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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Don’t be Afraid of the “Big Bad Wolf”: Bobby K is just a Bogeyman… Do Act Accordingly

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If you tell the Truth… your house is made of bricks built upon the Solid Rock… he can huff… he can puff… but he won’t blow this house down! Keep that in mind, priests…

I have heard from several correspondents that Bobby K has commenced a campaign of intimidation against the priests who investigated him and is trying to overturn his defrocking.

Before we do anything else, let’s define “defamation”:

Under United States law, libel generally requires five key elements. The plaintiff must prove that the information was published, the plaintiff was directly or indirectly identified, the remarks were defamatory towards the plaintiff’s reputation, the published information is false, and that the defendant is at fault.


Note well stipulation four,”the published information is false”. If you are telling the truth… you have nothing to fear from Kondratick and his pals. I shall return to this, as there is an important caveat to this, but let’s see what’s truthful and what’s not.

Bobby WAS defrocked. Trust me, if this came out as evidence in any court case, any judge, any jury, or any unbiased person, would consider that. It would not go to Bobby’s credit, that’s for certain! The accusations against Bobby were public and well known. They were not secret; indeed, they were a matter of vigorous and thorough open public discussion. The Honesdale loan was no secret, and it was publicised that it was entered into to cover funds that RSK was accused of embezzling.

If RSK had evidence that the priests of the SIC defamed him, he would have filed a complaint in civil court against them. He’s that sort of person. Since no court case was filed, any reasonable person would conclude that there is no solid evidence whatsoever implicating the priests who sat on the SIC. That means that the present intimidation campaign is evil, for it is not based on fact. If you have solid actionable evidence against anyone in the SIC, Bobby, bring it forward. Otherwise, leave them alone.

Priests! If Bobby does file such a suit… let him! Then, you could tell the court about his defrocking and everything that surrounded it… it would be relevant, you see. That’s why I believe that he won’t file such a suit… he knows this as well as I do.

If the priests of the SIC have evidence that the accusations against RSK are true, they should file a complaint against him. Credit card fraud, embezzlement, and destruction of financial records of a non-profit corporation are felonious offences. Ask the Episcopalians… they’ll tell you about a treasurer of theirs in New York State who did hard time in the slam (I believe it was eighteen months worth) for her easy attitude towards church funds.

The venue of the alleged offences was New York State… could that be why Bobby went to Florida? It would require his extradition to face charges in New York State, and he’s counting on people not going through the expense and bother of getting the necessary legal scutwork done so that he can he face charges in New York State. A lawyer friend of mine believes that he’s trying to wait out the statute of limitations (I think it’s seven years, but I stand under correction). In short, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe that he thinks that he is immune to legal efforts against him because they would prove expensive and time-consuming.

My belief is simple. Priests! Bobby doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you or your families. If he has to kick you or them aside, I believe that he’s the sort who would do just that. If you filed a criminal case against him, he’d sic his attack dogs on you. He’s not a Raymond Velencia, who stupidly sent e-mail concerning the private life of a parishioner to all and sundry (that’s a matter of public record… after all, there’s a court settlement… all sealed and all that, you know). He wouldn’t do it directly. Let’s not forget what Archbishop Job Osacky of Happy Memory said:

The attack by the first person, with the motive of character assassination would begin. And, my sisters and brothers, there would be no opportunity for discussion, for dialogue, or for compromise. This scenario was repeated again and again, and continues today, and has become the basis for promoting personal agendas and lusting after power and authority. Is this noble; is it righteous; is it Christian? Can it ever be justifiable as being “for the good of the Church?” God forbid! And may He help us all, because this is how we’ve been operating in the Holy Synod and Central Church Administration for years, and we are slow to adopt an alternative.


Do you honour Vladyki Job’s memory? Do you honour his project of cleaning out the Augean Stable of the Church? Then, if you have evidence against Bobby… file a criminal complaint. Demand his extradition to face felony charges. First, he’d try to bully you… trust me; he’ll have his minions air every little peccadillo that they can dig up plus one. Stand strong. If you do so, then, he’ll turn to wheedling. “Let this go for the good of the Church. Move on. It’s all in the past. I’ll stop harassing you”. If you believe that, I’ll call you thrice-damned fools in public. Then, he’ll threaten to spill all the beans in open court. Any good lawyer would object to that and any good judge would sustain it. That’s not the problem… the problem is the mischief that could occur outside of the courtroom outside of the control of the judge.

Bobby would NEVER hurt you physically or defame you directly. He’s evil… he’s not stupid. Furthermore, I believe that he had no direct part in the Iliff or Koumentakos affairs… if he had been involved, they would have been handled with much more finesse and control. Oh, I do believe that he was asked for his advice, but that his advice wasn’t taken. Bobby would have never sent an e-mail directly to all members of the Metropolitan Council. That being said, I think that it’s clear to all reasonable people that if anyone filed a criminal complaint against Bobby for his activities as the Chancellor of the OCA, “interesting” things would begin to happen.

I can attest that it’s not pleasant at all when the internet trolls gang up on you. It’s rather nasty and it’s why I shut down the comboxes on this website. Yes, one could delete such rubbish, but it became very dreary, shovelling shit day after day. It wasn’t a large number to be sure, indeed, the ratio of complaints to hits was under 1:300, but it was a constant and bothersome irritant, and I’m glad it’s gone. You see, invasion of privacy is actionable, but if it’s done by anonymous “usernames” rather than by actual people, you have no recourse. Here’s a citation:

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 generally immunizes from liability parties that create forums on the Internet in which defamation occurs from liability for statements published by third parties. This has the effect of precluding all liability for statements made by persons on the Internet whose identity cannot be determined.


It’s not fair, but this fallen world operates that way, so get used to it. Are you willing to “swallow a kopeck’s worth”, as St Innokenty put it? You’re going to have to come forward and put your name down on a complaint… put up or shut up. Yes… put your name down, just as I do. I know that signing my real name leaves me open to attack… so be it. That’s the same attitude that the SIC priests have to take. “They’re gonna attack me and they’re not gonna be fair about it. I’ll have no defence. My family will have no defence. But I’m gonna carry on… I won’t let the bastards grind me down. I’m gonna keep right on to the end of the road, come what may”.

THAT’S the way to win against the dragon!

Do you want to be a hero or do you want to be lunch?

It’s your choice…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 30 May 2010

Albany NY

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Are There Contrition and a Firm Resolve for Amendment?

As a dog returneth to his vomit…


But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die.

Ezekiel 18.21


As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

Proverbs 26.11


Editor’s Foreword:

I apologise for the fact that I must rehash some “old news” at the beginning. If I don’t, it’ll be easier for autocephalist apologists such as Harry Coin, Nina Dimas, “Hank Leaf”, “KAren Jermyn”, and “John” from Ad Oriente to distort my point. As it stands, the Orthodox Forum crowd will kick it about like a football… remember, despite all their pretensions, they’re a group of less than a thousand members… however, that being said, don’t forget 25 October 1917… small minorities CAN seize power and the consequences are always disastrous.



Firstly, read this, isn’t long:


What triggered this was oca.org’s recent announcement of the commencement at SVS. Thirty graduates! For a group of only about 100,000 all told, that’s rather excessive. Indeed, Holy Cross in Brookline, which serves an archdiocese over three times the size, had only about the same number (or a few less, according to photographic evidence). We’ll return to this later… it’s important… but for the moment, it’s only à propos to notice that this was the precipitating incident for my thoughts that follow. The question that many of us have had since November of ’08 is whether the OCA would, indeed, turn from its sins and live, or, instead, return to its old ways. No one was expecting Nirvana… in fact, I am NOT arguing from the standpoint that since the solution taken in 11/08 wasn’t perfect, we must reject it. THAT’S juvenile and immature, only fit for sophomoric minds or for konvertsy. However, it’s been eighteen months since that date, so, no one can accuse me (or anyone else, for that matter) of being unduly hasty and/or not taking all proper arguments into account. Our first question is, “Has Jonas Paffhausen made the clean sweep that he claimed at PSTGU in 2009?”

No. John Behr remains at the head of SVS. No major personnel shake-ups took place at SVS, actually. It remains the same dodgy and second-rate trade school for priests that it was prior to JP (with the same pseudo-intellectual pretensions and conceits)… with the same emphasis on Renovationism… “If Aleksandr Dmitrievich Schmemann’s God, John Nikolaevich Behr’s his prophet…” So, we see that there were no changes for the good at SVS. Yes, Virginia, there were “changes”… but not for the better. SVS has become openly and rabidly ecumenistic. Such trends were muted somewhat during Herman’s time, because Herman insisted (rightly) that the institution focus on pastorality and leave airy-fairy speculation alone. As of today, it has penned a concordat of cooperation with an openly heretical Anglican institution, Nashotah House. One should note that not only did Behr praise this, so did the dean of SVS, one Chad Hatfield, and JP also praised it. Not only does Behr remain, so do Paul Meyendorff, Bradley Nassif, Chad Hatfield, and all the rest of the pre-JP crew. SVS invited Rowan Williams to come to speak on the Philokalia… that, I think, illustrates, even for the slow learners, their contempt for grounded Orthodoxy. They also invited a Jesuit, Robert Taft, to come to their campus… he mocked the Mountain, and the SVS lot tittered along with him! THIS is what Vassa Larina and Andrei Psaryov wish to ally themselves (and all of the ROCOR with them)… birds of a feather flock together.

Lyonyo Kishkovsky remains the head of the OCA DECR-equivalent. If one remembers the 2005 OCA Sobor in Toronto, one remembers how a motion was raised from the floor to take the OCA out of the National Council of Churches. It was ruled out of order… on the objection of Lyonyo. There’s only one problem with that… Lyonyo was (and probably still is) receiving a salary from the NCC. That is, if the OCA left the NCC, Lyonyo would lose money! Oh, the humanity! Lyonyo wouldn’t have the cash to live on the Island in the style that he had become accustomed to… that means that he had a “material interest” in the question, no? Usually, if one follows the rules of parliamentary order, that disqualifies anyone from raising an objection to a motion (one should note that the SVS Solons not only didn’t oppose this, they supported Lyonyo). In short, we have a thoroughly murky figure. Don’t forget his chequered history in Sea Cliff; do remember that he was very nasty during the property dispute there. JP not only kept him on, one often sees Lyonyo in photos near to JP. By the way, am I being catty if I were to point up that Lyonyo was with JP in Moscow when JP claimed that he had made a clean sweep? I do daresay that more than one person in Moscow also noticed that (Lyonyo is a well-known figure in higher Church circles, after all)…

Therefore, this proposition is false… JP didn’t make a clean sweep of higher Church officials.

JP claimed, “Everything’s changed, it’s all over”. Indeed, he sent one of his minions to our parish in Lent 2009 to say, “Everything’s changed in Syosset. You can send your money now”. I kid you not! However, that was a telling episode. The rector’s one of the inner circle, Igor Stepanovich Burdikov (Burdikoff). In addition, Iggy’s the Dean of Upstate New York State and was the Treasurer of the Diocese of NY and Washington (past tense because four years of diocesan financial records are “missing”). If JP had to send someone to a “safe” parish to shore up the situation… that means that people were (and are) sitting on their hands. One of the ways to see if “everything had changed” is to see if JP cleaned out corruption with an iron broom or if he cooperated with it. I believe that any objective observer would conclude the latter. One of JP’s first actions was to go down to Florida to see Robert Kondratick. The OCA Holy Synod defrocked Bobby for malfeasance. It was a matter of destroyed records, missing funds, and suspected credit card fraud (all of which are secular felonies, by the way). Let’s see… was Bobby in a Florida prison cell for his misdeeds? No! He was a paid employee of a parish of the OCA Diocese of the South. Way to go, guys! Did JP remove Bobby from his sinecure? Did JP apologise to the faithful for this travesty? No… Bobby K remains a paid staff member of an OCA parish… and JP says nothing (and “John” of Ad Oriente PRAISED JP for this monstrous action… it does make one wonder about the konvertsy, does it not?).

“That’s a good boy! We know what’s good for you! Now, just be quiet and let Uncle Bobby get past you…” (four years of “missing records”… is that it, Bobby?… you WERE defrocked… so this ISN’T defamation) (this is my take on the Orthodox Forum and all those who defend the autocephalist cabal)


We could go on… but this proves that JP didn’t change anything for the better. Those who were part of the corruption under the old régime remain at large. NOTHING has changed beyond a slightly different cast of characters. Now, we come to the question of thirty graduates at SVS. If the GOA has three times the number of faithful that the OCA has, yet, it graduated the same number of students (or a few less) at its seminary, it tells one that standards at SVS are abysmally low. That is, someone whom Holy Cross would reject is accepted by SVS. On top of this, I believe that most of these students are recent konvertsy, and that all too many of them are former heterodox clergy. There’s only a certain percentage of such people that a group can accept before distortion sets in. I believe, in the case of the OCA and AOCANA, that number’s been exceeded. The Catholics are going to absorb the Anglican malcontents who go to them easily as the number involved shall be under one percent of the accepting body. In terms of faithful, the number involved in the OCA and AOCANA of Anglican disgrunts is less than a tenth… that’s not bad. However, the percentage of Anglican clerical disgrunts is higher, and the OCA and AOCANA made a cardinal error in ordaining them. There are two major reasons for this assertion.

Firstly, such people have a heterodox formation that one cannot efface. To put it bluntly, a Proddie or Papist formation doesn’t fit one to be an Orthodox priest. Our urgrund is that different… the ontological postulates of Orthodoxy are that distinct from those of the Proddies and Papists. We don’t believe in the “development of doctrine” as do the Papists and Proddies. It’s here where we see that Khomiakov was right… “The Papists were the first Protestants”. There’s an intellectual and spiritual weltanschauung that one picks up in the course of heterodox clerical formation that I’d say is hard to discard. This is especially true for Anglicans, as one can see with their so-called “Branch Theory”… a heresy that was refuted recently by Patriarch Kirill when he was still a metropolitan… it’s a bracing read with no BS in it. If one looks at the Nashotah House concordat with unbiased eyes, one can see that it signalled the adaptation by SVS of the Branch Theory as its guiding principle. One of the reasons for this development, besides ADS’ obvious Proddie sympathies (which set the tone of the institution), is that too many Anglican disgrunts have been ordained by the OCA and AOCANA, many after cursory “re-education” at SVS. Is it any wonder that Anglican notions have entered the OCA and AOCANA? This isn’t to mention the cult gurus from the EOC and HOOM/CSB… they were ordained without any preliminary studies or screening at all!

Secondly, it means that many, if not most, convert clergy don’t have “institutional memory”. This is important, for it’s hard to lie to someone who has lived through a given situation; it’s relatively easy to lie to someone who’s only read about it. For instance, all the konvertsy seem to have overblown opinions of ADS and his teachings. I have to bear in mind that if I talk to a recent konvert who is of the same age that I am, that they never saw Schmemann with their own eyes, or heard him speak, or asked him a question only to be angrily rebuffed and insulted. They don’t know that the current crop of apparatchiki in the OCA were mainly the sycophantic disciples of ADS. Therefore, they attack all of us who don’t bow down in front of their idols. When you add to this the fact that they lack facility in Russian or Greek, they’re people who start out not only with one hand tied behind their backs, but with their legs shackled as well (most have never even heard of Fr Daniil Sysoev’s brilliant exposé of Schmemann’s Proddie Eucharistic theology, let alone read it). In short, most of them know nothing about the past and care even less about it… it’s a telling indictment of the Anglo-Saxon American character, is it not?

Let’s put it all together. Firstly, JP has refused to clean out the nest of vipers in the upper reaches of the OCA. Secondly, nothing has changed save the labels. Thirdly, the konvertsy are in a hurry to take over the Church. Many of them are former Anglicans who lost the fight for PECUSA… these sorts are the worst… they intend to take over the OCA and AOCANA, and since the ascent of JP, they haven’t been silent about that intent. I wonder where Patrick Reardon truly stands in all of this… is he really as Renovationist as he makes himself out to be? Anyone who venerates “’St’ Pavel Florensky” (Moscow hasn’t and won’t canonise this bald-faced heretic) is indeed questionable… one also notes that he didn’t do anything after his complaint to JP about Rowan Williams. Well, Mr Reardon, where do you stand? I’d say that JP lacks contrition for the actions of the cabal and has no intent of reforming or amending them… save to introduce HOOMie elements into the heart of the Church. Where do you stand, now, sir? If there is no contrition or intent of amendment, doesn’t that mean that it’s not only “business as usual” but “let them eat cake” as well? It’s why I hold the konvertsy in contempt, sir. You refuse not only to see what is obviously in front of you, you refuse to listen to those who tell you the truth about your idols (do remember the First and Second Commandments, Mr Reardon).

I believe that this overly large graduation class at SVS is a warning for us… the konvertsy intend to run us out of the Church… we’re not “perfect” enough for them. Thankfully, I think that it won’t come to that in the end… but it shall be a painful and nasty road before we’re through. Look… they ignore the fact that “contrition” and “amendment” are not in the vocabulary of their guru, JP. THIS is the fruit of Anglo-Saxon American Phyletism in the Church… they’ll excuse everything, just so long as their notion of an “American Church free of foreign domination” is realised. I still think that contrition and amendment are called for. Bobby K belongs in gaol (I can’t fathom why people fear him so)… Iggy has to retire… the Iliff family is owed a public apology and restitution from SVS… Tosi has to produce the “missing” financial records or he belongs in the slam too. Most of all, the OCA has to be disestablished and the Tomos ripped up. If we don’t… the end of the OCA will be neither pretty or edifying… and don’t blame me for saying so… I’m only a messenger.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 29 May 2010

Albany NY

Friday, 28 May 2010

Ilya Glazunov: “A Cabin in Siberia is Better than a Villa in Miami”

The Mystery of the Twentieth Century

Ilya Glazunov



The figure at the extreme left is the painter (when he was younger), whilst the figure on the extreme right is also the painter, but at an older age.


On the eve of his upcoming 80th birthday on 10 June, the famous Russian painter Ilya Glazunov said, “Never have I felt so rushed to finish so many works”. There’s still some time left until his birthday, but as if in confirmation of his words, Glazunov opens an exhibition on 27 May in the Manezh, Moscow’s largest exhibition hall, entitled Илья Глазунов: Новые работы. 80 лет (Ilya Galzunov: Novye raboti. 80 let: Ilya Glazunov: New Works. 80 Years). On view will be fifty paintings illustrating the main theme in the master’s oeuvre… Russia. His outlook’s unique, being a fusion of the religious and monarchical. He received much sharp criticism for this attitude from both Soviets and contemporary “democrats”. Perhaps, that’s why this world-recognised painter, famous for his portraits of Indira Gandhi, Federico Fellini, and David Siqueiros, has as many enemies as friends in the motherland. Some call him a “Russian genius”; others call him a “reactionary academic”, showing the two extremes in the assessment of Ilya Glazunov’s creative output. However, this doesn’t bother him.


00 Ilya Glazunov. Russia,  Wake Up! 1994

Russia! Wake Up!!

Ilya Glazunov



“I have worked and still work for Russia’s benefit. I can’t imagine living anywhere other than Russia. For me, a cabin in Siberia is better than a villa in Miami. I received many offers to go and live in the West and in America, but what about the debt I owe to the Motherland? Only once did I feel that they would exile me from the Soviet Union… it was for my painting The Mystery of the Twentieth Century. Well, I had good luck, because one of the Communist Party bosses said, ‘We can’t do anything more to dissidents’. Otherwise, I would’ve been exiled, just like the writer Solzhenitsyn. I still believe that a Russian is anyone who loves Russia. For example, Isaak Levitan was a Jew, but he was also a great Russian artist, who loved Russia”, Glazunov said.


00 Ilya Glazunov. The Return of the Prodigal Son. 1977

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Ilya Glazunov



Do note the date… 1977… 14 years BEFORE the fall of the USSR… at that time, the precursors of the neocons were telling us how dangerous and entrenched the Soviet system was… they were wrong then… what about now?


Many of the paintings presented at the jubilee exhibition, Maestro Glazunov said, “were painted as a result of influence of my many trips into the Russian provinces”. For example, he felt most acutely the tragedies suffered by 20th century Russian peasants, when they were deprived of the right to own their land and forcibly rounded up into communal collective farms. In Ilya Sergeyevich’s opinion, the main work on display in this exhibition is Раскулачивание (Raskulachivanie: Cannibalisation), which depicts this intense episode in Russian history. The huge canvas measures 8 x 4 metres (26 x 13 feet), it has more than a hundred figures…


Prince Dmitri Donskoi: from the cycle “Kulikovo Field

Ilya Glazunov



“I first conceived of this picture of the destruction of the Russian peasantry when I heard these very peculiar words of Winston Churchill, ’I thought I would die of old age, but now I realise that I’ll die of laughter, because I learned that Russia is buying bread’. This was the consequence of Stalin’s reforms; it all flowed from the Bolshevik conquest of Russia. For a very long time, I’ve wanted to express the tragedy of the peasantry, the destruction of those who fed us with bread since ancient times”, Ilya Sergeyevich said.


A Rainbow (A Vision)

Ilya Glazunov



Again, notice the date, five years BEFORE the fall of the USSR… “There are none so blind as those who will not to see”…


Of course, Glazunov’s new paintings are in a realistic idiom, as is customary for him. Some even called him a “militant realist”. By the way, this stylistic stipulation does not deter young students from coming to Maestro Glazunov and studying under him at the Academy of Painting and Sculpture, where he passes on the tradition of artistic realism. Maestro Glazunov told us, “Once, I went to the Tretyakov Gallery, and I saw a bucket, a bent shovel, broken glass, and some other stuff. I asked, ‘I beg your pardon, is this under repair?’ They said, ‘Who’re you? This is an exhibition of contemporary art. This is an art work’. I support all kinds of art! But I’ve got to say that I totally agree with what the great Russian artist Vrubel said, “Only realism can create the greatest depth in imagery”.


O, God! Protect Russia!

Ilya Glazunov



Here is a link to a short three-minute video from NTV. It’s in Russian, but it shows Maestro Glazunov’s paintings, including his new masterpiece Раскулачивание (Cannibalisation). Please, watch the clip for that alone… it’s that worthwhile. Then, compare the life-affirming creativity of Ilya Sergeyevich with the corrosive hatred peddled by the George Weigels of this world. There’s no comparison…

27 May 2010

Tatiana Zavyalova

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

A friend who is a priest in the MP sent me this:

Thank you so much for talking about this genius. I saw his 1977 Prodigal Son in 1977. It had a big influence on me.

That’s what art does… and it’s why I cover it. Artists are more important than “entrepreneurs” are. A country with artists… painters, sculptors, musicians, composers, actors, dancers, actors, writers, poets, and photographers… is blessed. A country with “entrepreneurs” and their running-dog-lackeys in the press, academe, and government is cursed. Russia is blessed… America isn’t. That’s why George Weigel and his ilk are so evil. They bow before the altar of the all-consuming Moloch of the American Dream…

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and Mammon.

… they’ve forgotten that.


Khotinenko Received Patriarchal Prize for Cinematography for “Pop”

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias (1946- ), gives the Patriarchal Award for Cinematography to Vladimir Khotinenko (1952- ) for his work on the film Pop

4-minute NTV video in Russian… even if you don’t know Russian, there are many scenes from the film… well-worth watching

On Tuesday, at the opening in Moscow of the 14th World Russian People’s Council (VRNS), Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, Kirill awarded director Vladimir Khotinenko the Patriarchal Prize for Cinematography for 2010. Khotinenko received this high award, which was established by the Holy Synod of the MP last year, for his work as director of the film Поп (Pope: a slangy reference to a priest), which was released this April. In presenting the award, Patriarch Kirill pointed up that the film is devoted to the story of a priest, “in the context of a terrible national trial, the Great Patriotic War”, and expressed the view that Khotinenko “quite objectively and artistically succeeded in his attempt to depict these complex historical circumstances”. According to His Holiness, Khotinenko, “since he’s an ordinary person, based the portrayal of the priest [in the film] on his experiences of modern pastors (батюшки)”. As the patriarch noted, there were some reviews that criticised the film, but “the fact of this Patriarchal award says that, if we add up all the figures in this complex sum (the audience ratings of the film: Interfax), the balance will be absolutely positive”. In addition to Khotinenko, the leading actor in the film, Sergei Makovetsky, also won a patriarchal award. Besides the honour, there was also a financial prize from the patriarch, but the amount was not specified.

Trailer for the film Pop

25 May 2010



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