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Friday, 18 June 2010

Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev: They Will Start with the Veil… They Will Finish with the Open Persecution of Christians

Protodeacon Andrei Kuraev (1963- ) preaching during his rock tour of the Ukraine in 2008.

According to the Spanish Minister of Justice, Spain plans to introduce a new law on freedom of conscience, to prohibit the wearing of veils in public places, according to the website Sedmitsa.Ru. We should note that the law also proposes to ban the public wearing of the cross, according to Spanish newspaper El Pais. “We believe that certain articles of clothing such as the the veil lead to problems in identity in public places and hardly enhance human dignity”, said Spanish Minister of Justice Francisco Caamaño Domínguez. According to him, the new law would include measures to prevent the wearing of such items of clothing in public places.

“I thought that Komsomol-like prohibitions on wearing particular clothing were long gone, but it turns out, not they weren’t”, the well known-missionary, Archdeacon Andrei  Kuraev, said in an interview with us on the Spanish legal initiative. According to Fr Andrei, precisely because the Western world will restrict the freedom of religious minorities, it will eventually lead it to oppress one of the foundations of Western civilisation, Christianity, which is why he always opposed any restrictions on the public expression of Islam. “It will start with the veil, it will continue until they ban the crucifix. This is an absurd law. Everyone has the right to decide whether to show their face or not. Is this something that is necessary for us to prove?” he said indignantly.

Protodeacon Andrei thinks that supposed problems with identification “are used, as a rule, by the special services to establish and expand their control. It’s impossible to know where you are now… so they give you an electronic number. However, the security camera can’t see your face… you dare to wear something that prevents it [from seeing you]. In the end, they will use surveillance devices to prevent you from wearing a cross, I’m convinced of that”, Fr Andrei continued. “Very soon, it will come to even greater absurdities. The next step, in the normal sequence of events, would be to ban tinted glasses, and, then, mirrored glasses. Ultimately, they would ban the wearing of wigs”, Fr Andrei joked at the end of the interview.

In 2008, the Socialist government of Spain announced the preparation of a law on freedom of conscience, which would ensure “respect for the idea of religious pluralism in the country”. The statement by the Minister of Justice followed a day after Barcelona Mayor Jordi Hereu i Boher said that Barcelona would become the first major city in Spain to ban the wearing of items that cover the face completely in public places. Tarragona, Girona, and Coín in Andalucía are also considering similar measures.

18 June 2010

Русская линия (Russian Line)


Editor’s Note:

Deacon Andrei is right! Those who argue for the prohibition of the veil could just as easily argue for the abolition of the cross. If one looks at what happened in the USA after 9/11, Deacon Andrei looks like a prophet, no? Can you see why he’s one of the most popular preachers in Russia today? I agree with Deacon Andrei… don’t you wish everybody did? Gotta love a guy that said, “Orthodoxy is fine music made in the conservatoire; Protestantism is low music made in the honky-tonk bars”.


Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Urged Us to Take our Time with the Identification of the Possible Remains of Tsarevich Aleksei and Grand Princess Maria

The imperial family with loyal Cossack retainers in 1916… within the short sapce of a year, this world would tremble and fall… sic transit gloria mundi.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Division for Church and Public Relations, urged us to take our time with an official confirmation of the identification of the remains found in 2007 near Yekaterinburg as belonging to the children of Tsar St Nikolai II, as some investigators believe. ”I think that we shouldn’t rush into this today. A funeral would create the temptation to believe that the case was settled. It is not”, Fr Vsevolod said on Wednesday to our Interfax-Religion correspondent. Commenting on a recent statement by Vladimir Solovyov, a senior forensic scientist in the  Chief Directorate of the RF SKP, that the remains found in 2007 actually belong to Tsarevich Aleksei and Grand Princess Maria, Fr Vsevolod asked us to “soberly consider all the divergent positions of experts” on the question. In addition, he thinks that it is important to compare “the results of the investigation conducted under Kolchak with the current investigation, and most importantly, identify the perpetrators”.

In this regard, Father Vsevolod commented on the statement of the RF SKP that the family of Nicholas II was executed on the decision of the Ural Soviet without the approval of top Soviet leaders such as Lenin and Sverdlov. “Yes, there is controversy as to whether Lenin and Sverdlov gave authorisation for the execution. Perhaps, there are historical documents, perhaps, not, but you need to make sure that we use all available material”, he said. In addition, as he noted, “If the investigator, Solovyov, recognised that a decision was taken by the Ural Soviet; then, you need to establish the responsibility of this body and its members. From the findings of this respected investigator, it is clear that there was a decision of this Bolshevik body. As I see it, I think that we must give this finding a legal, political, and, most importantly, a moral assessment”, Fr Vsevolod said.

16 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

Fr Vsevolod is simply saying that we must close and resolve all possible lacunae before we make a final official statement. He wishes to avoid the brouhaha that surrounded the 1998 burial of the other victims of the 1918 regicide. He is right to believe that we can still “screw it all up”. Of course, this is bad news for the lot around Maria Vladimirovna. It means that the Church is not taking a side in the dispute over monarchism. From what I understand from the public statements of KMG, the Church favours a monarchist restoration, but believes that the time is not yet ripe for it. In any case, one reason that I favour such (besides being of White background, of course) is that it would put the biznessmen in their place. Indeed, a mixture of Tsarist legitimatism with Soviet social justice with a dash of modern pragmatism thrown in for good measure would be the way to go! I am a PINKO and proud of it! All those who think that allying the White Movement with American Corporatism is logical should think again.

By the way, Fr Vsevolod is the closest intellectual confidant of KMG. This statement can be taken as coming from KMG himself. In short, the Church does not intend to dispute the findings, but it wishes that we do not waste this opportunity to definitively solve the case and draw the proper lessons from it.


Editor’s Postscript:

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say…””

Hi there! Shh…  they’re reading their rights to the Interfax translator… it seems that they are charged with criminal mischief, imposture, fraud, and general incompetence. Can you believe that the version ginned up by that dogsbody had only 159 words, whilst mine had 314? Want proof? Here’s the URL:


The entire last paragraph is missing! Fr Vsevolod’s point is mangled to the point of incoherence… what a maroon! The Interfax translator gets The Order of the Big Green Weenie, Double First Class with Dog Logs. For messing up Fr Vsevolod’s point, he also deserves a Golden Evil George Weigel Award.

Hey, here’s here Chukcha. Let’s ask his opinion. “Hey, Chuk? What do you think?”

“Chuckcha say, if he run Interfax, he boot out all lazy phonies. However, translator is probably brother-in-law of owner or friend of silovik… No can touch”.

THIS is why I continue to soldier on with my English translations. You guys deserve “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”… it’s why I continue to write on the squiffy situation in American Orthodoxy too. The two situations feed on one another, and reinforce one another. Those who want me to stop writing about their konvertsy idols in America had best find another source for news…

The truth will set you free… only if you let it! Think on that.


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in the USA Declared the Display of the Decalogue in Kentucky Courthouses is Unconstitutional

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The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the display of the Decalogue in the district courts of Kentucky violated the First Amendment’s separation of church and state. In doing so, the court granted the petition of the American Civil Liberties Union, one of the most influential atheist organisations in the USA. Meanwhile, Christian human rights organisations were angered with the court’s decision, the website Christian Newswire reported. “The Ten Commandments are the foundation of our system. Their presence in the foundations of our legislation are appropriate, they are as relevant as the stars and stripes on our flag. To remove them from our courts as a principle of law is contrary to good sense”, said Matthew Steyver, the founder of Liberty Council and the Dean of the School of Law at the Liberty University. In his view, the founding fathers of America “would be enraged” that there is even a discussion over the role of the Ten Commandments and the US Constitution. “These decisions are against the Ten Commandments and against Christianity are simply ridiculous. Since when did the federal courts assign to themselves the functions of censorship, and how can a federal court declare that the Founding Fathers acted unconstitutionally when the Constitution itself is the fruit of their thought!” Don Svortaut, the president of Christians for the Revival of American Values , said.

17 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

Orthodox should be wary of any common action with Radical Proddies (often miscalled ”Evangelicals” in the USA). Things such as the so-called “Manhattan Declaration” go against our actual social teachings, which are both more “liberal” and “conservative” (at the same time!) than those current amongst Radical Prods. In any case, these people are our enemies… they proselytise amongst us and are ardent sheep stealers. All those who are in favour of alliance with such heretics, I find, are mostly ill-converted former cultists or former Prods. Real Orthodox know that our only close allies in social causes are Orthodox Jews, RCs, some conservative Prods (such as Missouri Synod Lutherans or conservative Mennonites, not Baptists or Pentecostalists), and Muslims (believe it or not… I can only report what is…). Radical Prods have an undercurrent of support for laissez faire Corporatism that we do not share… it’s false. JP’s recent embrace of Proddies (by the signature of the “Manhattan Declaration”) is not only against the nature of the Church, it’s an attempt to mix incompatibles. It’s one thing to be friendly with those outside the Church… it’s quite another to let our sworn enemies into the parlour. Let them renounce proselytism… then, we can talk. Otherwise, we should be polite to such sorts, but we should also be wary and keep them at arm’s length. We are liable before Almighty God for all those led astray by Proddie blandishments… that’s why we can’t sign anything with them.

By the way, here’s a real Orthodox Christian… the Metropolitan of Bishkek in Central Asia, on our relations with Islam. It’s the real deal:


My friend who sent me the link above said, “This is how Holy Orthodoxy approaches our Muslim neighbors vs how Fundamentalist Protestant heterodoxy does”. Hear, hear! I have such dear friends… they say things that I wouldn’t think of in a month of Sundays! Thank you.


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