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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Who Saved Russia?

The Nameless

Yuri Platonov



THIS was the cost of the Great Victory…


There are no atheists at the front. Those who saved Russia during the Great Patriotic War know the truth of this…

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias said that the veterans of the Great Patriotic War were the saviours of Russia. In anticipation of the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, the First Hierarch of the MP met with frontline veterans in the main church of Russia, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Today, there are about 137,000 frontline veterans of World War II in the Russian Federation, and, in addition, some 200,000 more who served in support units. With every day, the number of living witnesses of that war becomes fewer. Several hundred of them gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Many know each other well, and they happily hugged each other before meeting with the patriarch, celebrating yet another year survived. His Holiness said to the veterans, “You’ve been an amazing part of our lives. You veterans are living heroes. Dear brothers and sisters, you walked the harsh path of war, you looked into the eyes of death, and you survived terrible trials to which people born after the war cannot even imagine. Your difficult personal experiences are a precious legacy for all of us, but that’s especially so for our young people, for they were born and grew up under new and comfortable conditions. Such evidence has great power… the power of persuasion. We can believe you because everything that you say is associated with your actual experience”.


A Widow: Her Veteran Did Not Live to See the Holiday

Vladimir Kutilin



Every year… fewer and fewer.


Frontline scout Ivan Lytkin, who came to the meeting at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, said to our VOR correspondent, “People should know the truth about the war and keep the memory of it alive. I’m proud that when I was only 18-years-old, I helped to defeat fascism, getting three combat wounds in the process. I’m strongly opposed to those who attempt to revise and alter history in general and the history of the war in particular. We must stick to what was, not come up with odd fancies. Indeed, we found everything on our path, but we did end with a victory over a powerful enemy. We veterans are hurt when we hear those who lie in their attempt to revise history. After all, we soldiers will never forget the war, we won’t forget our experiences at the front, where we roused ourselves with cries of ‘Ura!’…” Ivan admitted that in the most desperate and terrible moments of battle, even though he was nothing but a youth raised in an atheist atmosphere, he offered hastily composed prayers to God. “After all, death was constantly beside you at all times, and you yourself could at any time could become its victim”, he said. There were many like him, who, during the Great Patriotic War, became believers.


The Unbeaten

Vasili Nesterenko


These were our heroes… not those who collaborated with the occupiers…


Priests accompanied the ordinary soldiers fighting on the different fronts. At the very beginning of the war, the Nazis had fervently hoped for assistance from the Orthodox Church, which, in their view, was “victimised” by the Soviet regime. However, since they did not receive the support and assistance that they expected from the Church, the Fascist occupiers decided to change their plans and they tried to break the spirit of Russian people with public executions of Orthodox clergy. The war changed the attitude of the atheistic government towards the Orthodox Church. In 1943, an Archpastoral Council elevated Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky to the patriarchal dignity, renewed the institution of the episcopate, and restored Orthodox dioceses all over Russia.

5 May 2010

Voice of Russia World Service

Milena Faustova




Dress Rehearsal of the Victory Day Parade Held in Moscow

US troops on Red Square during the rehearsal for the Victory Day parade. THIS is what we need… not useless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or CIA funding for Islamicist bandits in the Caucasus or nationalist thugs in Galicia.

At 10.00 MSK (06.00 UTC 02.00 EDT 11.00 PDT Wednesday), the dress rehearsal for the Victory Day parade was held on Red Square. Some 10,500 Russian soldiers and about a thousand troops from other countries took part in the exercise. Aircraft of our air force flew in the skies over Moscow, 127 in all, including helicopters; some 150 military vehicles rumbled across the square during the run-through for the parade. In total, the rehearsal lasted as long as the actual parade will last, 72 minutes. As noted, the dress rehearsal included about a thousand troops from the CIS countries, Britain, France, the USA, and Poland. The Russian contingent includes representatives from all branches of the forces, the Army, Air Force, Navy, RVSN, Space Forces, and VDV. Some 1,200 musicians are in the combined orchestra, according to RIA-Novosti. Colonel General Valery Gerasimov, the commander of the Moscow Military District (MVO), commanded the parade rehearsal, acting under the orders of Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. According to the scheduled programme, the parade will begin on 9 May at 10.00 MSK with the trooping of the colours of the state flag of Russia, and the Minister of Defence will review the troops. At 10.14 MSK, Minister Serdyukov will advise the Supreme Commander, President Dmitri Medvedev, that the troops are ready to commence the parade. Then, President Medvedev will deliver a brief speech. After that, the combined orchestra shall play the Russian national anthem, accompanied by an artillery salute.

6 May 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Video: День Победы (Victory Day). The Late, Great Mark Bernes sings Zhuravli (The White Cranes)

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This Sunday marks Victory Day. The singing of the late, great, Mark Bernes is heard against a backdrop of images of our honoured veterans… there are fewer every year. “It’s said that soldiers are not really buried in the earth, they become white cranes… Yes, there’s a spot there for me”… No Russian-speaker with  a real Russian heart can hear this song with dry eyes. We owe our survival as a people to these brave men and women… they gave their all. Most Westerners do not understand this, I doubt that they ever shall (that includes some so-called “Orthodox”).

I salute you. There is nothing more to be said.

Video: Music “From the Heart of Darkness?” No… Music “Bearing the Light From the Mountains of Kush” (Ethiopian spiritual song)

A friend wrote these words (he attached them to a link to a video by Bob Marley; I’ve replaced that with a link to an Ethiopian spiritual song in honour of the Most Holy Virgin):

These words are not Bob Marley’s. They are from a speech made by the late anti-fascist Emperor Haile Selassie from the Royal Gates of the Imperial Cathedral in Addis Ababa in the 1950’s. Bob Marley later immigrated to Africa, abandoned Rastafarian Protestantism, and became a sincere Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. One must remember that Orthodox Christianity… often perceived and dismissed as “Tsarist”…   is also the Christian  religion of the oppressed Serbs, Palestinians,  Lebanese, Alaska Natives, Egyptian Copts, the oppressed Carpatho-Russians in the western part of the present-day Ukraine, and millions (yes!) in “Black” Africa. President Obama has Greek Orthodox cousins and Jomo Kenyatta… who overthrew British Imperial Rule in Kenya… was an Orthodox Christian. So is his nephew and Rage Against The Machine rock star Tom Morello!

Got to respect us!

Note well that you do not hear this from the loudmouth konvertsy and HOOMies. We “backward” ethnics know the truth… and we want you to know it too! The HOOMies are not only cultists; they dabble in the worst sort of pro-oligarch right-wing politics (and they mingle promiscuously with so-called “Evangelical Protestants” who issue “religious” apologias for the rapacious and inordinate greed of Bentonville and Wall Street).

So… President Obama’s roots have some Muslims in it… well… they have some Orthodox too! Are we personae no grata as result? Perspiring minds wanna know…


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