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Monday, 10 May 2010

10 May 2010… Random Ruminations From Your Editor…

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Thieves Should Be Put In Prison (Arkady Areseniev, 2004). This was a poster on the oligarchs such as Khodorkovsky… it does apply to Bobby K, the Iggster, and Velencia, does it not? Forgiveness means that you’re off the hook with God; it isn’t a “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

One of the favourite pastimes amongst the konvertsy is declaring this or that person “excommunicated”. They’re chock fulla beans. I asked a priest-friend of mine of about it, and he had some interesting things to say about it all. Firstly, we don’t have “excommunication” in the sense that the Westerns use. Rather, we have two different concepts. The first is an “epitimia”… a priest can impose a penance in confession as part of one’s absolution. This is common enough in normal use. The second is “anathema”, and is far more serious. Only a bishop may impose this. This is VERY rarely done. As for all the canons that supposedly “excommunicate” people, they cannot be applied without a hearing before the bishop, with the person having the right to defend themselves. This was NOT done in the case of Mme Plas in France… Gabriel just unilaterally barred her from the chalice. Note well that SVS supported Gabriel to the max… that’s no stretch for them, for they teach the heretical doctrine of Schmemann that the laity concelebrate at the liturgy and “must” receive (a doctrine that Frs Michael Pomozansky and Daniil Sysoev both refuted absolutely and utterly). A friend of mine told me that they heard some of the konvertsy screaming that this one and that one were “excommunicated”. No, Virginia, we don’t do it that way…

Another friend was telling me how some SVS commandos were posting personal details of people’s lives on the internet (not me this time). Frankly, one should simply ignore such rubbish. As the late Bishop Job of Happy Memory pointed up, this is what they do. What can one do? Firstly, do not belong to the “internet forums”. They are not only a waste of your God-given time; the SVS crowd uses them (particularly the so-called Orthodox Forum) as a means of intimidation. Secondly, keep focused, and keep your own posting within limits. If in doubt, ask a trusted priest or friend. One time, I came up with a nugget concerning the Iggster. I asked my staritsa about it. She said, “It’s not connected with his public role as a priest, and it’s not illegal. Keep this one under wraps”. In short, we are to follow Solzhenitsyn’s dictum, “Survive at almost any cost”. Yes, I know it’s not fair… but that’s how life is. Deal with it. Don’t argue with such sorts, don’t try to “defend” yourself, and don’t reply to them… it’s pig rasslin’ of the dimmest and dumbest kind. The perversity and disrespect for the private lives of ordinary folk shown by the OCA fanatics speaks for itself. Let it be…

One of the things that some of my correspondents were regretting is that Raymond Velencia got off entirely scot-free after the Koumentakos affair. Some were waiting for an announcement from the OCA Holy Synod meeting in Colorado. I would say that Paffhausen has a new policy towards the faithful… “Tell them nothing at all”. He told you nothing about his ecumaniac lovefeast in Texas with the Episkies in April and he told you nothing about the Holy Synod meeting. NOTHING. Let that sink in. I predict that nothing is going to happen to Bobby K, the Iggster, or Ray Velencia. Nothing at all, and they’re not going to deign to issue any kind of report whatsoever. On the other hand, whenever there is a Holy Synod meeting in Moscow, there is a press release stating who was present, the items on the agenda, and the resolutions of the Synod. That’s all that’s being asked… and Paffhausen refuses to give even that. That speaks loudly of his attitude. Remember how Stokoe screamed and hollered whenever Herman wouldn’t release information? Well, his pal Paffhausen is worse… and he supports him and tells us what a great man he is. Hmm… let’s see… Paffhausen had his move to Washington nixed by the MC… so, he moved there anyway. Where was Stokoe?

I would warn anyone about the English-language side of the website Pravoslavie.Ru. The Russian side is solid… it should be, the editor is Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov. The English-language side has been infiltrated by the Platina bunch… there was an ad for CSB Publishing there. Yes, CSB stands for “Christ the Saviour Brotherhood”… yes, the HOOMies. Poor Fr Tikhon doesn’t speak English, so, he has been bamboozled. One of the translators (at least) is from the Platina crowd that was under Gleb Podmoshensky; she “dumbs down” some pieces and softens any criticism of the heterodox found in the Russian original. Thus, don’t use the English side of this site… go to the Russian side and run a machine translation… it’s better than nothing, and there is no HOOMie contamination. Don’t forget, not only did the ROCOR Holy Synod defrock Gleb Podmoshensky, Paffhausen freely associated with him after that defrocking. There are all too many konvertsy in the OCA and AOCANA contaminated by contact with Podmoshensky. The so-called St Herman Monastery has been a cancer in the Church since the death of Fr Seraphim Rose. Never forget… Paffhausen refuses to come clean about his deep involvement with Podmoshensky. Podmoshensky was a known sodomite… what does this say about Paffhausen?

Orthodoxy in the USA is certainly NOT boring. Actually, a bit of “ordinariness” is what is called for… “interesting” may make for bracing history; unfortunately, it makes for unpleasantness and nastiness in day-to-day life. May God shorten the time of the OCA fanatics… please, do let that be so.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 10 May 2010

Albany NY


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