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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Patriarch of Georgia was Asked to Help Spring Orthodox Activists from the Slammer

The Kashveti Cathedral of St George in central Tbilisi, across the street from the Parliament building. Its central location (and convenient location to transit lines) is probably the reason that it was chosen as a starting place for the protest march (the church itself is not particularly historic, being completed in 1910).

The Tsin (“Forward”) Youth Movement, the Society of Irakli II, and the Eurasian Institute made a request to Catholicos-Patriarch Ilya Ghudushauri-Shiolashvili of all Georgia, the First Hierarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, to support their demand for the release of arrested members of the National Orthodox Movement (NDP) and the Union of Orthodox Parents (SPR), Новости-Грузия (News-Georgia) reported.

On 7 May, the Georgian television station Kavkasia held a live discussion of the scandalous book Saidumlo Siroba (a distorted and offensive variant of “Last Supper”), during which some of the group present condemned the author for insulting Orthodox values, so, a brawl broke out during the broadcast, on the air. As a result, police arrested three NPD members and five SPR members who were “involved in the incident”. As a defence, some cited that a number of protests against the book had occurred in Tbilisi previously. To protest the treatment of the jailed activists, a spokesman for the NPD and the SPR said that both organisations plan to hold a procession on Wednesday from the Kashveti Cathedral of St George to the headquarters of the Patriarchate of Georgia. “It’s been over a month since the arrest of these eight people due to the incident at TV Kavkasia. The father of one of the detainees, Zviad Bliadze, died suddenly; furthermore, Zviad’s own health has deteriorated and he requires hospitalisation”, the appeal stated. The petitioners hope that the Patriarch will support the release of detainees. “We believe that, with the support of the Patriarch and of all citizens of Georgia, we will release our Orthodox brothers”, the appeal concluded.

16 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

Your tax dollars at work! The USA backs the baby-faced dictatorial thug Saakashvili unreservedly, especially the Nazi lover Joe Biden (ask him about his pro-Ustashi Croatian priest pal)… and note well that these people have been in the slammer for OVER A MONTH without being charged. All gaseous emissions from the USA about “democracy” are mere wind and piffle… Foggy Bottom will support any crackpot tinhorn dictator as long as he’s anti-Russian (look at Yushchenko)… full stop, end of story. Note well that the neocons (and, therefore, by extension, the “teabaggers”) support Saakashvili’s tyrannical junta without stint… that should give Orthodox supporters of the so-called “teabag” movement pause… but it doesn’t. Draw the proper conclusion…



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