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Monday, 7 June 2010

Priest of the Paris Exarchate Claims there is too much “Russianness” in His Church

The Confessor of Christ Lydia Plas (1933-2010)… barred from the Mysteries unilaterally and without a hearing by Gabriel. Reflect on this… SVS supported (and supports to this day) this iniquitous action. Why? It’s what Schmemann taught them… that’s why! Pray for the repose of her soul… she stood for what was right and paid the cost. She is a heroine of the Faith.

Fr Lambert van Dinter from Nantes, a clergyman of the Exarchate of Russian Parishes of Western Europe (EP), expressed concern over what he sees as excessive “Russianness” (русскостью) amongst the clergy of the Exarchate. “We lack the determination to overcome Russianness, we should be doing more about this question”, he said at a scheduled diocesan convention of the Archdiocese. In his opinion, the priests of the Archdiocese “don’t often enough reiterate that the Church is neither Russian nor Greek nor Romanian, they should give life to such words. At a time when some in our diocese deny the spirit of Orthodox supra-national unity, or even try to destroy this spirit when they find it, which sows dissension, we must return to what is needful…  following Christ in a specific place, the place where we live”, Fr Lambert said.

Lydia Plas, a parishioner of St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice, wrote an article, “A Russian Church of Magnificent Beauty”, which appeared in the newspaper Русская мысль (Russian Thought), it brought to light the parish life of St Nicholas Cathedral. She noted that the rector, Archpriest Johann Heidt, along with the other clergy of the cathedral, took an openly Russophobic position, so, she pointed up, “They neglected Russian traditions and discouraged them”, and, as a result, “Everything Russian in parish life is curtailed and abandoned”. Shortly after its publication, Archbishop Gabriel de Vylder of Comana, the head of the Exarchate, excommunicated her from the Eucharist for an indefinite period. The numerous letters written by Mme Plas requesting her readmission to the Eucharist were ignored. In March 2010, at the age of 76, she passed away after a serious illness.

In 1921, Patriarch Tikhon Bellavin founded the Russian Orthodox Diocese in Western Europe for the spiritual care of Russian émigrés. In 1931, its first head, Metropolitan Evlogy Geogrievsky, refused the request of Metropolitan Sergei Stragorodsky to swear an oath of loyalty to the Soviets, and, with most of the clergy and laity, came under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople, who decreed that the diocese receive the status of a temporary Exarchate of Russian Orthodox Parishes.

7 June 2010



Is the Shmemannshchyna almost over? May God grant such… and soon!

Editor’s Note:

The days of the Paris Gang are numbered and its Russophobic zealots are feeling the heat. If you were to ask my opinion, Bart sold ‘em out in Peredelkino for a mess of pottage (or was it a pot of kasha n’ ‘shrooms? It was in Russia, after all). I could be wrong, of course… but do remember that a 0.300 hitter is considered good (and a 0.400 record is thought of as amazin’). Look at these words, “At a time when some in our diocese deny the spirit of Orthodox supra-national unity, or even try to destroy this spirit when they find it, which sows dissension, we must return to what is needful… following Christ in a specific place, the place where we live”. These are not the words of a confident man. They are the words of a fearful coward who dreads what the future is bringing. Do note this passage of the Interfax article, “the status of a temporary Exarchate of Russian Orthodox Parishes”. Perhaps, that “temporary” status is ending, God willing. All those who persecuted Lydia Plas will find themselves out in the cold… and from the words above, it seems that this Fr Lambert was one of them. There shall be justice for Lydia Plas in the end (and may we hope for justice for the memory of Eric Iliff, as well?)…

Do reflect that such Renovationists as John Behr, John Breck, Seraphim Sigrist, and the whole scurvy crew at SVS support Gabriel’s unilateral action unreservedly. Why? It’s what they do and what they teach, after all. Can you believe that they preach that people can “automatically excommunicate themselves?” I kid you NOT! It’s well known that the OCA casually “excommunicates” people left and right… often leaving people without the Mysteries for years. No one speaks up because they are afraid of sharing that fate (that’s why the Renovationists teach “automatic reception at every liturgy”… it makes it obvious who the “sinners” are). Schmemann taught them that… where did he come from? I think it was the Paris Gang, wasn’t it? If the days of the Paris Gang are numbered, perhaps, the same is true of their conniving confrères in the OCA. God willing, that’s true…


Editor’s Postscript:

Here’s a little something that I just received from a waggish friend in the MP:

Just heard it: Fr So-phoney. Sums up the whole bunch of them and their fawning Paris/Oxford/OCA/Agliochian admirers… over-educated fools. When it finally hits the fan, I will certainly have been miles away for decades.

I confess before Almighty God… yes… it was me… I did pass on the usages “Angliochian” and “Schmemandorf” to everyone of my acquaintance. What’s that? Oh, yes… I did mention “the Franky and Joey Show” more than once. Oh… you’re NOT complaining… I’ll just keep on keeping on until the end, then… and we’ll see a good result, won’t we? For it won’t be just me (thank God)…

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