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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Alea iacta est… Ἀνερρίφθω κύβος… The REAL Play is About to Begin

Ἀνερρίφθω κύβος… ἐν τούτῳ νίκα!

Read this first. I’m not going to waste many words on this one. NO ROCOR bishops or clergy were listed amongst the celebrants. One would have expected George Schaeffer at least… or Fr John Sorochka from Mayfield. In addition, no EP, SPC, or Romanian bishops or clergy were mentioned. Ah, yes… Nathaniel Popp (the head of the Romanian Archdiocese of the OCA) was amongst the missing as well. I fear that JP outsmarted Yustinian Ovchinnikov… obviously, he did not tell him that Feodosy and Herman were to be present. No doubt, that was “payback” for the “Episcopal Assembly” treating JP as a simple bishop and an equal to Hilarion Kapral. Note well that JP expressly invited Feodosy and Herman according to the post… watch for immature ungrounded konvertsy like “John” at Ad Oriente and jumped-up former Episkies like Reardon to slobber all over this and crow that JP is showing “forgiveness”… that is why one can see that such sorts were never one with us.

One wonders what the actual turnout was… JP claimed 200 attendees at a recent conference when the photo of the participants showed only 60, and the building had a capacity of less than 100. After all, there’s one million people in the OCA according to JP… it’s what he said in an interview in Pravoslavie.ru. Caveat lector… The post claims that this was “a historic celebration of the liturgy”. Indeed, it was… but not in the sense that the oca.org propagandists mean. All the noise about disciplining Herman was mere wind… a smokescreen… a canard of the grossest variety. JP and the cabal spat on you and laughed… I believe that many people are still stunned by it all and are still digesting this information. I certainly am… but it’s no surprise, is it? It’s too soon for a detailed discussion. However, one CAN say that JP has definitively driven over the cliff… the only question is… shall you stay in the vehicle?

The Rubicon was crossed on Memorial Day… We must stop JP at the Milvian Bridge… we can do it.

In hoc signo vinces… ἐν τούτῳ νίκα!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Albany NY


Putin Prayed at the Site of His Father’s Service in the Great Patriotic War

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (1952- ) at Christmas services, 7 January 2010… not only do Wiegel and the other neocon swine question VVP’s faith, so do people such as Mark Stokoe and the whole autocephalist gang at SVS… birds of a feather?

On Saturday, Prime Minister Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin visited a church dedicated to the Icon of the Mother of God “Seeker of the Lost” on the site of some of the bloodiest fighting on the Leningrad front, the Neva sector, where his father served in 1941. When he visited the church, Mr Putin was shown a book with all the names of the soldiers who defended the Nevsky sector, and he found his father’s name on the list. Both Vladimir Vladimirovich and the rector of the church sang “Eternal Memory” and placed candles for the repose of the deceased. Premier Putin gave the church an icon painted in the nineteenth century. The butcher’s bill on the Neva sector, according to some reports, was 10 people per square metre of land {one square metre is about 10.75 square feet, which means that one soldier died per square foot of land: editor}. On a typical day on this front, the defenders repelled 12-16 attacks. Currently, a memorial park exists on the site. So far, in this area, including at the bottom of the Neva River, search teams have found the remains of deceased soldiers, tanks, and aircraft parts. Mr Putin’s father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, served on this sector in the 330th Infantry Regiment. On 17 November 1941, he was severely wounded during an attack, spending several months in hospital. He was invalided out of the service afterwards.

31 May 2010



Editor’s Note:

There was no “need” for this press release… save to emphasise that VVP was in St Petersburg at the same time that Bart was… and did not meet with him publicly. I do NOT know if there was a private meeting… certainly, the opportunity existed for such. However, the lack of a public meeting, photo op, or press release was a direct slap at Bart. It’s odd that he would not only accept it without a demur, but also capitulate to Moscow on every point. There are probably two reasons for this… one is that his Western backers in the US and the EU have been hard-hit by the economic depression at present and cut his subsidy (or eliminated it completely). Another is that this same depression affected his Greek-American donors (his main source of funds). He needs money to keep the Phanar running, and there is not enough amongst the rump Greek community in Turkey to do so. Who is the only possible source of such funds? Moscow… that’s who. Kirill Mikhailovich no doubt advanced the funds… at a price. Bart was in a corner… no money from his EU and US backers… no money from his Greek-American sugar daddies… his pal Yushchenko in disgrace and replaced by Yanukovich, a supporter of Moscow… he had to “fish or cut bait”. KMG fed him Crow Supreme openly and without pity in public and Bart had to smile the whole while and pretend to like it. Don’t forget… KMG went to Optino and left Bart in Moscow. THAT speaks volumes. Who got the new bike, and who got the busted cardboard box? Perspiring minds wanna know…


Turmoil Continues in Serbian Church as Monks Rebel

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Frescoes in the cave church at Crna Reka Monastery (16th Century?)

Dissent continues to rack the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), as monks in two monasteries have openly rebelled against the church leadership, the newspaper Blic said Wednesday. Monks at the Crna Reka and Holy Archangels Monasteries launched a rebellion in support of Bishop Artemije Radosavljević, the former head of the Diocese of Kosovo, whom the SPC replaced because he ignored orders and he was implicated in corruption scandals. The monks said they were set to abandon their monasteries despite orders from the SPC to remain in place.

Crna Reka Monastery near the village of Ribariće (between Kosovska Mitrovica, Rozaje, and Novi Pazar), St Joanikije Devički the Wonderworker (26 April/9 May) lived in its cave.

The influential Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović, the provisional administrator of the Diocese of Kosovo, which also covers a part of southwestern Serbia, met the monks in Crna Reka at an unspecified date, but failed to reach a settlement. “They were told that the Church cannot allow pseudo-zealotry and sectarianism that undermines the unity of the Church”, a statement of the Diocese of Kosovo said. The Diocese of Kosovo has been in focus not only because of the secession of Kosovo in 2008, but also because of alleged financial abuse. The allegations have so far led to the criminal indictment and arrest of Artemije’s right-hand man, Simeon Vilovski. Monks at the Crna Reka monastery caused outrage last year when they disclosed they were “curing” drug addicts by torturing them.

2 June 2010

Earth News


Holy Archangels Monastery near Prizren

Editor’s Note:

This came in on my Google Alerts. Interesting, no? I’m going to ask friends of mine in the Serb Church to shed some light on this. This smells like a Modernist/Traditionalist fight in new clothes… Metropolitan Amfilohije Radović is one of the leading traditionalists in the SPC. Another of the reasons for this multifarious dispute is that Bishop Artemije re-established Crna Reka Monastery in 1979 (its original foundation was in the 13th century), after a long period of abandonment. Obviously, the monks have strong feelings towards their former abbot and spiritual father. Tsar Stefan Uroš IV Dušan the Mighty (1308-55) founded Holy Archangels Monastery near Prizren in the middle of the 14th century (he was originally buried at this monastery, but his relics were translated to St Mark Church in Belgrade), but it was abandoned after the Ottoman conquest in the mid-16th century, only becoming an active monastery again in 1998, under Bishop Artemije. So, with such personal ties to Bishop Artemije, is it any wonder that the brotherhoods are raising questions about his removal?

A friend who wishes to be anonymous sent me this link. It’s a little outdated, but the general trends illustrated hold true:



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