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Monday, 26 April 2010

“Hoom-da-da-Hoom…” That’s Entish for “Rod Dreher is Chock Fulla Beans”

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Treebeard the Ent… Orthodox are like Ents… it takes FOREVER to rouse us… but when you do… WATCH OUT!


First, read this…


Mr Dreher is not writing tongue-in-cheek… he expects us to attend to him and listen to him.


He hasn’t learnt “a cat sat on a mat”, yet, he’s lecturing us. I find that obscene. It was only a short while ago that he entered the Church… good sense tells anyone that he’s still learning what it means to be Orthodox, for it takes at least five years for the rhythms of the liturgical cycle to come alive in a person. Instead, he’s presuming to instruct us as to what we should do in a given situation… I truly am amazed and shocked at such impudence and hubris.

However, let’s take his words at face value… I have the baroque notion that Mr Dreher is not going to enjoy eating his words… well, he DID say them, didn’t he, kids? He did say, “Authority is responsibility. Authority is accountability. It’s not power”. If such is so… the Holy Synod must remove Jonas Paffhausen as First Hierarch of the OCA immediately. For instance, four years of financial records of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey “disappeared”… and JP did NOTHING. He didn’t discipline the two responsible parties, and he swept it under the rug. STRIKE ONE. By Mr Dreher’s standard, JP is accountable for the liturgical lunacy at New Skete… “authority is accountability”, after all. To think that New Skete celebrates an “Orthodox Feast of ‘St’ Francis”… that’s not kosher under any legitimate Local Church. JP smiles at such… that means he approves of such… and according to Mr Dreher, it means that he’s responsible for the actions of these loopy “monks”. STRIKE TWO. JP wanted to move to Washington DC. He brought the matter up to the so-called Metropolitan Council (for that’s the responsible body under the present semi-Proddie statute… shades of the Holy Governing Synod, no?). They rejected his proposal. JP moved to Washington anyway. “Authority is responsibility”… that means, according to Mr Dreher’s lights, JP is guilty here, too. STRIKE THREE.

The left-hand bear is named Pravoslavny… the right-hand bear is named Papalissimus… replace “Gore” with “Dreher”… I KNOW you get the message!



Then, Mr Dreher drew himself up to his full height, and thundered,No man is above the moral law. No man”. My, my, my… what moral outrage! Let’s take Mr Dreher at his word. According to Eric Tosi, the Secretary of the OCA, the two parties who lost the financial records of the Diocese of NY & NJ were Piggy Iggy Burdikoff and Bobby K himself! This means that Mr Dreher wishes to see Bobby and the Iggster in prison orange! HE SAID SO. That means that he wishes to see John Erickson wear prison orange for covering up the sexual assault of Eric Iliff at SVS. NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW. According to Rod’s Law (how’s that for a nifty little neologism), Joseph Fester, Dreher’s pal in Texas (JF is the Chancellor of the OCA Diocese of the South), also deserves to be in bracelets for protecting Bobby K and enabling his loss or destruction of church records (and keeping Bobby in a job in a parish of the OCA, to boot), and Eric Tosi deserves the boot for his part in covering up for Iggy and Bobby. NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW.

We could go on… but there’s no point in it. In short, Rod Dreher is chock fulla beans. Mark Stokoe posted his inanities… that makes him an accessory after the fact. Rod Dreher has no facility in any of the Orthodox languages (English is not one of them… we’re far too minor and minuscule)… so, he’s an expert on the Church? Mr Dreher’s ignorant attacks on the Pope of Rome shamed not only me, but also all other grounded Orthodox… trust me, Orthodox and Catholics definitely disagree… but Mr Dreher went beyond the pale. This… this… juvenile outburst on the part of Mr Dreher has only done one thing. There’s a whole raft of RCs who want a Texas Death Match with Rod… this only adds some Orthodox to the cauldron (hey… let’s form a tag team… what’s that? Naw… we don’t hafta play fair… they don’t…).


Quite, Mr Dreher. He should apply it to his friend JP, to Joseph Fester, to Bobby K, to John Erickson, to the entire lot of ‘em. By the way, Rod… what did you think of JP loudly breaking off all talks with the Episkies in July ’09, then, turning around and signing an agreement with a TEC seminary and having a grand Dixie Fry in Texas with the Episkies just two weeks ago?

Do you hear the silence?

“Treebeard, what do you think?”

“Hoom-da-da-Hoom… don’t be hasty… but I think he could be fulla beans”.

Editor’s Rumination:

Today, there is supposed to be a meeting of the OCA Holy Synod in Colorado Springs CO (I was waiting to see if the official website was going to note it… if didn’t)… there is nothing at all up on oca.org on it… it’s JP’s transparency and openness in action! Hmm… according to Rod’s Law, authority is accountability”, so that means that JP is responsible for the secrecy (which, by his silence, Mr Dreher approves of). I know there are “all kinds” in this messed-up world of ours… but must they be THIS low? Sheesh… pass me the jug… crazy world, ain’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 26 April 2010

Albany NY

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