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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Know Thine Enemy: George Weigel’s Propaganda on the Ukraine… Read and Heed… It’s What They Really Believe

Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine (1935- ), the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP. Mr Weigel writes a whole article on religion in the Ukraine without mentioning the most important Orthodox clergyman there… what a maroon! If he doesn’t even know who this man is, I’d say he may know something, but he doesn’t know much about the Orthodox Church!


Do read this (yes, you’ll be able to keep down your dinner, and, yes, it’s something that you ought to know…). Firstly, this article illustrates the profound drop in the quality of articles in this publication since the death of its founder, Rev Richard John Neuhaus, in 2009. Parenthetically, it’s not well known, but Neuhaus was not very “orthodox” in his beliefs. For instance, he strongly hinted that he believed in apocatastasis, that Hell was untenanted. His social conservatism masked a rather soft stance on doctrine… perhaps, that is why SVS was so comfortable with him. Indeed, the so-called “Orthodox” contributors to his journal were mostly Renovationists. Joseph Bottum, the present editor, is nowhere near the intellectual level of the late Rev Neuhaus, and he certainly lacks Rev Neuhaus’ deft touch and dry sense of humour.

For instance, Mr Weigel’s talk of an “ecumenical” prayer service at the Ukrainian presidential nomination is a misnomer. To begin with, both Orthodox and Catholics forbid communio in sacris of any sort, something that Mr Weigel, a loud self-proclaimed “orthodox” Roman Catholic, should know. Shame on you, Mr Weigel! To score a political point, you trampled all over the teachings of your faith… way to go! In any case, these “ecumenical” services were comprised of Uniate Catholics and schismatic Orthodox (that is to say, they weren’t Orthodox at all). According to the teaching of the Catholic faith, the Uniates shouldn’t have been participating in such services… but Mr Weigel defends such to make a political statement.

Am I the only person who sees something radically wrong in that? At that time, the canonical UOC/MP wasn’t invited, and, in any case, it chose not to take part in something that’s against the teaching of the Church (an example that SVS would do well to imitate). That’s to say, the present molieben for President Yanukovich rightly excluded the heterodox… why would Mr Weigel wish Uniate Catholics to take part in a service that’s interdicted by Catholic belief, for we Orthodox aren’t in union with the Pope of Rome. Are neo-conservative politics so important to him that they trump his religious faith? If you read his statements closely, that’s what he is, indeed, saying, so, Mr Weigel, get your mind right! Do you wish to follow Christ or Mammon? Your article, in its first paragraphs, says you prefer the latter… explain THAT to Benedict Joseph Ratzinger… read this rubbish:

For that matter, no religious leaders other than those affiliated with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Moscow Patriarchate… one of three contending Orthodox jurisdictions in the Ukraine… have been invited to meet with President Yanukovich since he assumed power. The UOC/MP is, for all intents and purposes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow, which means, in effect, that the principal interlocutor of the Ukrainian government on religious affairs is not a Ukrainian, but a Russian: Patriarch Kirill.

How would Mr Weigel like it if I were to write:

The Ukrainian Catholic Church (sic) is, for all intents and purposes, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Roman Catholic Church, which means, in effect, that the principal interlocutor of the Ukrainian government on religious affairs is not a Ukrainian, but a German: Pope Benedict.

Well, Mr Weigel… what say you? The shoe’s on your foot and I can hear your yelps from here! In any case, my statement is truer than yours is, which is distorted and false. Here’s the true situation:

The UOC/MP is, for all intents and purposes, a self-governing autonomous body within the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias, which means, in effect, that the principal interlocutor of the Ukrainian government on religious affairs is the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP, Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine.


Fr Mikhail Shuvar (1958-2009), Confessor of the Faith in the Ukraine, a man who suffered for Christ’s Church… whom do you honour? George Weigel or Fr Mikhail? Here is a link to a post on Fr Mikhail’s life and an interview with him.


Metropolitan Vladimir is a true confessor! The government restricted the access of the legitimate Church to the media, giving free and untrammelled access to the media to Uniates and schismatics. Yet, the UOC/MP kept the allegiance of 85 percent of the Orthodox believers. This was under conditions of persecution… the government turned a blind eye as Uniates and schismatics took over churches, beat up clergy, and stole the Church’s movable and fixed property. The Orthodox in the Ukraine stood tall against this outrage. Where was George Weigel? Where were his protests? Where was his outrage at the Uniates beating a true modern Confessor of the Faith, Fr Mikhail Shuvar? Fr Mikhail died recently because of the after-effects of his injuries… Patriarch Kirill noted his passing.

George Weigel is silent on some topics. There’s no mention of St Maksim Sandovich, the Protomartyr of Lemkovshchyna, murdered by the Hapsburgs. There’s nothing on Tallerhof… nothing on the UPA murders of clergy faithful to the canonical Church… nothing of Slipy’s blessing of SS troops… or of the murder of Fr Gavriil Kostelnik, the Confessor of Church Unity in the Western Ukraine. There’s nothing said of St Aleksei Kabalyuk or of Fr Dmitri Sidor and his repression by “Ukrainian” authorities for his advocacy of Carpatho-Russian statehood. He says nothing about the Carpatho-Russian Russophiles… one of the major streams in the American emigration (perhaps, I should send him to Harrisburg PA… I know people there who’d set him straight). Most of all, there’s no mention of the ties of Galician nationalists with the Nazis… of their complicity in Nazi enormities.

In short, I don’t need to refute every point individually. However, you MUST read this stuff and heed it. No, you needn’t believe it… it’s utter BS from stem to stern… but it’s what neocons believe (it’s why they’re enemies of the Church) and it’s what a segment of Catholics believe. We must be aware of this… we must be aware of these lies so we can refute them. Note well that the only MP clergyman he named other than His Holiness was Hilarion Alfeyev, who is, perhaps, the most unrepresentative of the lot (English-speakers are invariably taken in by his excellent English language skills). There’s no mention at all of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan, the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP… the most important Orthodox clergyman in the Ukraine. So, is it surprising that Weigel reveals a total ignorance of the Orthodox pleroma? I’d love to see Deacon Andrei or Fr Vsevolod get their teeth into him! How long do you think Weigel would last in a Texas Strap Match with Fr Dmitri Sidor? Betcha that Metropolitan Athanasios of Limassol would take Weigel down, three falls out of three. How about Metropolitan Amfilohije in Kosovo? He’d have Weigel for breakfast, burp, and ask for the main course. Let’s have a tag team of Professors Narochnitskaya and Osipov go after Weigel… wanna take bets on how long he’d last?

As for Mr Weigel’s aspersions on Vladimir Vladimirovich… VVP came to faith when his wife lay injured from a serious car wreck. It’s how many people come to faith. The Fathers on the Mountain think highly of VVP… so do I… so do most other Orthodox Christians. Mr Weigel… whom are you putting in opposition to this great Orthodox gentleman? George Bush? Sarah Palin? No sale, dude… why should I buy a counterfeit when there’s the real thing? I remember Mr Putin comforting the Ossetian refugees driven out of their homes by the Georgian aggressors (whom you love, Mr Weigel), when he said, “After suffering thousands of deaths and enduring a major humanitarian disaster in their homeland, it’ll be impossible to convince South Ossetians to be part of the Georgian state. This is a heinous crime against the Ossetian people. I suspect that it’s now obvious to the entire world that Georgian plans to join NATO boil down to a design to enlist outside support for bloody adventures of the kind seen in South Ossetia, not a desire to join an alliance for international security. Russia shall always have enormous respect for the fraternal Georgian people, in spite of the criminal policy of the present government”, and, ““It’s total genocide, this is nothing but madness. Civilised people don’t behave like this”.

Mr Weigel, as a neocon, you supported the Georgian Grad bombardments on sleeping civilians so that “democracy” could be extended. I don’t find you a decent individual nor do I find your arguments compelling or informed. I’m glad that you made them, though… it teaches all Orthodox people the depth of hatred that we face from American neocons and from certain factions amongst the papists (not all share this view, thankfully). We owe you gratitude for your honesty in expressing your hatred of the Orthodox faith and peoples… it’ll allow us to stand against your ilk even more firmly. Storm clouds in the Ukraine? No way… the sun came out after a long darkness. Isn’t that beautiful?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Albany NY


Sources in the MP DECR Believe that Catholic Celebrations in the Ukraine are not the Best Reason for Benedict XVI to Visit the Canonical Territory of the MP

Benedict XVI Ratzinger (1927- ), the Pope of Rome, if he wants to visit the Ukraine, he must act on the situation with the Uniates… otherwise the MP can use its influence to stop him… the Nationalist Extremists are no longer in charge in Kiev, after all…

“The deplorable situation in the Western Ukraine… is the most troublesome aspect in our relationship”

Sources in the MP DECR made it clear that any possible visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Ukraine on the 600th anniversary of the transfer of the seat of the Latin Catholic see in Galicia to Lvov would not help to improve relations between the MP and the Vatican. “This celebration of the 600th anniversary of the transfer of the Latin Catholic see in Galicia to Lvov is not the best occasion for a visit of the pontiff anywhere within the MP’s canonical territory“, Fr Dmitri Sizonenko, the acting Secretary of the MP DECR told Interfax-Religion on Wednesday. As reported earlier, RC Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki invited Benedict XVI to visit the Ukraine in 2012 for the aforementioned festivities. According to Archbishop Mokrzycki, the Holy See accepted the invitation, and now only needs to set a specific date. Meanwhile, Fr Dmitri noted that the MP is waiting for official information from the Vatican. He said, “It wouldn’t make sense for the MP to express its opinion on any forthcoming visit of Benedict XVI to the Ukraine in 2012 until this visit is officially announced by the press service of the Holy See”. He pointed up that, in recent years, relations between the MP and the Catholics were “significantly improved”. This is due to “a clearer understanding of the fact that today Orthodox and Catholics are not rivals, but allies, in defending the traditional Christian understanding of the social and ethical challenges of our time”. Fr Dmitri alluded to the successful development of coöperation between the MP and Catholics in international organisations such as the Council of Europe, OSCE, and UNESCO. He also noted the active development of cultural exchanges, for instance, a few days ago, the celebration of the Days of Russian Spiritual Culture in the Vatican were “a great success”, and Pope Benedict XVI was one of the attendees. “However, this apparent progress in the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue does not ease the deplorable situation in the Western Ukraine. This is the most troublesome aspect in our relationship. However, we hope that these problems will be resolved, since the Holy See is very sympathetic to the MP’s position”, Fr Dmitri concluded.

26 May 2010



Editor’s Note:

Interesting way of stating a position, no? If there ever was a “carrot and stick” approach… this is a classical illustration. The quote on top came from Interfax, not from me. The MP is signalling Rome… “If you want us to sign on to this trip, you must reign in the Galician Uniates”. This statement is an “iron fist in a velvet glove”. Note well that Alfeyev did not respond, and that the cleric who did has a name that sounds Little Russian. This smells like Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan’s position, and it signals that Rome has to offer serious movement on the topic of the Uniates or the MP shall not coöperate with it. Don’t be fooled by the laundry list of “praises”. In diplomatic terms, this is as blunt as it gets. If Rome does not deliver, the MP will work with Ukrainian President Yanukovich to obstruct this trip in whatever way it can. Remember, Kiev is not in the hands of Nationalist Extremists any more…

Moscow is feeling its oats… just look at how Bartholomew is being treated… Ratzinger had best guard his steps (he’ll need all the experience that he gained in the shark tank of the Roman Curia to navigate this minefield)…


Bogus Orthodox Episcopal Assembly Opens… Bart NOT invited to Optino Pustyn…

There were only two low-res images of Bart up on the official MP website today… here, he’s at the “St Kirill and Mefody Institute” with HA… he’s there because the Boy Wonder is “rector” (he’s got an assistant to do all the real work)… this isn’t the MDA per se (and reports didn’t say that leading personalities of the MDA were present).


Read this first…


This is utter GIGO from top to bottom. Firstly, Chambésy isn’t a Council of the Church, an Ecumenical Council, or a Local Council. It’s nothing but a meeting of gaseous pseudo-scholars who are “preparing” for a notional “Eighth Ecumenical Council”. It’s been “preparing” for such for over fifty years! It’s almost as old as I am. No doubt, it’s going to chug away long after my burial and after I’ve gone to meet my Maker. No Local Church has delegated ANY power to the overeducated idiots at Chambésy… NONE. Nothing “decided” at  Chambésy binds anyone… it’s nothing but an expensive gabathon… maintained so that the EP and MP have a forum to meet at and spar upon. This so-called “Episcopal Assembly” (and any of its clones around the world) are nothing but inventions of the EP to push its false agenda that the EP has complete power over the Orthodox diaspora (the only useful purpose that they could serve is as a place where our bishops can meet). I can tell you that there’s no word of them in the Russian press, either secular or religious. The Holy Local Church of Moscow has NOT endorsed any of these “Episcopal Assemblies” explicitly… do note well that in all the hoorah, there’s much mention of Bart, but none of His Holiness Kirill, the real First Amongst Equals in Orthodoxy (don’t talk to me of “canons”… there’s no canonical basis for this honour… it’s customary, as is much in Orthodoxy).

Here’s the other low-res image of Bart on the MP website… he visited the St Dmitri Nursing School… why wasn’t he at PSTGU or MGU or the MDA? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Don’t forget that Bart is in Russia as I write this, and, so far, the Russians have paid him back for every nasty thing that he’s said over the years. No motorcade… no posters… no public meeting with President or Prime Minister in front of a crowd in a visible public venue (Putin’s ignoring him… I’m told on the advice of his friends on the Mountain)… no special coverage… no public or publicised meetings with RF level Ministers… no address before the RF Gosduma… you get the picture. Kirill is rubbing Bart’s nose in it. Of course, they’re smiling at one another. Of course, they both say how they love one another and how this trip is helping Orthodox Unity. Bart wants something so badly that he’s willing to swallow all of this (trust me, no one likes being force-fed their own words). I’d mention that there are no photo-albums up on the official MP website on Bart’s doings today, and the two articles posted today came from the DECR PR office, not the main patriarchal press office (we’re seeing who’s on top of Lenin’s Tomb, aren’t we?).

KMG himself is in Kaluga Oblast (some 180 kilometres (@120 miles) away). First, he served at Shamordino Convent, then, he went to the Optino Pustyn, which is 12 kilometres (@7.2 miles) away. BART WASN’T WITH HIM. Optino is one of the holiest sites in Russia… BART WASN’T INVITED. Note this well… Bart wasn’t invited to come to one of the most holiest sites in all of Russia. As I say, Bart must want something from KMG VERY badly… he’s putting up with a lot (and I’m speaking as a Russian who accepts the MP position). The quote on their palaver at Peredelkino yesterday was, “In the ensuing brotherly conversation, which lasted more than two hours, in a spirit of trust and understanding, they discussed topical issues about the bilateral relations of the [EP and the MP], as well as pan-Orthodox topics”. See:


This means that they agreed on nothing, but voices weren’t raised, and there were no fisticuffs. It wasn’t a “frank discussion”, which means that those involved had a Texas Steel-Cage Death Match with no holds barred. Note well that no public communiqué came out of their meeting, which is proof that they agreed on nothing real. However, note the phrase “topical issues”… if I were the Paris Gang, I’d be worried. Bart wants something VERY badly… KMG wants to slap down the EP Parisian Russians for defying him on Nice. THAT could’ve come up. If so (and only if so… this is speculative, not fact)… the OCA had best trim its sails concerning the Paris Gang. The EP has cut the Parisians loose before… this time, KMG would make the OCA break ties too. What would happen to their “autocephaly” if they refused? I needn’t say it…

In short, the OCA’s whistling past the graveyard. They’re hoping against hope that the EP and MP continue their disagreement on the Parisians. If the EP and MP come to an agreement on that problem alone… the OCA’s goose is truly cooked…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Albany NY

Hands Off Our Priests, Bobby!

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New Dialogue for the cartoon:

Cop (Kondratick): You defrocked an honest Man of God!

Cat (Truly Honest Priest): I’M an HONEST Man of God! You stole the “widow’s mite”, you bastard!

Editor’s Foreword:

There have been some slight edits made at the request of my original correspondent. I am well aware of Mr Kondratick’s personality… I cannot be sued for saying that.  I would never bow to pressure from Kondratick and his pals… but if my original informants wish an edit, that’s quite different. Bobby… you made your own bed… don’t complain if it’s lumpy! No portion was removed because it was untrue… it was because my original informant requested that. No one else can request such… otherwise, I would be at the mercy of the autocephalist gang from SVS…



One of the things that is becoming apparent is that many people are concerned that those priests who participated in the OCA investigation of Bobby Kondratick are going to be hectored out of the Church. I have heard this from more than one person separated by distance, so it’s clear that this is a widespread and honest concern, not merely an Internet whispering campaign (such as the one run by Mark Stokoe).

If you wish to stop Bobby… get involved! Stand behind our priests! Don’t let Bobby and his minions (which includes Mark Stokoe, so expect no aid from him) make life miserable for honest priests. E-mail the good priests… tell them of your support… that’s no small beer. Bobby’s tactics are clear. He uses his sock-puppets on fora such as the Orthodox Forum as attack dogs. As one of my correspondents wrote to me:

Truth is, I’m trying to protect myself from the Syosset/SVS cabal, and from the new HOOMie leadership of the OCA. The OCA True Believers have a mission… they wish to destroy anyone they perceive as an obstacle to their agenda, no matter what the cost. I don’t want to become their target by association, so I have kept absolute silence. Anyway, I’m trying to not say too much in public about Paffhausen because I know him personally, and I don’t know when this is going to come and haunt me.

This is not the only communication of this sort that I have received. The OCA cabal is capable of attacking priests. They did so in an unrelated case recently. They attacked the priests involved for some months.

[this was removed at the request of one of the original informants… trust me, I am well aware that Kondratick & Co are capable of anything… and I can’t be sued for saying that either…]

As far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off. You should do the same. These people are not good… despite their seemingly “nice” surfaces, in many cases. There are so many things that they are “defending”:

  • Bobby K’s documented corruption (it’s why he was defrocked)
  • stories of continued homosexual doings in high places
  • HOOMie infiltration of the hierarchy and power structure
  • Paffhausen’s long relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky
  • the loss of Guatamala to the EP

These are only the most important items.

[Again, this removal was at the request of the informant. I am not afraid of certain individuals… I did this to accommodate decent people]

Do NOT trust Mark Stokoe in the least. One of my correspondents wrote to me and plaintively said, “If Mark hadn’t spoken up, Herman would still be there”. Maybe so… maybe not. I’ll say this though… we wouldn’t have had a HOOMie metropolitan! In any case, any assertion that Mark Stokoe was “responsible” for the removal of Herman Swaiko is is a statement of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Let’s face it… the level of corruption and moral degradation was so high that anything could have set the situation roiling. To give Stokoe the credit for that is a classic example of “the Rooster Syndrome”… “the rooster crowed, so the sun came up”. In any case, the tree is known by the fruits thereof. if the fruits of that tree (Paffhausen & Co) are rotten… what does it say about the tree (Stokoe)?

Stand by your priests. Support them. Fight their opponents. If the slanderers try their underhanded tactics, expose them. Don’t let the bastards win. We can do it. It shall be long, messy, and painful. It shall NOT be easy.

Do you want a REAL Church?

Then, support the priests who had the guts to speak up against Bobby K. God will bless you for it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

The edits were made to accommodate my original informants. I believe that everything stated was true. I am not afraid of Bobby K and his apologists. This shows how deep the fear of this man is… it is why we must oppose him and his cabal with all our powers. I say this, Bobby… and that’s perfectly legal. Don’t go after anyone else… I will admit I feel filthy addressing you. That’s legal too.

“See how they love one another”… excuse me whilst I hurl.


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