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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Patriarch Bartholomew shall come to Moscow on 22 May

Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople (1940- )… shall he get Kirill’s support for the reopening of Halki?

At the invitation of His Holiness Krill Gundyaev, the Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople shall visit Russia from 22 to 31 May. The programme of Bartholomew’s visit includes stops in Moscow, Sergiev Posad, the Valaam Monastery, and St Petersburg. On 23 May, on Trinity Sunday, Patriarchs Kirill and Bartholomew will serve liturgy at the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra. The next day, on the feastday of Ss Cyril and Methodius, they will take part in the opening of the Days of Slavic Literature and Culture at Christ the Saviour Cathedral. In addition, Patriarch Bartholomew shall venerate the relics kept in the Moscow Kremlin, he shall meet with Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and the ambassadors of Greece and Turkey, he shall speak before theological students from all the Local Churches, and he will visit the St Dmitri Nursing School. On 27-29 May, Patriarch Bartholomew will visit the Valaam Monastery, then, he will go to Kronshtadt, where he will receive a briefing on the restoration of the Naval Cathedral. Furthermore, Patriarch Bartholomew will visit the Hermitage, serve liturgy in St Isaac Cathedral, and inspect the restored building of the Holy Synod, before returning to Istanbul on the morning of 31 May. In July 2009, Patriarch Kirill will visit Turkey, his first official visit to another Local Church as First Hierarch of the MP. At a meeting in Istanbul, Patriarch Bartholomew said that “clouds” from time to time arose in relations between the two “Sister Churches”, but he said that they were “only temporary” and “passed quickly”. He emphasised, “No one can deprive us of the unity that we have in the shared chalice”.

18 May 2010



Editor’s Note:


You got it! It’s Big Green Weenie Award time again, kiddies! I normally don’t look at the English side of the Interfax side any more, the incompetence and stupidity just depresses me too much. However, I decided to see how they “Englished” this piece”. Take a look:


My version has 276 words in the main body; the Interfax version has 113. This was not a hard piece to translate; it was straightforward and fell into place easily. This is criminal… this is lazy… this is reprehensible. The missing detail was not unimportant.

For instance, there is no mention of a meeting between Bart and Putin or Bart and Medvedev. Mayor Luzhkov is named explicitly, he is the most important secular figure identified. Of course, there could be a meeting with Putin and/or Medvedev… it may not have been mentioned in the press release handed to Interfax. Nevertheless, it’s an important detail. He has three working days in Moscow, so a visit to the secular leadership is not out of the question. Also notice that there is no mention of the Boy Wonder… he’s been laying low lately. No doubt, he’ll emerge to be part of the photo ops… the little weasel is photogenic, isn’t he?

Note well that Bart is going to be in Moscow over Trinity, that’s one of the major feastdays of the Church (you’d think that he’d celebrate it at home… that’s an interesting little sidelight, no?). I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Bart and Kirill palaver in Peredelkino. Bart is playing rather too nice… I believe that he is coming to Moscow to garner Kirill’s support for the reopening of Halki. That means that his overtures to the USA and the EU in that respect have failed, and the Vatican didn’t help either.

This does not bode well for the Parisian cabal and their legal fight with Moscow. The EP has cut the Paris lot off before… it could do it again. This time, the door would shut permanently. Paris is just an expendable pawn as far as Bart is concerned. Then, the Renovationist lot at SVS would be in a real jam… shall they support their Parisian pals and risk the ire of Moscow or shall they cut them loose and mend their fences with Moscow? After all, the OCA is just an expendable pawn, too. If I were to lay odds, I’d put my money on the former happening… what about you?



A Photo Essay: Poland Shows It Remembers…

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The loss of memory by a nation is also a loss of its conscience.

Zbigniew Herbert

We pay tribute to soldiers who gave their lives, regardless of who gave the orders. They were just young guys who didn’t care about politics; they were at the front, that’s all.

Jan Borkowski

Polish Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs (Polish Peasant Party)


Poles paid tribute to Russian soldiers buried in Poland this Victory Day. It’s perhaps the most touching thing to have come out of the day. It happened all over the country, it occurred in Skierniewice…


in Sandomierz…


in Chojnice…


in Gliwice…


in Kraków…


in Lublin…


in Poznań…


in Warsaw…


in Wrocław…


and in Brzeziny, they remembered the soldiers of the Tsar fallen in the First World War.


This shows that you cannot trust the Western corporate media. Are there Poles who hate Russia? Yes… there are. On the other hand, there are many who do not, including such prominent people as former Prime Minister Leszek Miller. I accept the hand that you extend in friendship… as do all right-minded Russians.



When my older brother
came back from war

he had on his forehead a little silver star

and under the star

an abyss

a splinter of shrapnel
hit him at Verdun

or perhaps at Grünwald

(he’d forgotten the details)

he used to talk much
in many languages

but he liked most of all

the language of history

until losing breath
he commanded his dead pals to run

Roland Kowaski Hannibal

he shouted
that this was the last crusade

that Carthage soon would fall

and then sobbing confessed

that Napoleon did not like him

we looked at him
getting paler and paler

abandoned by his senses

he turned slowly into a monument

into musical shells of ears
entered a stone forest

and the skin of his face

was secured

with the blind dry

buttons of eyes

nothing was left him
but touch

what stories
he told with his hands

in the right he had romances

in the left soldier’s memories

they took my brother
and carried him out of town

he returns every fall

slim and very quiet

he does not want to come in

he knocks at the window for me

we walk together in the streets
and he recites to me

improbable tales

touching my face

with blind fingers of rain

The Rain

Zbigniew Herbert

A Photo Essay: A Week Has Passed Since Victory Day…

A veteran with his great-grandson


A Chechen vet in Grozny


In Moscow, from left, President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ), Chinese President  Hu Jintao (1942- ), German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (1954- ), and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (1952- )


President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ) with veterans of the Second Great Patriotic War


The Day of the Great Victory in Moscow


Troops of many nationalities took part, these are from Turkmenistan…


and from Armenia…


and from Britain…


and from Poland…


and the USA.


Of course, Russians marched in the parade, too.


from the left, Vietnamese President Nguyễn Minh Triết (1942- ), Chinese President Hu Jintao (1942- ), President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ), German Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (1954- ), and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (1940- ) at the grave of the Unknown Soldier


It was V-Day all over the Russian space, as well… here’s St Petersburg…


in Chita, the third-largest parade in Russia after Moscow and St Petersburg was held…


sailors from the USS Blue Ridge joined the festivities in Vladivostok…


here’s the party in Kazan…


and in Voronezh…


and in Vologograd.


There was celebration in Little Russia. Here’s the fleet in Sevastopol…


and a new generation in Sevastopol picking up the torch…


they marched in Kiev, the Mother of all Russian Cities…


the banners of the victorious fronts were carried through the streets of Kiev…


but most touching was the ceremony at the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn, in neofascist Estonia.


A VOV vet salutes the “Bronze Soldier” in Tallinn…


We owe our very lives to the veterans of World War II/Second Great Patriotic War… all those who fought in the Anti-Hitler Coalition deserve our honour and respect. If not for their sacrifice and heroism, the dark night of Hitlerite racism would have enveloped the earth. Remember that the next time you hear a Williamson or Irving spout their rubbish. Ask any WWII vet about Belsen or Auschwitz or Dachau… they’ll tell you the TRUTH. NEVER FORGET… the Red Army and the US Army linked hands at Torgau over the prostrate corpse of the Nazi beast… and never forget that FDR’s government was socialistic… and it won the greatest victory in American history.

THANK YOU… there is nothing else to say.



Мне не поведать о моей утрате…

Едва начну — и сразу на уста

в замену слов любви, тоски, проклятий

холодная ложится немота.

Мне легче незнакомых, неизвестных,

мне легче мир оплакать, чем тебя.

И все, что говорю,— одни подобья,

над песней неродившейся надгробье…

Ольга Берггольц


I cannot tell you of my loss…

One barely begins…  but immediately my mouth

Replaces the words of love and longing with curses

And coldness fades into dumbness.

I’d rather it remained unknown and unnamed,

It’s easier for me to mourn the world than you.

And everything I say bears a similarity

To an unborn song on a tombstone…

Olga Berggolts


The Papists are Hitting the Ol’ Mousecatel Again…

Editor’s Puckish Foreword:

By the way, “mousecatel” is not a misspelling. An old Warner Brothers cartoon from the late 40s had a cat who was brought up by two mice. His “stepmother mouse” told him, “Oh, Pop’s been in the mousecatel again” (Papa Mouse was obviously pie-eyed). It’s my way of saying something is utterly vacuous and without reality.



It seems that the papists continue to see “unity” where there is none. Read this:


There is NOTHING to this. It received no billing at Interfax, VOR, INTER-TASS, RIA-Novosti, or any other of the Russian secular news outlets. It’s no big deal at all in the rodina. Filaret comes from a country where there a good number of RCs and he was being polite and told the papists what they wished to hear. It has had no effect whatsoever. Kaspar is raiding the mousecatel stocks again (hey, Wally! Wanna Thunderbird chaser with that one?)… There is no meeting between pope and patriarch in the near future or in the far future, for that matter. Benedict won’t give up his papal pretensions and that is that.

Ratzinger wants unity badly and, to please him, his minions keep telling him how close it is… no cigar, folks. Let’s stop this nonsense… all it does is to brown off decent Orthodox people. People do believe the most FOOLISH things…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Albany NY

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