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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Thousands of New Yorkers Rallied Against the Construction of a Mosque on the Site of the WTC Twin Towers

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Last Sunday, thousands of New Yorkers gathered to protest the construction of a 15-storey mosque on the site of 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The demonstration, which was organised by Stop the Islamisation of America!, pointed up that many believe that the future Islamic Centre would insult the memory of the 2,976 killed in the WTC attack and would become a symbol of victory for those who are still trying to terrorise the American people, according to the website Christian Post. “The place of the explosion is a war memorial and a cemetery. We ask for sensitivity towards this”, said Pamela Geller, one of the organisers of the rally. Meanwhile, the backers of building the mosque promise that it would be a scientific and cultural centre for anyone, regardless of origin, and it would be an embodiment of compassion and tolerance.

8 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

Those who wish to build a mosque on the WTC site are dumber than dirt. I don’t believe in violence against Muslims… or any other religious group, for that matter (and that includes pushy Mormons, JWs, Pentecostalists, and “Born-agains”… all of whom are far worse than any Muslim). This is roiling the pot unnecessarily… all it will lead to is more hatred against Muslims, not less. OK, you want a mosque… go ahead and build it! However, this is NOT a good site for it. What peanut-brain proposed this? It smells like a neocon provocation… but it probably isn’t… the George Weigels of this world aren’t bright enough to come up with it, after all. The backers of this project get a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for stupidity and general insensitivity. Things are dicey enough for Muslims in the USA. Why put such a millstone about their necks? Build your mosque, if you must… but not on this site. What’s so hard about that?


Editor’s Postscript:

It looks as though the teabaggers lied about the site for the mosque… it’s a couple of blocks away, it’s NOT on the Twin Towers site. What a pack of maroons. It’s still dumber than dirt to want to build a mosque on the Twin Towers site, but that’s not what’s on offer. A Golden Evil George Weigel Award to the teabaggers for misrepresenting this.


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