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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Mattingly Opens His Mouth and Removes All Doubt

In the end, this is what Mattingly et al are proposing… an open and blasphemous worship of America the Powerful and the deification of a small power-hungry set of “Orthodox” clerics… may God save us from that!

I have experienced two dictatorships in my life, those of Hitler and the Communists. I do not wish to experience a third, from America.

A Russian Orthodox bishop

Orthodoxy in America has its own ethos. We have our own theological institutions and we have our own theologians, authors, publications, and magazines.

Philip Saliba

Firstly, read this piece of comedy (it would easily win an Oscar as the Best Comedic Production of the Year):


Terry Mattingly is incorrigibly ignorant and pushes the Paffhausen line in this article. Rather Stalinist, isn’t it? It’s worthy of Pravda at the height of the Great Purge! Let’s start with the most obvious blunder on his part. He quoted Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov as saying, “Before the 1920s, there was only one jurisdiction in North America… that of the Russian Orthodox Church, which, as we know, was open to … the widest variety of ethnic communities”. If Mr Mattingly had any brains, he would have pointed up that this was in opposition to the party line of SVS and JP. He did not comment on this, which means that he is innocent of anything Orthodox that is not spoon-fed to him by his autocephalist cronies. Like most loudmouthed konvertsy, Mr Mattingly does NOT get his information direct from Russian, Greek, or Serb sources. He gets it filtered through the autocephalist cabal… ergo, he makes egregious errors constantly. He also misspelled Vladyki Yustinian’s name… it’s” Yustinian” with a “Y”, not “Justinian” with a “J”. Anyone familiar with the transliteration of Cyrillic knows this. It does illustrate Mr Mattingly’s lack of knowledge abundantly. Finally, Archbishop Yustinian is NOT a bishop of the ROCOR… he is the ruling bishop of the MP parishes in the USA. This is so well known that I am aghast at Mr Mattingly’s shocking ignorance… it does illustrate the depth of konvertsy hubris, does it not?

Let’s take a detour for a moment. One can see this hubris and ignorance abundantly on the SVS-sponsored website Orthodox History, which is headed by a young smarkach named Oliver Herbel. At least, one could have seen this website in the past. There is an interesting wrinkle about this website (and Mr Herbel). I attempted to bring up this website as it had a page with Mr Herbel’s CV on it. Guess what, friends and neighbours? The page has disappeared down the memory hole! In fact, the whole website has disappeared. Here’s what appeared on my screen:

An error occurred at http://orthodoxhistory.org/Error 502 – Error response received from gateway.

I tried using two different browser windows… Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. No go on either one. Hmm… there is more than one way to get around this… I googled “Oliver Herbel” and I found:


Mr Herbel is a poseur and phoney. Note his education. He only has two years of Orthodox formation. His BA and MA were from Lutheran institutions, and his PhD is from a papist school. His only Orthodox education is from SVS, a rather questionable source. The kid is only 34 years old, which means he has spent most of his adult life in college and graduate school…. of his (at least) eleven years of schooling (4 years for a BA, 2 for the MA, 2 at SVS, and 3 for the PhD), only two were from an Orthodox source (and that one was a questionable den of Renovationism). That is to say, he has very little in the way of actual Orthodox formation, and it is clear that he went to seminary before he was ready. He’s nothing but a Lutheran prancing about in a riassa. This is the sort of person that Mr Mattingly (and the rest of that repulsive Beliefnet crowd) finds convincing. As an aside, the person who uses the username “Ochlophobist” bows down in adoration before Mr Herbel… like calls unto like, no?

In like manner, Mr Mattingly has no Orthodox formation either. This is no small beer. Many of the recent konvertsy are ordained or begin commenting before they have a chance to acquire the Orthodox mindset. It takes nine months for a child to grow in the womb… you can’t rush it. It is the same with faith. It takes at least five to seven years for it to take root after one’s reception. No one should either begin commenting or go to seminary before this process is complete. Note well that the Renovationists rush people through the system, which means that there are many who are distorted permanently by this… just as children born prematurely often have permanent birth defects or handicaps. You can see this not only in Messrs Herbel and Mattingly, but also in Rod Dreher, Stephen Freeman, Joseph Honeycutt, Frederica Matthewes-Green, “Gavriil”, the “Ochlophobist”, Christopher Orr, “John” of Ad Orientem, and Mark Stokoe. Indeed, there are very few ethnic voices on the Orthodox ‘Net writing in English. Yes… all of the meaty stuff is in Russian, Greek, or Serb. Yes… the stuff written in English is mostly pseudo-Proddie drivel. We have a responsibility to get the grounded point of view out there in English… this site is an attempt to do that.

Let’s get back to Mr Mattingly’s screed. He reports on an “Episcopal Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Hierarchs in North and Central America”… what specious nonsense. It was not a Local Council nor was it a meeting with any power. It was nothing but an EP-sponsored gabathon. In fact, the Greek-American press reported that Bart didn’t want any OCA bishop invited (as the EP does NOT recognise it), but Demetrios Trakatellis invited them anyway. It’s not because he loves the OCA (Paffhausen spat in Demetrios’ face by speaking in front of the OCL rebels)… the simple explanation is that there’s an argument going on between Bart and Demetrios, and this was a convenient stick for Demetrios to beat Bart with. Add to that the fact that the MP uses the OCA as an expendable pawn in its Great Game with the EP… the OCA was not there because anyone wanted them there… they were there because they were useful to certain players in the Game. Mr Mattingly would know this if he kept up with either the Greek or the Russian religious press… but he doesn’t, and it is patently obvious from the twaddle he writes. It was not because “He [JP] is a convert to the faith”… that is the sort of whining rot only taken seriously by the lower form of konvertsy.

However, here is the biggest howler of them all:

So the new Episcopal Assembly is in control… for now.

Yes, the boob actually wrote this! This body had no power whatsoever and nothing at all changed because of its meeting. Note well that he did NOT mention the fact that the Canadian bishops demanded their own “Assembly” and that the bishops from Central America wanted to be part of the South American grouping. Of course, part of that is because Mr Mattingly wasted a little over 25% of the article (195 out of 733 words) on Philip Saliba… since Mr Mattingly attends an AOCANA parish, he had to throw a hefty pinch of incense on PS’ altar. Nevertheless, Mr Mattingly does give us a meaty quote from Saliba, “[We are] no longer little children to have rules imposed on us from 5,000 miles away. Orthodoxy in America has its own ethos. We have our own theological institutions and we have our own theologians, authors, publications, and magazines. … We have been here for a long, long time and we are very grateful to the Almighty God that in our theology and worship, we do express the fullness of the Holy Orthodox faith”.

This illustrates how the konvertsy filth think… they are in rebellion against the Church. I have never used such strong language before this day, but it is necessary to stand up and be counted. You can have the Orthodoxy of the ages or you can have this Frankenstein Orthodoxy ginned up by Proddie phonies. I have no doubt that many “converts” stand with us and not with the konvertsy. However, they must break with this mucky set and cleanse themselves of its influence. Let’s be blunt and speak openly about what’s on offer. We can have real Orthodoxy… with all its idiosyncrasies and quirks, or we can have notional Orthodoxy… truly, it’s nothing but rebellious Protestantism dressed in a riassa. Stark choice, no? The choice offered us by Mattingly et al is really “another God”… and we know what the First and Second Commandments say on that. They wish us all to bow down at the altar of American Exceptionalism, sing praises to the Suburban Affluent Effluent, and kowtow before Globalistic Western Democracy (they are nothing but pseudo-Orthodox George Weigels, after all)…

I have chosen… what about you?

“Orthodoxy in America has its own ethos”… what heretical and bilious rot.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 5 June 2010

Albany NY

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