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Sunday, 9 May 2010

We Shall Never Forget You… We Shall Never Forget What You Fought Against

No One Has Been Forgotten… (Yefim Tsvik, 1988)

As we wrap up this Victory Day, let us remember the cost of it all… those who died on the battlefield, those who died in the Nazi POW camps and extermination centres, those who laboured as slaves in Germany, and the civilians slaughtered by the Nazis and their collaborationist minions. That is why we should oppose all those who wish to glorify the Nazis and such scum as the UPA, Ustashi, and Baltic Legions who did their bidding willingly.

The fallen of the Second Great Patriotic War did not die in vain.

11 April. International Day to Remember the Liberation of the Prisoners of the Nazi Concentration Camps. (Yefim Tsvik, 1985)

Especially, oppose those who deny the reality of the Nazi extermination camps. The Jews were merely one of the many nationalities that the Nazis slated for extermination. After all, according to them, we were nothing but Untermenschtumen… “Subhumanity”. There is a cold spot in hell for the David Irvings and Bishop Williamsons of this world.


God have mercy on us all…



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