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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Governor S V Morozov of Ulyanovsk Oblast Proposed Legislation to Fix the Legal Definition of “Sect”

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Sergei Morozov (1959- ), Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast. Ulyanovsk Oblast is in the Middle Volga region near Tatarstan (the Volga bisects the region; most of its territory is on the western (left) bank). The pre-revolutionary name for the capital was Simbirsk, but when it was proposed to rename the city in 2008, the majority of residents opposed the move.

Sergei Morozov, the Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast, said that we needed to adopt a number of amendments to federal laws to offer clear definitions for concepts relating to our society’s religious life such as “sect”, “destructive cult”, and “missionary work”. This will help to keep a tight rein on totalitarian religious communities in Russia, to scrutinise their compliance with the law, and prevent the commission of illegal acts, Mr Morozov said on Wednesday at a scientific conference in Ulyanovsk. He noted that one of the causes of inter-ethnic and inter-religious problems in the country is the lack of state and public control over religious organisations and non-traditional youth associations. To solve this problem, we should create, at the federal level, an integrated concept of state-confessional relations, Governor Morozov said. “This document should clearly define the basic principles and directions of interaction between state authorities and the traditional faiths, so as to indicate the interests and position of the state”, he said.

28 April 2010



Editor’s Note:

Most Americans do not understand that most countries do not wish the “export” of the anarchy of American Sectarianism into their societies. Let’s be frank… Governor Morozov is speaking of such groups as the JWs, Mormons, Scientologists, and American Radical Proddies. At best, they are disruptive to society… at worst, they turn people against their kith and kin. Mr Morozov is right… a tight lid should be placed on such sects… the sooner, the better.


Argentine Court Rejected Claim of Schismatics to ROCOR Church Property

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Holy Trinity Cathedral in Buenos Aires

The Civil Court of Appeals of Argentina rejected the legal claims of a schismatic faction to the property of the local communities of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). Last September, the Ministry of Justice of Argentina fully satisfied a complaint brought by ROCOR clergy against schismatics who were attempting to disrupt parochial life in that Latin American country. Undaunted, the schismatic party appealed, but the court has just rejected that claim, our Interfax-Religion correspondent learned on Tuesday from sources in the administration of the ROCOR in South America. In essence, the schismatics were trying to make illegal amendments to the charter of the ROCOR community in Argentina, which dates back 60 years, to the foundation of the Argentine diocese. The ROCOR registered all the movable and immovable property of the ROCOR in Argentina in the name of this community as a legal entity. The Civil Court of Appeals agreed that the wording of the document stipulated that the ROCOR community, as a discrete legal person, is the sole administrator of the property of  the ROCOR in Argentina. Therefore, the court upheld the decision of the Ministry of Justice that all amendments made by schismatic parties at general meetings and at board meetings of various congregations are invalid.

27 April 2010



Unique Icon in Kaluga Oblast Portrays Events of the Great Patriotic War and St George the all-Victorious

St George and the Dragon (Sergei Kuzin, 2007). One of the artworks from the project 12 хороших работ (12 Good Works) referenced in the article.

Icon-painters at St George Meshchovsk Monastery in Kaluga oblast created a unique icon in honour of the events of the Great Patriotic War. It portrays the breaking of the German blockade of Leningrad, and the battles for Königsberg, Moscow, and Kursk, where the intercessions of St George and other saints helped lead the Russian troops to victory, the website of the TV channel Nika reported on Wednesday. The image has the title, The Intercession of St George the Great Martyr and Conqueror: The Guardian Angel of Russia during the Terrible Trial of 1941-45. The icon will be displayed at the exhibition Торжество добра (The Triumph of Good),” which opens on 6 May in the Kaluga Oblast Philharmonic Building. In total, the exhibition will display about 50 works of contemporary painters, graphic artists, and sculptors. The project 12 хороших работ (12 Good Works) is entirely devoted to the image of St George; more than 60 Russian modern artists have worked on it for four years. All funds raised by the exhibit shall go to St George Monastery in Meshchovsk.

28 April 2010



APE proposes that the Relics of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov should Visit Sevastopol on Victory Day

Relics of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov the Holy Warrior (1744-1817)

The Association of Orthodox Experts (APE) proposed that the authorities arrange a visit of the relics of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov to Sevastopol on Victory Day in honour of the extension of the basing rights in the Crimea of the Black Sea Fleet. “We consider that it is sensible and appropriate to bring the relics of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov, which are kept in the Sanaksar Monastery, to the Black Sea Fleet parade in Sevastopol on 9 May”, according to an APE statement received by Interfax-Religion on Wednesday. “We call upon all Orthodox patriots joined in the spiritual unity of the Great, Little, and White Russias” to offer moliebens to Admiral St Fyodor, “to entreat his intercessions for the Russian Black Sea Fleet”, because his prayers facilitated “the historic agreement signed on 21 April concerning the Black Sea Fleet. The majority of Ukrainians are Orthodox, they have every right to demonstrate their support for the revival of the historical unity of the Ukraine and Russia, a milestone of which was the signing of the agreement to extend the stay of the Black Sea Fleet in its historic base in Sevastopol”, the APE statement said. The APE stated that the fleet of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov “will protect the cradle of the Baptism of all the Russias until the end of the ages”.

28 April 2010



Icon of Admiral St Fyodor Ushakov the Holy Warrior

Editor’s Note:

The bad dream of Yushchenko’s American-sponsored Orangie nightmare is over. That does NOT mean that the Galician Uniate nationalist project is dead… far from it. However, I believer that the majority of patriotic Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine have rejected it… which is for the good. I fear, though, that this defeat may lead to a resurgence of OUN/UPA banditry and murder… I hope not, but the record of the past does not inspire much confidence in any objective observer, does it?


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