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Monday, 24 May 2010

The “Episcopal Assembly” is NOT a Local Council… It is Nothing but a Powerless Gabathon

There are 250,000 reasons why no one is going to take JP or any other OCA spokesman seriously at this meeting… doesn’t he realise it?

Please, read this first:


This is nothing but a windfest sponsored by the EP. Nothing of substance shall issue from it, just as nothing of substance has ever issued from another EP talkshop, the so-called Standing Committee of Orthodox Bishops in America. It has no authority to issue any local canons and no legitimate Local Church recognises it as a body that incarnates any actual Local Church. It is not the Archpastoral Council of a Recognised and Legitimate Local Church. It is not the Local Council of a Recognised and Legitimate Local Church. No Holy Synod of any Recognised and Legitimate Local Church has delegated it any powers whatsoever. In short, this loud little pow-wow has no substance whatsoever, it’s nothing but a windy will o’ the wisp. I wonder if Stokoe is going to surface there…

The EP is calling this conference to bolster its “interesting” claim to universal jurisdiction in the Orthodox diaspora. I do daresay that Moscow disputes that pretension, to say the least. However, Bart IS in Russia now, isn’t he? That means that nothing but pious platitudes are going to issue forth from this wordy and notional celebration. To be blunt, Moscow is not going to allow the OCA or the ROCOR to join any EP-sponsored body in North America. The Serbs, Bulgarians, or Romanians shall not allow their North American dioceses to join such a body either. There is going to be no real or substantial changes in America because of this meeting. John Behr will do what he does best… say nothing with a great many words. JP will prance about in an effort to try to divert the attention of the faithful from his 250G payoff to Bobby K.

Reflect on this… Bobby K takes home 250Gs… Iggy Burdikoff receives absolution for “mislaying” four years worth of financial records… Ray Velencia doesn’t even get a verbal censure for publicising a parishioner’s confidences (here’s an interesting link: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2009/11/priestpenitent-privilege-and-a-states-violation-of-the-seal/)… So, who would wish to be in union with such obvious losers? Trust me; the GOA wouldn’t… not after JP’s escapade with the OCL buccaneers.

Look for a great deal to be posted by the OCA on oca.org concerning this. They have 250,000 reasons for doing so… don’t forget that. The OCA was as dumb as dirt to have paid off Bobby (in public, no less) right before this meeting and right before the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St Tikhon’s. I can understand that there are stupid people in this world… we’ve all seen amazing examples of folly and imprudence over the years, haven’t we? However, this is of a magnitude all its own. Are they are all in need of a brain transplant? I can only shake my head…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 24 May 2010

Albany NY


24 May 2010… Random Ruminations from your Editor…

St Hilarion Troitsky the New Martyr (1886-1929)… his scroll reads, “Without the Church, there is no Salvation”

It NEVER fails. Whenever I have a popular post that sinks a harpoon deep into the SVSniki or their modernist RC buddies, some HOOMie or V2 RC crank crawls out of the woodwork accusing me of being a “hater”. This time, it’s they claim it’s because I used the word “papist”. “All that hate makes my skin crawl. You’re welcome to yourself and all of your hate”. Izzat so?

Then, St Hilarion Trotisky the New Martyr was a “hater”, for saying без церскви, несть спасения (“Outside of the Church, there is no salvation”), emulating St Cyprian of Carthage. Aleksei Stepanovich Khomiakov was a “hater”, especially for his “the Papists were the first Protestants”, and Patriarch St Germogen the Martyr was a “hater” for resisting the papist occupiers so much that they starved him to death. Kuzma Minin and Prince Pozharsky were “haters” for leading the Orthodox resisitance to the Papist invaders and throwing them out of the Russian land. Grand Prince St Aleksandr Nevsky was a “hater” for repulsing the Teutonic Knights (a so-called “military order” blessed by the papacy of the time to “Christianise” Orthodox Russia by the sword) and Grand Prince Equal-to-the-Apostles St Vladimir was a “hater” for rejecting the Latin form of Christianity in favour of Orthodoxy. Need I continue? I think not… the point has been made abundantly. Oh, yes… Kirill Mikhailovich Gundyaev is a “hater” too… for noting that his installation as Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias was on the feastday of St Mark of Ephesus and for insisting that there shall be no meeting with the Pope of Rome until the Uniates in the Ukraine are brought to heel.

This is typical of the mindset of the passive-aggressive anal-retentive New Agers who have infiltrated both Catholic and Orthodox institutions. It’s either an SVSnik or some Curran-style Catholic (I should reassure Richard, Mark, and Agent 99 that I know that the Curranistas are no more typical of their group than the Schmemanndorff fanatics are typical of ours). Real Orthodox and Real Catholics live in peace. They know what we believe… we know what they believe. In any case, this is an intra-Orthodox space… this is NOT an “ecumenical” undertaking. If you’re not Orthodox… we’re not going to chase you away… but be aware that we aren’t pulling punches here. That’s why Rod Dreher’s attack on the Pope of Rome was offensive in the extreme. It was in an “ecumenical space”, where he knew that Catholics were a large part of the readership. He was deliberately trying to offend Catholics… and that wasn’t right. It’s one thing to state one’s position frankly in an intramural forum (God willing, I hope that the Catholics I named are just as frank on their beliefs in their intramural fora as I am in ours). It’s quite another to throw a lit M80 into a packed crowd… that’s what Dreher did… and I apologise to all comers for it. It was WRONG, horribly so.

As for me… if you come here, you’re listening to a “family discussion”. It’s not the same thing at all. I’ve heard “schismatic” used on some papist sites in reference to Orthodox… it doesn’t offend me in the least. It’s what you believe, after all. Why should an honest and above-board statement of your belief offend me? It’s what you hold! At least, I know where you stand, and that’s a good thing in my book. We’re not made out of bone china, either party. Let’s act like adults and not go about whining about “hatred” when someone states their beliefs frankly. We need MORE of that… Our Lord Christ called that “Speaking the Truth in Love”. It probably would spare us a good deal of misunderstanding and confusion. As I said in an earlier post, “guests of good-will are always welcome”… and I confide that I know that you believe that too. Hmm… where did I put the “church key”…?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 24 May 2010

Albany NY

A “Band of Brothers” has Seized the Wheel… It’s Time for the Loyal Crew to Raise the King’s Ensign and Rip Down the Jolly Roger

It’s time to start opposing these pirates… let’s run up the royal banner in place of their filthy rag of rebellion…

Editor’s Foreword:

I received this from a correspondent. I removed all references that could hint at the identity of the writer… there are no “tell-tales” left in this at all. This submission from an “insider” explodes any charitable justification for Mark Stokoe… or any other figure in the present OCA. In short, it appears that the group has been bad juju from the top… that means it is a cancer… it must be removed root-and-branch.

In addition, I have heard complaints from several correspondents regarding malicious, spiteful, and unseemly behaviour from Nina Dimas. Hon… back off… I shan’t be vilified for upbraiding you. In any case, you OCA poseurs have done your worst… your latest effort, via “Gavriil”, was laughable in its immaturity and nastiness. There’s nothing further that you can pull out of the hat to hurt me with. Fie on you and the whole lot at the Orthodox Forum. Therefore, to Nina Dimas, and all those who stand with her, I give a heartfelt Bernard Manning Salute:


The gloves are now off… it’s not going to be pretty in the least. Many people are going to get hurt and the battle is going to be worse for having been delayed. This explains Stokoe’s silence on the Kondratick payoff… the worst has been confirmed… he’s an autocephalist fanatic who, along with the rest of Paffhausen’s cabal, has the attitude, “The traditional faithful be damned”. This shall be a shocking revelation to some… I sympathise with them. It’s always hard to have one’s confidence trampled upon. It’s one of the most difficult things that we deal with in life. However, we must face the truth. Mark Stokoe is a nasty-minded semi-HOOMie heretic whose only aim was to insinuate the “brotherhood” into power. God help us all.



You know, some time ago, you wrote that the whole “old order” as we knew it (with its respective ROCOR and OCA royal families and Good Ole Boys clubs, etc) is collapsing, and that something completely new is emerging in its place. This is precisely right. The problem is that the members of said royal families, Good Ole Boys clubs, et al, know this as well, and they’re terrified. The notion of a world where being Schmemann’s grandniece-in-law twice removed, or an Ossorgin relation, or whatever, will not settle an argument is too much for them to handle. The rest of us say “goodbye” and “good riddance”. In the meantime, fear only exacerbates their customary viciousness. Stand strong… their kind is not long for this world. However, that doesn’t matter to the OCA True Believers… their mission is to destroy anyone they perceive as an obstacle to their agenda, no matter what the cost.

Only since the hostile takeover of the OCA brought about by ocanews.org have I been able to start connecting the dots… all of these guys… Peterson, Paffhausen, Stokoe, and the others in their circle… went to SVS together in the ’80s. They’re a “band of brothers”, and now they’ve taken over (no wonder Stokoe works for the new boss!). They’ve also brought with them either a history with the HOOMies, or some unexplainable fascination with them. Take this article by Paffhausen published in Again magazine 10 years ago:


Note well the brief author’s bio at the end. In 2000, he had been acquainted with Platina for twenty years and with the HOOM for ten. That’s thirty and twenty by 2010. Moreover, where in this glowing history does Jonas state that these people simply WERE NOT ORTHODOX before they joined the Serbs, or the OCA, or whomever? Nowhere. That is criminal, because I’ve known former HOOMies say things like “I’ve been Orthodox for twenty years”. No, you haven’t. Twenty years ago, you were a cultist playing dress up, and since you can’t see the difference, maybe you still are. Paffhausen and Company enable this ridiculous delusion. Even Bishop Melchisedek is part of this ’80s SVS club that’s taken over.

An Insider


Editor’s Afterword:

There is nothing to add, save but to add that anyone who makes excuses for Stokoe et al is telling us that they are actually for the “brothers” and their “new direction”, but they are too cowardly to say so directly and honestly. I am angered that Mark Stokoe trampled on the good intentions of so many goodhearted and guileless people. He deserves to swing from a sour apple tree for this… of course, it’s meant rhetorically… however, there is nothing viler or more evil in my book than someone who uses the good will and innocence of others for their own gain. There’s a special cold place in hell for such people. Yes, Virginia… Hell exists… it’s no joke and people sentence themselves to it through their actions here on Earth. Bear that in mind…


Editor’s Postscript:

In re Nina Dimas, one of my correspondents sent me the following clarification:

You should have heard the OCA fanatics scream when the Guatemalans went to the EP. Nina Dimas was a prime mover in that discussion, making all sorts of disgusting insinuations that don’t bear repeating. Why? Well, they must have felt the honour of the OCA was offended by the fact that the Guatemalans passed on them and went to the EP instead. However, of course, the Guatemalans are not stupid, and they have internet access too. Perhaps, if Benjamin Peterson hadn’t gone and told them to sign over their properties to the corrupt OCA apparat, the results would have been different.

These are difficult times we are experiencing. Therefore, do heed me when I say I protect my sources… and I protect our priests twice as much… for they are twice as vulnerable to attacks by the Paffhausen cabal. THAT is disgusting.

This puts a new light on the visit of Bishop Yustinian on 7 May. No release of what was said was made to the public. No one knows what was said. Nevertheless, I believe that this shows that JP was taken out to the woodshed for having let the Guatemalans slip through his fingers. It would explain why the Boy Blunder looks agitated in many of his recent photos. I doubt highly that Bobby K is going to be received by the MP… the ROCOR would protest… and the ROCOR is now part of the MP, after all (this hasn’t sunk in to certain quarters, yet… but it shall).

Do note that JP has gone on no foreign junkets this year. Friends in Moscow inform me that all three of his trips abroad last year were bankrolled by the MP (his last trip was to answer questions from the MP Holy Synod, the trip to Georgia was to act as a high-powered messenger for KMG to Ilya, and the first was KMG smelling him out). They are still subsidising Hilarion Kapral (did you see where he took a trip to his parent’s home region in the Western Ukraine?)… draw your own conclusions.


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