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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

OCA Priests in Moscow Visit Radical Proddie Establishment…

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The REAL Orthodox Bible is NOT the same as the mangled Proddie Bible (they tossed out the stuff they didn’t believe in… convenient, no?). Why should we “cooperate” with those who refuse to teach the FULL truth? Makes ya wonder…

Read the following:


Well, what is this Russian Bible Society? For one thing, the heretic Aleksandr Men was amongst those who was one of its founders in the early 90s. As all grounded people know, Men was the inspiration for more than one of the vagante pseudo-Orthodox groups that sprang up after the fall of the USSR. Indeed, both SVS and the Paris Gang propagandise energetically on his behalf… for he was the only major Russian figure to parrot Schmemann’s pseudo-Protestant ramblings. He had a small audience amongst pro-Western zapadnik pseudo-intellectuals. Men is not known at large, and the general press ignores him, as it should. Those seeking his canonisation were rebuffed by the Patriarchate.

In short, this is more SVS fluff. Anyone with facility in Russian and familiarity with Russian sources knows the fallacious and fatuous nature of any SVS claim… but watch the konvertsy swoon in adoration. If I were to characterise Aleksandr Men for a heterodox audience, I would say that he was much like Edward Schillebeeckx… with the caveat that Schillebeeckx hewed closer to actual Church tradition. In The Church with a Human Face, Schillebeeckx argued that ordination to the priesthood does not necessarily gain its validity from apostolic succession. Ergo, one can separate ordination from the succession. Rather, the choice of priests (and, as a consequence, the celebration of the Eucharist) is dependent on the local church community. Men (and Schmemann) agreed with this heretical stipulation (both Frs Michael Pomozansky and Daniil Sysoev debunked this crapola). Just as Schillebeeckx somehow avoided formal condemnation (even with Joseph Ratzinger (rightfully) on his tail), so did Men and Schmemann. Men dodged the bullet by being murdered a year before the fall of the Soviet Union (if he had lived, he would have joined Yakunin in schism, I am certain). Schmemann, of course, was part of a wayward coterie (I mean the SVS cabal here, not the entire OCA, of course) that is still plaguing the Church.

This visit didn’t get a mention on the MP website… of course not, the Bible Society is full of Radical Proddies… and we shouldn’t be giving them any cred whatsoever. This is GIGO… just like the “Manhattan Declaration”. I agree with Bishop Pitirim… “Heathens and heretics must repent of their separateness (this includes all the denominations), as the Holy Fathers of the Church taught us”. That’s the ticket! Fie on Archimandrite Zacchaeus Wood and his nasty little piece of ecumania! We have nothing in common with such sorts and we shouldn’t be encouraging them (except to abandon their heresies and embrace Christ in His Church). It’s very much a case of Quem deus vult perdere, dementat priusby the way, I’m posting on an art exhibition in New York City sponsored by the UOC (MP). Proddie heretics get a post on oca.org… REAL Orthodox get the cardboard box. It tells you about the twisted priorities of JP, Lyonyo, and Matusiak… they DON’T want to inform you… they want to lead you by the nose.

Well, as they say in the Queen’s English, “Keep your pecker (nose) up!” I’m thinking of an old English music hall standard by George Formby, Count Your Blessings and Smile… Even as the Titanic is going down, they’re still dancing gaily in the First Class Salon… of course, they don’t have on their lifejackets… that would mean that something was wrong!

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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Albany NY

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