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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Boisterous Footy-Fan Priest from Thessaloniki Has a Support Group on Facebook with Thousands of Members

Fr Christos at the footy match… bully for him! We need MORE priests like this… fie on pseudo-scholarly phonies! I think that Fr Christos backs FC Iraklis due to the scarves…


A group on Facebook, which already has over 7,500 members, supports Fr Christos Mitsios of the Church of Greece, who was suspended as a rector of a parish near Thessaloniki for boisterous and loud behaviour at football matches. On its virtual “wall”, a group called “Hands off my Fr Christos” published numerous requests to Metropolitan Anthimos of Thessaloniki that he restore the priest in the position of rector of the church. Some of them contain harsh criticisms of Vladyki Anthimos, in particular, calling him an “obscurantist” and “fascist”. Earlier, YouTube videos of football matches showed Fr Christos loudly and vigorously cheering on the local side. The videos show him waving firecrackers and joining in the fan chants. YouTube also posted an interview of Fr Christos with the Greek TV channel Alpha, where Fr Christos suggests that his removal as rector wasn’t so much due to his enthusiasm for football as it was for his criticism of the famous Athonite monastery of Vatopedi. The Fans Association of the local club issued a statement that defended the priest:

If attending a football match isn’t suitable public activity for a priest, then, the Church shouldn’t dabble in financial transactions either. Fr Christos is being punished for his love of one of the country’s largest sporting clubs, which has thousands of fans.

7 June 2010




Boisterous and rowdy fans at a FK Lokomotiv match… there’s nothing wrong with this… and a great deal right, I’d say. God bless Fr Christos for being out at the pitch!


Editor’s Note:

According to Greek friends, Fr Christos landed in the soup for loudly criticising and exposing a crook land deal between Vatopedi Monastery and the former PM Kostas Karamanlis (of the right-wing neocon New Democracy Party… a pro-American bum-kisser). This scandal was one of the factors in the victory of the centre-left PASOK in the 2009 elections, so this is just political payback… Fr Christos was a known public figure, ergo, the neocon scum targeted him, and churchmen in their pocket cooperated with them. Vatopedi Monastery gets a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for these dodgy shenanigans. Money IS the root of all evil (attend to that, Affluent Effluent konvertsy). However, this illustrates emphatically, even for the slow learners, that Orthodox Christians shouldn’t be quiet and “respectful” when bishops (or other clergy) do wrong. Betcha that Fr Christos will get his parish back (or a new one) after the political brouhaha dies down. REAL Orthodox don’t let nasty bishops and priests screw ‘em to the wall… only hyperclericalistic konvertsy believe in such juvenile rubbish. This is what happened in ’99 in Yekaterinburg… the ordinary folks got riled and the bad boys ran for the hills.


Vid of footy fans in Thessaloniki…


Three Cheers for Fr Christos! Ura! URA!! URA!!! Hell, I know of three priests who are big FK Lokomotiv supporters (Lokomotiv! THE side to back!) and they’re three of the rowdiest in the bunch, believe you me. For that matter, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin is a big footy fan (I understand he’s a backer of FK Zenit from Piter), so being a loud and vocal fan is not against the dignity of the priesthood. Of course, the konvertsy are prune-faced and constipated, and don’t like it when anyone is having FUN. As for me, I’ll stand next to Fr Christos and be just as rowdy, all the time… so there! There’s a special place in God’s heart for honest down-to-earth sorts like Fr Christos…



Here’s some footy action from Thessaloniki… I can see why Fr Christos is out at the pitch… good stuff, no?


Editor’s Postscript:

A friend sent the following to me:

Have you seen the film Invictus?  I don’t know much about rugby, but this movie makes it clear that nobody should attempt it who has a problem with mud, blood, or pain. It deals with sport as metaphor for life… “don’t let the bastards grind you down” could be rugbyist’s motto.

That’s right! DON’T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN! God loves joyful warriors… both male and female, of course… we’re both called to the front in this war! Do note the long faces on the phonies… need you guess who they serve? Keep right on to the end of the road… we’ll get there, in the end, if we stay strong and stay united. Be good.



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