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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

An Icon Exhibition, “Holy Warriors”, Opens in Moscow

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Archangel St Mikhail (Semyon Ushakov, 1676)

Images of celestial angels and earthly defenders of the motherland shall both appear at the exhibition Святое воинство (Holy Warriors), which opens Thursday at the Andrei Rublyov Museum of Early Russian Art in Moscow. For many works, it will be their first public showing in a museum setting. The presentation will feature more than 140 icons from the 12th to the early 20th centuries from the Andrei Rublyov Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, and from private collections, timed to coincide with the feastday of St George. St George was a Holy Warrior who lived in the 3rd century, he is celebrated in the choir of the saints for his loyalty to Christianity, is the patron saint of Moscow and a number of other European cities such as Prague and Barcelona. The heavenly hosts, the angels of God, are incorporeal forces that herald the will of God to people. In Christian art, there are several types of iconographic representations of angels. They are depicted with wings and halos. Sometimes, they are shown wearing diaconal vestments, serving the Divine Liturgy, or, they appear as a warrior in a tunic and armour, or, they can even be shown in monastic garb. The angelic images of angels have their own symbols, often, they hold a mirror in their hands, transparent spheres through which the angels, not daring to look upon God, contemplate His reflection.

6 May 2010

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Updated 06.05.10: Chechen President Kadyrov Blasts American Accusations that there is No Religious Freedom in Russia

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Cathedral Mosque in St Petersburg… Muslims have the same rights as all other Russian citizens, as is proper. Who is dropping bombs on Muslims? It’s not Russia! Obviously, there’s some dynamite weed in Foggy Bottom… the striped pants crowd is stoking up the bong… their report shows it!

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov rejected the findings of a US government commission that accused Russia of denying religious freedom. “I’m very surprised at the contents of the report of the US government commission. It gives an assessment of the situation in respect to religious freedom in Russia, and, moreover, it advocated that [the USA] exert some measure of direct influence on the situation”, President Kadyrov said on Wednesday a press conference in Grozny. Mr Kadyrov noted, “We know what religion is and we know how to pray, we know what our people need, and we are doing all that we can to improve our people’s lives. Indeed, we know that nobody in America knows anything about how Chechen people live and what they care about. Step by step, we are resolving most of the complex problems in this postwar period, not least those engendered through the efforts of  foreign special services. Therefore, we can cope with our problems ourselves and can do without suggestions from those who know nothing about our Muslim religion. In the course of special operations against terrorists in Chechnya, we repeatedly identified people having US documents as being amongst the leaders of the thugs or they were their instructors”. He said it was not clear what the American report meant when it reported “brutal persecution of Muslims in Russia” and “interference of the authorities in the field of religious education”. Mr Kadyrov was amazed that the report contains recommendations to implement “informational efforts and the development of direct ties with the Russian Muslims in order to support them”. He went on to say, “We are well aware of the consequences of American support. The results are visible in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam, which the commission also criticised for their lack of religious freedom. The reasons given for the war in Iraq are bogus and the consequences to the Iraqi economy, culture, and people were catastrophic. The number of human victims goes into the hundreds of thousands. Islamic shrines have been destroyed. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was executed on a Muslim holy day, which was an insult to the sentiments of Muslims throughout the world”. Mr Kadyrov observed, “The brutal actions of the USA in countries with a preponderantly Muslim population make it blasphemous for it to talk about their concern for the observance of religious freedoms in Russia.  The authors of the report live in the past and do not know anything about the changes that have occurred in Russia on the whole or in Chechnya in particular”.  A new report from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom placed Russia on its watch list for close monitoring of serious violations of religious freedom alongside countries like Afghanistan and Byelorussia.

5 May 2010




Over Tea (Nurkhatim Bikulov, 2003)

Editor’s Note:

Mr Kadyrov is absolutely correct. There is no persecution of Muslims in the Russian Federation. Hell, Muslims are government ministers, army generals, engineers, KAMAZ Master Team drivers… doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs! Ever since the fall of Kazan in the 16th century, Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Russia have lived in peace. Look at the picture I posted above… it’s by Nurkhatim Bikulov, a Muslim painter of the Tatar nationality (he has many honours, he started his career in the Soviet days).

Mr Kadyrov notes correctly that the CIA is engaged in covert action against Russia, using Muslim terrorists as their surrogates. That is, the US pays allies of al Qaeda; it gives Islamicist thugs Uncle Sugar’s shilling. I would say that the USA is sowing hatred all over the world. At one time, Americans were known for their openhanded generosity and their openhearted honesty. Today, the American leadership holds a whip in its hand and pays off its thuggish allies to oppress their populations to circumvent American labour laws. There was no difference between Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II insofar as aggressive actions abroad went.

However, that’s the way of it with the American New Class. They are utter LIARS. There are still plenty of Old Time Straightforward Americans left (indeed, they probably remain the majority)… but the New Class has seized the wheel of the state, the school, the marketplace, the job site… and the Church. Do read The New Class by Milovan Đilas… every word of it applies not only to the secularist élite of Western society, it applies to the Renovationist poseurs ensconced in the Church (don’t forget that Serge Schmemann worked for the New York Times, one of the foremost propaganda outlets of the secularist Mafia). That is to say, Rod Dreher, Freddie Matthewes-Greene, Jonas Paffhausen, George Washburn, and Patrick Reardon, their fellow-travellers, and all of the suburban affluent effluent who follow them, who are New Class to their fingertips, did nothing but change their externals.

That meant that they changed… NOTHING at all. Heady thought, no?


Orthodox Activists Organise Mass Rally in Kiev to Commemorate the Great Victory

Monument to Poles murdered by UPA bandits… remember this when you hear loud Galician Uniate nationalists… anywhere from 40,000 to 300,000 people were murdered by the UPA in Volhynia and Galicia, not only Poles, but also Ukrainians who opposed the butchery of the OUN… THIS is what you support when support any American neocon politician… reflect well on that.

On 6 May, in Kiev, Orthodox-patriotic groups will hold a parade honouring the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. “We want to focus on the religious and churchly character of our victory. We want to strengthen the unity of our Church and the unity of our fraternal peoples”, Yuri Yegorov, the chairman of Ukrainian public organisation Православный выбор (Orthodox Choice), said on Wednesday at a press conference at the offices of Interfax-Ukraine. He estimated that at least 1,500 participants from all the Ukraine would attend the event. The procession will honour the memory of the heroes of the war at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier; in addition, the marchers will protest proposals by some to rename some streets and install a monument in Kiev to the traitor Ivan Mazepa. Mr Yegorov noted that Orthodox Christians support the ruling of the court at Donetsk that overturned former President Yushchenko’s posthumous award of the title of Hero of the Ukraine to Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich. “The true heroes of our people in the Great Patriotic War were those who fought against the Nazi invaders at the front or as partisans in the rear areas, not those who shot our soldiers in the back or who brutally killed civilians”, he added.

5 May 2010



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