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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Patriarch Bartholomew Wants to Accelerate Pan-Orthodox Council

Meeting of the EP and MP delegations at the Patriarchal Residence in Peredelkino on 25 May 2010… you can see that no fraternal feelings existed between the sides (note well that non-English speakers such as Vsevolod Chaplin and Yuvenaly Poyarkov were not present).

Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople believes that it is necessary to not to postpone a Pan-Orthodox Cathedral with the participation of all the Local Orthodox Churches. “We have decided to accelerate the process of convening a Holy and Great Council of all Orthodox Churches”, Patriarch Bartholomew said according to the transcript of an interview broadcast on the television channel Вести-24 (News-24) on Sunday at the Constantine Palace in Strelna near St Petersburg. He said that the convening of the council is one of the major challenges facing the Church of Constantinople and expressed the view that the Council and its results “would be of the greatest importance to the entire Orthodox world”. Patriarch Bartholomew stressed that he has supported the holding of such a Council since his election to the patriarchal throne [of Constantinople]. In his view, the agenda for such a Council has definition, and it is already known throughout the Orthodox world. it includes ten topics, including the declaration of the principles surrounding the granting of autocephaly or autonomy in the Orthodox Churches, the problem surrounding the Lents, and a number of questions related to the diptychs (order of mention of the Churches during worship: Interfax). ”Our Orthodox Church constantly tries to keep pace with the times, without sacrificing anything of his teachings, but at the same time responding to the trends of the time, to help believers cope with contemporary reality”, Patriarch Bartholomew said. Preparation for the Council started back in the 1960s, and meetings of the Pan-Orthodox Pre-Conciliar Consultation and preparatory commissions have taken place. The Council could resolve questions that have accumulated over the centuries since the last one, which was the Seventh Ecumenical Council, requiring an all-Church solution. There were a total of four Pan-Orthodox Pre-Conciliar Consultations (Chambésy, 1976, 1982, 1986, 2009) and six preparatory committees (Geneva, 1971; Chambésy, 1986, 1990, 1993; 1999 and 2009). The long break in the convening of meetings of the preparatory committees was due to the complication of relations caused by the disagreements between the MP and the EP over the ecclesiastical situation in Estonia. A meeting of the First Hierarchs of the Local Orthodox Churches in October 2008 in Istanbul made possible the resumption of inter-Orthodox cooperation in the preparation of such a Council.

31 May 2010



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, read this interview given in Bulgaria before his trip to Russia:


Note this quote:

Our criteria of ecclesial identity and unity are not the measures of this world… of numbers and wealth… but derive instead from the Holy Spirit, as this is revealed in the Church Councils and the Holy Eucharist.

This, I believe, trumps all of his airy-fairy talk in Russia. The above quote reveals that Bart shall never give an inch on the question on who is primus inter pares. In itself, such would torpedo any actual calling of a “Pan-Orthodox Council”. In short, all the talk of “accelerating” the calling of such a Council is mere verbiage, notional wind, and anyone who believes it is a thrice-damned fool. Bart is in dire need of money… and he needs help desperately to reopen Halki. Therefore, he capitulated to the Russians on many peripheral issues, and he talks much of “unity”. I have not forgotten any of his nasty statements of the past twenty years (he became head of the EP in 1991)… neither has anyone in the leadership in the MP. Trust me… there is no love lost on either side.

As for believing in a “Pan-Orthodox Council”… I’ll believe in the Jabberwocky and Treebeard the Ent first… they have more substantiality. Nothing that Bart said in Russia had any real existence… he only did what he had to in order to get Russian gelt in his pocket. Reflect well on the fact that he never learned Russian, the language of most Orthodox Christians. He and Kirill had to palaver in English. By the way, that’s the only reason the Boy Wonder was so prominent during this visit… he may not have many abilities… but he does have nonpareil English-language skills (which is why the konvertsy are bamboozled by him so easily… along with his photogenic good looks, which fools superficial Americans especially).

It’s now a week since Bart’s departure… nothing has changed in the MP… or anywhere else for that matter. The upshot of it is that this trip was obviously one of a suppliant importuning his patron for funds… nothing more. Look for MORE trouble in future, not less. Bart will be cooperative as long as he needs Russian money and Russian aid in reopening his seminary. Once that perceived need is over… need I say more?

Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes… Φοβού τους Δαναούς και δώρα φέροντας…


Editor’s Postscript:

A friend in the MP sent me this:

I have no illusions about Bart, but what’s his game? We know he’s got the US behind him. He’s cunning. Moscow must be even cleverer in order to outwit him and his plans for a wooden nickel Council.

Yes… the neocons and globalists do their best to sow disunity and discord amongst us. Don’t forget that Bart has been their willing tool for years. Look at the following quote:

According to the Athens newspaper To Vima of 8 July 2004, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew responded to the “Third Rome” theory of the Patriarch of Moscow (which had been brought up for discussion during the Eighth International Assemblage of the Russian Orthodox Church) by calling it “…foolish, hubristic, and blasphemous”, because “…it resounds with the spirit of caesarpapism and vaticanism; something totally unacceptable to the Orthodox Church”.

He also said:

“The foolish theory pertaining to a ‘Third Rome’ is hubristic (in accordance with the ancient Greek definition of this word [having to do with overweening arrogance]), and blasphemous. New Rome may be the first among equal Patriarchates, but she has never sought to dominate and exercise power over the other Orthodox Churches. We recognise her primacy in the stewardship of our unity, and she has performed this function  humbly and absent any exercise of power”.

To date, he has only given us empty words… when shall we see action… if ever? Frankly speaking, I am sceptical…


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