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Friday, 21 May 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name…

It’s time to hoist up the banner! Illegitimi non carborundum! Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Here are two items, seemingly unrelated, please, read them first:



Look for news item: 17 May “Ancient Christianity…”


Here is a group photo taken at the conference… there are sixty present in the photo (give or take a few), including clergy… that’s not 200, is it (it means that about 25% of the participants were clergy)?

Let’s take the second item first. This conference was not reported upon in oca.org, although it was posted on the OCA DOS site on Monday 17 May. That is, the OCA webmaster has had a full week to get this up on the website, and has failed to do so. Is it deliberate or is it simply po-nashemu hutsky-klutsky on the part of the bone-idle Matusiak? I think it’s a combination of the two. Congratulations to Orr, the Ochlophobist, “John” at Ad Orientam, and “Gavriil”… how do you enjoy being lied to by omission? The submission claims that there were 200 people present. What utter rot. The group photo only has some 60 people in it, including clergy, and the church building can’t accommodate 100 people, let alone 200. Photos don’t lie. Paffhausen fibbed to the lot of you… it’s not pleasant, is it, to see that a bishop of the Church cares so little about you that he casually lies to you… The people who are defending this posturing charlatan sicken me to no end.

Here is JP at the liturgy… there isn’t room for 100 in this building, let alone 200!

Well, it’s much like when JP came to the parish I attend last year. Eighty people showed up, from three states (NY, CT, and NJ)… half of the people present were from other parishes… and there were 10 clergy present (of whom 1 was GOA, 1 ROCOR, and 2 AOCANA). Interesting… Fr Pat Legato, the rector of St Sophia (GOA) in Albany NY (the largest parish in the region), was not there. A Greek friend of mine told me that Fr Pat could not come because he was only given four weeks notice by the Iggster (“Fr Pat had things to do as our pastor… they didn’t give him enough time. What else would you expect?”). The only GOA clergyman present was a classmate of Iggy’s at a special class at SVS. The only ROCOR clergyman present was a deacon from the Albany NY ROCOR parish… there were no clergy from Jordanville, when the monastery is only 110 kilometres away (one wonders if the ROCOR deacon was there on his own nickel or because Metropolitan Hilarion ordered him to be there… two rather DIFFERENT scenarios, no?).

Here are the clergy present at this conference… do note how small the room is.

It’s a pattern, isn’t it? JP inflates figures… one wonders how many people he claimed were at our affair… let’s see… the actual attendance at this latest shindig was 30 percent of the claim… if the same held true in our case… hmm, that means that he claimed that there were 250 people present. All of you konvertsy should be ashamed of yourselves… you lecture all the rest of us; yet, you swallow every dissimulation and fable that this popinjay from California feeds you. I’ve met some dense and deliberately blind people in my life… but this takes it. You forgive everything that this poseur does… and you attack everyone who tells you that your guru is naked. If that is not a classical example of a cult, I’ll retire to Bedlam with Mr Scrooge and the Jabberwocky.

The first item is more easily disposed of… “He stuck in his thumb, and pulled out 250,000 plums”. Let’s be blunt… Kondratick had NO grounds whatsoever for his lawsuit. NONE. He was defrocked for being a proven thief. Look at this… the OCA is going to give this proven thief 250,000 cool ones… to drop his frivolous lawsuit. If this had gone to court, the OCA would have won, without trouble. “We defrocked the bastard because he was a thieving SOB”. Remember what Eric Tosi said, “The records simply don’t exist”. Who was the last person with those records? Bobby K. If you wish to chase after me legally, Bobby, prove with actionable evidence that you were not defrocked by the OCA. Back off, Bobby… I’m not afraid of you, any road… I’ve nothing to lose.

Where is the money coming from? Is it from the insurance company or is it from OCA coffers? I’ll say to Fr Alexander Lebedeff, “I respect you as a canonist and scholar. You said that the monies of the Church, ‘the widow’s mite’, should not be used for payoffs in court cases. What say you about Robert Kondratick? Does he get a bye because he was once a clergyman, or, do you apply your statement to him as well? This is not meant as a personal attack on you, sir. You made a statement about the Koumentakos case that applies here. Are you going to apply the same standard to Mr Kondratick?”

As for me… I find this reprehensible and disgusting. In my opinion, I would call it extortion. That is only my opinion of the court settlement, Mr Kondratick, which I have a right to express. I did not say, “Robert Kondratick committed extortion”. Reflect on the fact that Bobby is going to keep his paid position at an OCA parish in Florida.

Anyone who supports Jonas Paffhausen after this is nothing but a cultist and sectarian. God do help us… we’re going to need it. I fear that the worst period is yet ahead of us. Who shall stand when the tocsin sounds? We won’t know until the fat lady sings…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 21 May 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

As of 23.00 EDT Friday 21 May 2010, there is nothing up on ocanews.org concerning the pay-off to Bobby K (quite frankly, there is going to be nothing from this gummi löwe tonight… I’m turning in for the evening). I think this tells all decent people what Mark Stokoe is made of. As a Metropolitan Council member, he knew of it, and, by his silence, approved of it. Mark this down well… Stokoe is nothing but a hypocritical place-seeker. If Herman had done this, he would have been screaming. What overweening hubris…


Editor’s Further Update:

As of 11.15 EDT Saturday 22 May 2010, Mark Stokoe remains AWOL, missing from action, hors de combat, and still unaccounted for. He was SO brave when Herman was involved… now, he’s a silent punk and coward. Recently, Terry Mattingly wrote gushing words of praise for Mr Stokoe… do you want fries with that order of Crow Supreme, Mr Mattingly? Or, do you approve of it, as Mr Stokoe does, “for the good of the Church”. If so, sir… you are worthless and without justification… and I say so openly. If not, I apologise. However, sir, you either approve of this payment to a man defrocked for thievery or you do not. I hope it’s the latter… but I shall be frank… I fear that it’s the former. Choose well, Mr Mattingly.



This is as good as it gets… 21 May 2010

Benedict XVI Ratzinger (1927- ), the Pope of Rome, with Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk (1966- ) at a concert in Rome today. HA looks uncharacteristically nervous…

Finally, Google Alerts gave me an RC story on the present visit of the Boy Wonder to Rome that fit reality (actually, it was as good as could expect from someone who has paplist preconceptions). Here’s the URL:


It appears to be written by a pro with some background. It was tilted in a papalist direction, but you have to expect that. The writer is probably an RC, after all. It was the only Western article that said outright that a meeting of His Holiness with the Pope of Rome was improbable, and it stated the correct reason, that there are tensions with the Uniates in the Ukraine.

Let’s pour a drink for the reporter… they did their job! Why can’t all  the Vatican reporters be as good? I wonder what Whispers from the Loggia said? Perspiring minds want to know…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

21 May 2010

Albany NY

Russian Ambassador Churkin Expressed Serious Concerns about the Deteriorating Situation in Kosovo

Ambassador Vitaly Churkin (1952- ), the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN

Editor’s Foreword:

In view of the appointment of Metropolitan Amfilohije to be ruling bishop in Kosovo, I wished to see if there was any major news emanating from the region lately. Nothing in the lapdog Western press, of course… and I found this on VOR.


At an open meeting of the UN Security Council on Monday, Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, expressed serious concerns about the deteriorating situation in Kosovo. He pointed up that the situation concerning the return to Kosovo of internally displaced persons was particularly unsatisfactory. “Unfortunately, without publicity, there are numerous instances in Kosovo of Serbs being forced to sell their property and leave the region”, he said. What is especially worrisome is the situation concerning the conservation of the Serbian and Orthodox cultural heritage. Mr Churkin drew members’ attention to the continuing desecration of Serbian cemeteries and churches in Kosovo. Of equal concern, he continued, was the fact that “the Kosovars do this with the connivance of the international presence, especially the EU Law Enforcement Mission. They also try to dismantle the repeaters of Serbian mobile telephone operators, and Priština intends to adopt a law establishing a procedure governing the entry of Serbian citizens to Kosovo, allowing it only if they have a passport valid for foreign travel. The international community must make a legal and political assessment of these actions of the Kosovo authorities. Otherwise, it could lead to a sharp increase in inter-communal tensions”, Mr Churkin said, as reported by ITAR-TASS.

18 May 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Here is some of the destruction in Kosovo winked at by the US/EU enablers of the UCK

Editor’s Afterword:

Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius

This is abysmally stupid on the part of the EU and the US. The US has no military forces left in reserve at present, as all of its forces are tied down in inconsequential little sideshow wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the EU states have no forces of consequence. Then, they threaten Serbia when the pro-EU factions in Serbia are trying to convince the Serbs that joining the EU is a good thing. This is dumber than dirt… how do you spell I-G-N-O-R-A-N-U-S? That’s not a misspelling… it’s the Mensa International way of saying that someone is both ignorant and a sterling touchhole. Can you see why Metropolitan Amfilohije was named to lead Kosovo? Hasn’t the world learned, “Never threaten a Serb… he will stand and fight… no matter what the odds… no matter how hopeless”. Have they forgotten the grit of the Serbian Army in the Great War (one of the most stirring episodes in the history of war was the fighting retreat to Corfu)? Have they forgotten that Yugoslavia was the only country to liberate itself from the Nazis? I can only shake my head in amazement. The New Class (both secular and religious) doesn’t know its you-know-what from a hole in the ground. They stirred up the Serbs DELIBERATELY… NEVER a good thing. Are they candidates for a brain transplant?

I know this… we Russians will stand by our Serb co-religionists.



Diocese of Ras-Prizren has a New Ruling Bishop

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Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović of Montenegro and the Primorje (1938- ), the new ruling bishop in Kosovo… this is a gauntlet thrown down before the arrogant Americans and EUers…

The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) appointed Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović as the new ruling bishop of the Diocese of Ras-Prizren. “Kosovo is a deep wound upon our Church, and what happened with Bishop Artemije was another one”, Metropolitan Amfilohije said in Belgrade, during a presentation of his collected works on Thursday evening, Tanjug news agency reported. Bishop Artemije Radosavljević, who was removed after a financial scandal involving his assistants, previously headed the diocese. Speaking about his writings, which often refer to the suffering of Kosovo and Metohija, Metropolitan Amfilohije said that he would assume the responsibility of helping to relieve the suffering of both clergy and people in the province, “this time, with the blessing of the Holy Synod”.

21 May 2010



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