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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

15 May declared a Day of Mourning in Kemerovo Oblast for the Victims of the Raspadskaya Mine Explosion

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A relative mourns for coal-miner Fyodor Akintyev (1960-2010), killed in the Raspadskaya Mine explosion. They all had faces… they all had names… they all had families who loved them. They deserve the same dignity and honour that we give “celebrities”… no… they deserve MORE.

On Wednesday, Aman Tuleyev, the Governor of the Kuzbass, signed a decree designating 15 May as a Day of Mourning for the victims of the Raspadskaya Mine disaster. ITAR-TASS reported that all state flags shall fly at half-mast and all entertainment events shall be cancelled, including television programming on local channels. There were two explosions in one of the world’s largest coalmines at Raspadskaya (near Mezhdurechensk) on Sunday night, with an interval of four hours between each blast. According to the latest figures from Emercon, the explosions killed 60 people, injured more than 100, and the fate of 30 more remains unknown. At present, rescuers are searching for the missing. A large group of investigators under the direction of Aleksandr Bastyrkin, the head of the RF SPK, is sifting through the evidence to determine the cause of the incident.

12 May 2010

Voice of Russia World Service



Through a Funhouse Mirror…

First, read this:


Sound impressive, huh? Well… it’s much less than it appears on the surface. There was a name missing… Fr Igor Vyzhanov. Fr Igor is a well-known figure in Moscow; he was often enough in the news from the Russian news agencies, especially in inter-religious affairs. He’s been assigned to New York as the spokesman of the World Russian People’s Congress (VRNS) at the UN. Let’s be blunt… in the informal chain of command (which is the only one that counts), Fr Igor outranks Yustinian. There’s absolutely nothing of substance imparted by this article, that is, it’s nothing but GIGO from stem to stern. Note well that the actual ranking cleric of the MP in the US, Fr Igor, wasn’t present. This is just another piece of dezinformatsiya from Syosset. Did you see Smilin’ Lyonyo in the photo? Hey, JP! I thought that all of the Old Gang except for two clerical aides and a housecleaner were gone! Why, you said so at PSTGU last year. Why’s Lyonyo in the picture? NOTHING of any substance was said… if there was, it would have been reported in the Russian press, and it wasn’t. JP’s been given no actual and real promises… he’s still just Moscow’s Step n’ Fetchit (as all the other real First Hierarchs of legit Local Churches know). Don’t forget… Bart’s coming to Moscow later this month. The OCA’s nothing but an expendable pawn in the Great Game… what’ll happen when Moscow moves on SVS’s buddies in Paris? Perspiring minds wanna know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Albany NY

Moscow City Court Ruled that the Case in the Murder of Nikolai II was Improperly Dismissed

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German Lukyanov, barrister for the Romanov pretenders… the order he wears is not a state award of the Russian Federation, it is an award of the Romanov pretenders, therefore it is neither official nor recognised by any state.

The Moscow City Court ruled that the criminal case in the murder of Tsar Nikolai II and his family was improperly dismissed. Thus, the court granted the appeal of German Lukyanov, who is the barrister representing the interests of Grand Princess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova. According to the decision of the court of appeal, the case materials will be returned to the court of first instance, and they shall be re-examined under a new file. After the court session, Mr Lukyanov told Interfax that he does not consider the remanding of the case back to the Basmannyy Court as a delay in the process. “The length of the legal process only demonstrates the complexity of the case. We’ll take this in stride. We hope that under a new file, our evidence will find a fair assessment”, he said. Mr Lukyanov does not intend to submit new evidence on re-process in the Basmanny Court. “Our main piece of evidence is the ruling of the Supreme Court, which didn’t recognise or accept the arguments of the General Procurator or of the SKP”, he added.

As reported earlier, on 19 March, the Basmanny Court of Moscow dismissed the case filed by Mr Lukyanov when it upheld the decision to dismiss the criminal case concerning the murder of the last tsar and his family. “The court took the position of the Office of the General Procurator and the Investigative Committee of the Procurator’s Office, but it did not take into account the decision of the Supreme Court that exonerated Nikolai II and his family”, Mr Lukyanov said to our Interfax correspondent. On 1 October 2008, the Presidium of the RF Supreme Court agreed to rehabilitate Nikolai II and his family, and, on 15 January 2009, a court order terminated the criminal case concerning the murder of the Romanov family. The Romanov pretenders did not agree with the conclusions of the SKP that the members of the imperial family were the victims of common criminals, as they argued that the execution of the Romanovs was carried out on the orders of state authorities.

12 May 2010



The Leader of the Popular Orthodox Movement of Georgia may Apply for Asylum in Russia

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Malkhaz Gulashvili, may seek asylum in Russia from the Saakashvili junta

Malkhaz Gulashvili, the founder of the Popular Orthodox Movement of Georgia and the owner of the media holding company Georgia Times, has fled to Tskhinvali and does not rule out an appealing to the Russian government with a request for political asylum. Recently, Georgian media sources said that Mr Gulashvili, fleeing from criminal prosecution, was in the Akhalgori district, and then went to Tskhinvali. He was forced to flee after members of his movement ransacked a studio of the television channel Kavkasia on 7 May after a televised debate. Police arrested eight activists and charged them with hooliganism. Mr Gulashvili fled after he found out that the procurator’s office wanted to interrogate him. In a telephone interview with the TV channel Rustavi-2 on Tuesday night, Mr Gulashvili confirmed that he was in Tskhinvali, along with his son. “The Georgian authorities were not only trying to pressure me, but they tried to kidnap my boy on Sunday. I had no choice but to take my son out of Georgia. Let’s face it, I couldn’t cross the border legally”, Mr Gulashvili said. He noted that now he has ensured his son’s safety, he is ready to return to Georgia and to answer any question the procurator may ask. “If the Georgian authorities continue their political persecution of me, I do not rule out appealing to the President of Russia with a request to grant me political asylum”, Mr Gulashvili said.

12 May 2010



Editor’s Note:

Mark down well what is happening. Saakashvili’s goons pressured Mr Gulashvili, who was not involved in the fracas involving Mr Deisadze’s blasphemous remarks. Mr Gulashvili fled to South Ossetia because he feared for his son’s safety. That is not paranoia. At the beginning of the August War in 2008, the son of Zviad Gamsakhurdia returned to Georgia as a patriotic gesture and Saakashvili’s goon squad arrested him at the airport.

Who is the sponsor of the neo-fascist Saaksashvili junta? Washington… that’s who. Yes sir, it’s the same Beltway cabal in Washington that supported neo-fascism in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, the Ukraine (the Orangies are toes up, thank the good God), and the Baltic States (in effect, supporting “Holocaust Denial”). It’s not our parents’ America, folks… America has turned from “the land of the free” into “this land ain’t for free”… I submit that there’s a difference… a vast one. Remember the American dead of World War II… they shall accuse you of hypocrisy if you support any of the neo-fascist states named (whose leaderships are all rooted in Nazi collaborationist movements, by the way).

Also, note that the American media is supporting the Georgian government in its Gestapo tactics. The American media views it as an assault on “free speech”… by supporting a junta that does not hesitate to beat, pressure, and muzzle its opponents. Interesting, no?


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