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Monday, 7 June 2010

Afghan Parliamentarian Wants All Muslims Who Convert to Christianity to Face the Death Penalty

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Abdul Rahman (1965- ), a convert to Christianity from Islam, he faced trial in Afghanistan for his conversion and was threatened with the death penalty. He was given sanctuary in Italy. Afghanistan does not recognise Christianity as a legal religion and threatens all converts with the death penalty… and the neocons support them. Birds of a feather, I’ll say!

Abdul Sattar Havasi, a deputy in the House of the People (the lower house of the Afghani parliament), urged the public execution of all those who convert to Christianity. Scenes of a baptism and a prayer service shown on the local television station Noorin TV upset the parliamentarians. Mr Havasi proposed that those who appeared in the video should be “publicly executed” and called on his colleagues to send a request demanding such to the General Procurator. The video also outraged students at Kabul University. Hundreds of students staged a protest during which they chanted death threats against converts to Christianity, demanding the expulsion of foreign missionaries from Afghanistan, the British newspaper Christian Today wrote, quoting the human rights organisation International Assistance to Christians. As a result, Afghanistan has suspended [the activities of] two Christian humanitarian organisations, Norwegian Church Aid and Church World Service (from the USA). According to human rights advocates, today, many Afghan Christians are in hiding out of fear of repression by the authorities.

7 June 2010



This is what we got in return for supporting Bin Laden… what shall we get for supporting Karzai?

Editor’s Note:

Looks like the neocons have another order of Crow Supreme waiting for them! If this isn’t Taliban Lite, I don’t know what it is! The US is pouring billions of dollars into propping up the Karzai junta… and THIS is its reward. The USA deserves a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for supporting such smut (and it owes an apology to the families of the brave soldiers who fell in this wicked war to shore up an Islamicist state). There was much wrong with the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan… it was a client state of the USSR, after all (and they shot their share of “undesirables”)… but I’ll say this, women could work without harassment, girls could go to school, bride price was abolished, forced marriage was banned, and there was an effort to modernise the country. The people in the cities mainly supported the PDPA, a fact forgotten by neocon apologists of the war in Afghanistan (just as they conveniently “forget” to tell you that the USA was the prime mover in the genesis of Bin Laden (and of neocon support for him at the time)). However, only a quarter of the population was urbanised, and the mujahideen found support in the rural areas. Let’s not forget that the West bankrolled the rise of Bin Laden… and its payback was 9/11. What shall be our reward for supporting Karzai et al? Perspiring minds want to know…


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