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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Orthodox Parishes in the Kuzbass to Commemorate those Killed in the Raspadskaya Mine Explosion

Scenes such as this (and the snap below) are all-too-familiar to Orthodox in America… all too many of our people paid the cost of industrialisation in the USA, whilst others reaped the benefits. Pray for the miners, today. Not only for those killed… but also those who shall go down into the bowels of the earth, again. They make our modern life possible…

Today, which is the 40th day after the tragic explosion at the Raspadskaya Mine in Mezhdurechensk, the parishes in the Kuzbass shall serve memorial services. “On the eve of this sorrowful day, our archpastor in the Kuzbass made a special appeal to everyone in the oblast. Vladyki said that the sacrificial heroism (подвиг) of the miners obliged us to pray for them and to continue to do everything that we could to prevent any more unnecessary deaths”, Yevgeni Kobyakov, a spokesman for the diocese, said. In turn, Nadezhda Gulyaeva, the press secretary of the Mezhdurechensk municipal administration, reported to Interfax that, at present, the city authorities are considering ways of honouring the memory of the miners killed since the beginning of the development of the Tomusinsky coalfield.

During the night of 9 May, two explosions rocked the Raspadskaya Mine, killing 67 people, 23 are miners still missing, and more than 130 were injured. The precise amount of damage is not yet calculated exactly… we only know that it is more than 5.7 billion roubles (183.802 million USD. 148.457 million Euros. 124.03 million UK Pounds). Reconstruction of the mine will take anywhere from several months to several years.

17 June 2010




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