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Monday, 17 May 2010

Mezhdurechensk Digs Out…

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Memorial candles lit at the Miners’ Memorial in Kemerovo

Residents of Kemerovo laid flowers on the Kuzbass Miners’ Memorial Monument at the Krasnaya Gorka Museum-Preserve. In the Kuzbass region, 15 May was a Day of Mourning for the miners and rescue workers who died on the night of 9 May in a blast at the Raspadskaya Mine near Mezhdurechensk. In the cities of the region, state flags were at half-mast, concerts and entertainment/sporting events were cancelled, and television and radio programming was modified. Oblast governor Aman Tuleyev took part in the ceremonies in Mezhdurechensk.

On Sunday, emergency crews at the Raspadskaya Mine began laying a third pipe to accelerate the flooding of the section of the mine where the coal seam is on fire. According to RIA-Novosti, a spokesman for the General Directorate of Emercon in the region said, “In order to speed up the flooding of the workings, on 16 May 16 we will begin laying a third pipe to pump additional water into the mine. Increasing the water supply is part of our plan to work to stabilise the mine workings. We continue to pump water into the mine, flooding the affected workings in accordance with calculated parameters. The amount of fire suppressant delivered and the air quality remains unchanged”, he said. Specialists noted that the air lodged in the shaft is evenly distributed. An Emercon official remarked, “Our crews constantly monitor the water levels remotely from the surface, they constantly observe and analyse the situation in the mine workings through such things as water content and condition of the gas atmosphere. The output of methane recorded at control points allows us to determine when the atmosphere within the mine is stable”.

Rescue work has been under way on the scene for eight days. No decision to send rescuers to search for 24 miners, whose fate remains unknown, will be taken until the chief engineer and the leader of the Novokuznetsk mine rescue squad make a thorough assessment of the situation in the mine after the full implementation of all planned measures. Until then, all access to the mine and all of its objects is restricted.

Miners at the Mezhdurechensk Mine blast site

Doctors say that most of those injured in the blast Raspadskaya Mine are showing definite improvement [in their condition]. On Sunday, two more patients were discharged from hospital to outpatient aftercare. 82 remain hospitalised [due to injuries suffered in the mine explosion]. According to RIA-Novosti, Valery Tsoi, the head of the oblast department of public health, this shall not count against the sick leave time of the injured miners, they will continue to receive all the necessary medical care that they require. Of the 82 miners hospitalised, 76 are in local hospitals in the Kuzbass, in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, Prokopyevsk, Novokuznetsk, and Mezhdurechensk, and six [of the more serious cases] were sent to Moscow. [Not counting the two discharged on Sunday,] the number of patients hospitalised has not changed since Friday, when seven patients went home. Most of the blast victims received treatment in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, which has a specialised scientific and clinical centre for miners’ health care. Five patients at this centre are still in intensive care, but all of them show definite improvement. This includes a miner with severe injuries transferred to the oblast central trauma hospital in Prokopyevsk, he is now showing definite signs of improvement, and doctors upgraded his condition to satisfactory.

Miners in the Kuzbass made an appeal to President Dmitri Medvedev to demand the release of all arrested protesters in Mezhdurechensk and increase the salaries of all miners at profitable enterprises three-fold, according to a statement prepared by the Central Headquarters of the Union of Kuzbass Residents. In particular, Ekho Moskvy reported that the petition has the following demands:

  • The release of all those held in Mezhdurechensk [as a result of the protest at the railway tracks]
  • Cease harassment of those who took part in the protests
  • Raise salaries in all profitable mines three-fold
  • Withdraw MVD troops from Mezhdurechensk and other sites nearby
  • Hold a meeting of miners with representatives of local government

If their demands are not met by 21 May, the miners are going to start a protest action.

Police and protesters scuffle at the railway line

On 15 May, police arrested 28 protesters in Mezhdurechensk. On 03.00 OSK (00.00 MSK 20.00 14 May UTC 16.00 EDT 13.00 PDT) on Saturday morning, a crowd at blocked the railway line on the outskirts of the city. Aleksandr Yelin, the head of the GUVD in Kemerovo Oblast, said that police interrogated all detainees and took statements from them. The Transportation Investigation Department of the RF SKP is considering instituting proceedings under two articles of the Criminal Code, for blocking railway lines and rioting. Due to scuffles with protesters, two OMON personnel had moderate injuries, 15 more were slightly injured, and five protesters needed medical attention. A spokesman for Russian Railways reported that because protesters blocked the line between Kara and Mezhdurechensk some trains had lengthy delays.

On Sunday, there was a funeral for the 66th victim of the Raspadkaya mine. Earlier, the bodies of 62 miners and rescuers were buried locally. Another three victims were buried in other regions. From Tuesday, May 18, a specially created regional commission and representatives from the coal company will work with the relatives of the victims to address their social and domestic concerns.

More families grieve for their dead…

In the Kuzbass, 15 May was a day of mourning for the miners and rescue workers who died in the 9 May blast. Representatives from the municipal government, activists, schoolchildren, and students gathered at the main miner’s monument area. Together with priests, they prayed for the repose of souls of the victims, and laid flowers and memorial lamps near one of the statues honouring Kuzbass coal miners. In all Orthodox parishes throughout the oblast, believers participated in prayers for the dead. Parishes in the Kuzbass will serve Pannikhidas for the blast victims at Raspadskaya for 40 days from the date of the accident.

Meanwhile, some of the mine management at Raspadskaya are under criminal investigation and house arrest, and a case is being brought because of the deaths caused by the blasts on the night of 9 May. In fact, the criminal case based on the two explosions at the mine is covered under a specific article of the Criminal Code, “Violation of safety rules during mining operations, resulting in the death of two or more persons”.

On Tuesday, a Joint Commission on Social Affairs will begin operations to organise payments to the families of the miners killed in the Raspadkaya Mine accident near Mezhdurechensk in Kemerovo Oblast on the night of 9 May. “The commission will include members from the oblast administration, the municipal department of social welfare, and the company. It will hold individual meetings with each family affected and the first payments should commence tomorrow”, Galina Kovalchuk, a press officer for the Raspadskaya Coal Company, told Interfax on Monday. She also noted that the families of the mine blast victims would be paid wages due for April. “We decided to continue to pay salaries through the cashier at the company, for if we were transfer the money through a bank, the relatives would only be able to receive such salaries for six months”, she explained. Speaking of the surviving miners, Ms Kovalchuk said that some of them would put the Raspadskaya mine back into operation, whilst others will work at other sites.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that miners would not lose wages due to mine closures. “All miners must receive the full average wage calculated for the previous quarter during the downtime at the mine”, Mr Putin said during a conference call with authorities at Novokuznetsk to discuss the aftermath of the accident at the Raspadskaya Mine. The Prime Minister noted that it’s about time that we thought about the repair and restoration of the mine. As Mr Putin emphasised, “We must do everything that we can to ensure that we all have fulfilled our obligations to the people. Of course, the State will do everything in its power to enable the carrying out of these tasks”, Interfax quoted him as saying.

15-17 May 2010

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A Photo Essay: Saying Goodbye in Mezhdurechensk…

Nobody is forgotten. Nothing is forgotten.

Olga Berggolts












Kuzbass Miners’ Memorial Monument in Kemerovo






The protest at the railway line…



Protesters demand the release of those arrested


What more need one add to this…  only:

Вечная памят…

All too many lives cut short… mostly due to compromises taken with safety to satisfy the greed of Roman Abramovich… reflect well on the fact that his ilk is thought of highly in America and the West.


“They Must Think We Are ALL Idiots…”

Let’s see… that’s the loudmouth Dreher at the mike… with JP, Bobby K, Peterson, Fester, et al playing a merry little tune…

Here is something from a friend of mine that needs no addition from me…

Take a look at this; an “Orthodox Conference” that just happened this weekend that involved JP, MB, and GE. Even more interesting, one of the sponsors half way down is “Christ the Savior Brotherhood”…? I have also attached the flyer (word document) for the “conference”…These guys are way too much, they must think we are ALL idiots.


Check it out. JP is turning the OCA over to the HOOMie poseurs. Hell… JP is a HOOMie poseur himself. “Christ the Saviour Brotherhood”… that’s the Holy Order of MANS… Podmoshensky introduced these cultists to “Orthodoxy”. Congratulations, “Gavriil”, “John”, Christopher Orr, and the “Ochlophobist”… you’ve all signed on to support a metropolitan who wants to turn the OCA over to a bunch of loony cultists.

Things are going to get MUCH worse before they get better, I fear. This is only the beginning. JP mustn’t forget that he is NOT an independent actor and that there are more people in Moscow than just the Boy Wonder (and there are many who oppose HA… he’s only the head of a faction, he does NOT speak for the entire Church).

It is noteworthy that this was NOT covered on oca.org. In short, Paffhausen and his HOOMie pals pee all over you and laugh at you… and you thought that Herman Swaiko was bad… God is certainly letting us pay the full bill for not taking care of Herman the right way (that is, having a full open hearing before the Holy Synod… that’s how legit Local Churches handle such).

May God have mercy on us all. JP’s mania for secrecy is perverse…

For those who need more information on the HOOMie mess, here’s a URL:


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 17 May 2010

Albany NY

Just the Facts, Ma’am: Russia and the Ukraine: an Infographic Presentation

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President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ) (left) with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich (1950- ) (right) on 17 May 2010 in Kiev

President Medvedev is visiting the Ukraine today and tomorrow. Therefore, it’s apropos to give you some facts about these two regions. Here is an infographic presentation from RIA-Novosti.

The URL for the original is:





To give perspective to the above, I give some representative world economies as a comparison. France and Germany are listed as they are the heart of the EU. South Africa is as good as it gets in Sub-Saharan Africa. All the BRIC economies are here. Argentina is the largest and (arguably) most advanced Spanish-speaking state in South America. The largest Anglosphere economies are included (US/UK/Australia/Canada). Iran is here as the largest and most advanced Islamic state. The listings (in order) are land area, population, population density, GDP/PPP in USD, and official unemployment rate.

I am doing this to shut down all loud-mouthed Galician Uniate nationalists from the start. You will see that my comments are grounded in harsh reality and not airy-fairy wishful thinking. There are some brutal facts lying in wait just around the corner…


357,021 sq km (137,847 sq mi). 81.8 million. 229/sq km (593/sq mi). 2.806 trillion (34,212 per cap). 8.0 %


551,695 sq km (213,010 sq mi). 62.8 million. 115/sq km (299/sq mi). 2.108 trillion (33,678 per cap). 9.4 %


9,984,670 sq km (3,864,085 sq mi). 34.1 million. 3.4/sq km (8.3/sq mi). 1.281 trillion (38,025 per cap). 8.6 %


9,826,675 sq km (3,794,101 sq mi). 309.3 million. 32/sq km (83/sq mi). 14.256 trillion (46,381 per cap). 9.7 %


8,514,877 sq km (3,287,597 sq mi). 192.2 million. 22/sq km (57/sq mi). 2.013 trillion (10,513 per cap). 7.4 %


3,287,240 sq km (1,269,210 sq mi). 1.18 billion. 359.2/sq km (930.4/sq mi). 3.862 trillion (3,176 per cap). 9.5 %


9,671,018 sq km (3,704,427 sq mi). 1.34 billion. 139.6/sq km (363.3/sq mi). 8.765 trillion (6,567 per cap). 4.3 %


1,648,195 sq km (636,372 sq mi). 74.2 million. 45/sq km (116.6/sq mi). 827.9 billion (11,172 per cap). 11.8 %


2,766,890 sq km (1,068,302 sq mi). 40.1 million. 15/sq km (38/sq mi). 584.4 billion (14,560 per cap). 8.4 %


7,617,930 sq km (2,941,299 sq mi). 22.4 million. 2.8/sq km (7.3/sq mi). 851.2 billion (38,910 per cap). 5.3 %

South Africa

1,221,037 sq km (471,443 sq mi). 49.3 million. 41/sq km (106.2/sq mi). 505.2 billion (10,243 per cap). 24.0 %

Britain (UK)

243,610 sq km (94,060 sq mi). 62.1 million. 254.7/sq km (659.6/sq mi). 2.139 trillion (34,619 per cap). 7.8 %


In the following lists, the entries are from highest to lowest, with Russia and the Ukraine in bold type. This shall how you grapically where the actual reality lies.

  1. Land Area: Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, South Africa, the Ukraine, France, Germany, UK
  2. Population: China, India, USA, Brazil, Russia, Germany, Iran, France, UK, South Africa, the Ukraine, Argentina, Canada, Australia
  3. Population Density: India, UK, Germany, China, France, the Ukraine, Iran, South Africa, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Australia, Canada
  4. GDP/PPP: USA, China, India, Germany, Russia, UK, France, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Iran, Argentina, South Africa, the Ukraine
  5. Per Capita GDP: USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Argentina, Iran, Brazil, the Ukraine, China, India
  6. Official Unemployment Rate: South Africa, Iran, USA, India, France, the Ukraine, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Germany, UK, Brazil, Australia


Together Forever! Russia and the Ukraine (Soviet-era poster)

No matter if you slice it thick or thin, baloney remains baloney. It doesn’t matter if you “French it up” with fancy mustard, “artisanal” bread, and goat cheese that smells like the goat sat in it… baloney remains baloney. In short, all of the wild assertions of the Galician crowd are shown to be lies… yes, statistics don’t give the whole story, but they do give a good outline view. Their meaning is unmistakable. The Ukraine has suffered from twenty years of nationalist misrule. Today, the Ukrainian per capita GDP is only 45 percent that of the Russian… when the situation was in reverse in Soviet times! The Ukraine was the jewel in the Russian imperial crown… the oldest part of the realm, the richest portion by far, and peopled by one of the most productive segments of the Russian narod. The nationalists trampled all of this into the mud in their unreasoning hatred of all things Russian. THIS is the end result of Galician Uniate nationalism.


They impoverished the people of Little Russia in an attempt to breathe life into their odd and perverted notions. Bandera a hero? God, do help us… he was nothing but a convicted murderer who had blood all the way up to his elbows… the only reason that he didn’t kill as many as Stalin was that he wasn’t given the chance! The nationalists had 20 years to prove their point that Russia was the enemy of the Ukraine… and they failed in the end… they failed miserably. The Ukraine survives because Russia props it up economically. However, do look at the comparative figures… they tell a story… a story that is not complimentary to the nationalists.

The Ukrainian people are worse off now than they were in Soviet times. Yet, there is hope. This last Victory Day, Russian troops marched in Kiev. That is no small beer. It shall take twenty years to undo the damage done to the Little Russian land, people, and economy by the Uniate nationalists. As I speak, people are returning to the canonical Church… a new president has been elected who has vowed to undo the lunacy of the past two decades. For one thing, he has lifted the censorship on the canonical Church that the Uniate nationalists imposed upon it (and it looks like the schism may be largely healed, too… please, God, let that be so).

If I were Viktor Fyodrovich, I would watch myself carefully. History proves that you cannot turn your back on the Galician Uniates… the tale of the OUN and UPA is cautionary in the extreme. They are violent and murderous… you need examples? I’ll give you a name… Gavriil Kostelnik. I’ll give you another… Mikhail Shuvar. Thank God, the vast majority of Ukrainians, even amongst Galicians, to be fair, do not support such. Unfortunately, terrorism does not need a large number of supporters to wreak havoc.

The figures tell a very sad story. I fear that the nationalists, their diaspora supporters, and their Western enablers will refuse to listen. They wish to weaken Russia at all costs… and if the Little Russian people suffer as a result? That’s no matter… you have to break eggs to make an omelette, after all (don’t forget that the Westerns believe that we Slavs (actually, all non-Westerners) are untermenschtumen).

The Ukraine deserves to have an economy as strong as that found in the rest of Russia. Let reunification come… let it come soon (in historical terms)… then, see how the people of Little Russia will take wing and soar! They deserve it… after a generation of such a soulless abomination. God do have mercy on them…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 17 May 2010

Albany NY

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