fall off. No pushing required, just patience”.

They take the long view in Moscow… so should we. JP is much less than he appears to be. He’ll fade into insignificance… Matushka Nina told me that many parishes are simply not paying their “assessments”. In short, JP’s a “dead man walking”. The only question is how long the OCA has for this world. The longest that I’ve heard is five years…

Oh, yes… don’t drink the Kool Aid. It’s bad for your health. Watch out where the huskies go!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 23 April 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

Someone asked me why the upcoming OCA Holy Synod meeting is taking place in Denver CO, of all places. That’s simple… as there’s no concentration of Orthodox in the region, it’s easier to hide things. They’re going to spend too much money to fly out to an area with a very small Orthodox population… when the OCA’s still in financial trouble, why is this being done? I guess it’s a case of “them whom the gods would destroy…”


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