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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Orthodox Human Rights Activist Blames Liberal Activists for the Rehabilitation of Fascism

The dead in the concentration camps were REAL. I met people who saw these scenes, either as liberating soldiers or imprisoned victims. Don’t fall for the nonsense peddled by the neocons about their Baltic, Galician, and Croat friends. Those guys HELPED the Nazis and did so enthusiastically. Americans died to free those in the camps… don’t spit on their memory by supporting the neocons, or their wars, or their laissez faire economics.

Roman Silantyev, the Director of Human Rights Centre of the World Russian People’s Council (VRNS), thought that “liberal journalists and human rights activists” are largely to blame for the rehabilitation of fascism. Speaking at the inaugural conference of the international human rights movement Мир без нацизма (A World Without Nazism) in Kiev, Mr Silantyev noted, “They fiercely fought what they saw as an ‘accursed past’, so they indiscriminately labelled their opponents Nazis. This eventually made people think that Stalin and Hitler were the same, and that Red Army soldiers and the SS were equivalent”. In his view, a contribution to this destructive process was made “by so-called anti-fascists, who, through their rowdy demonstrations, are perceived by the general public, not as fighters against Nazi ideology, but as an aggressive set of marginalised minorities”. In turn, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Division for Church and Public Relations, spoke at the forum, saying that, today, not only individuals, but also entire states, use radical currents to manipulate the past for geopolitical benefits in the former Soviet Union. In his view, at one time, the Soviet Union did so with leftist movements around the world, and the West did so in the early 1940’s. Now, the instigators of manipulation are “pseudo-religious radicals and aggressive nationalists”. Currently, according to Fr Vsevolod, there are many enticements to Nazism. One of them is the “’revisionist’ interpretation of history, which is offered to us after the death of most of the witnesses who could tell us the truth”. Fr Vsevolod called antifascist forces to form a coalition and devise unified strategies and tactics to use against fascism.

22 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten. As time goes on, the ignorance of the younger generation in the West about the horrific and unique nature of the Nazi threat is appalling. One reason that they have done so is the activities of the neocons and their duped “teabagger” supporters (their patriotism is abused by greedy corporatist elements such as the HMOs). When Russians use the term “liberal”, they do not mean “social activist” as the term is used in the West. Rather, “liberal” signifies a classical 19th century economic liberal, one who believes in the special mission and pre-eminence of the bourgeoisie, coupled with a touching faith in laissez faire corporatist ideology (along with a fawning attitude to the robber barons that it spawns). Godless Western Secular Liberalism (the Russian definition) is the most dangerous ogre stalking the planet today. If you go to a “teabag” rally, this is what you support… reflect well on that. Don’t be fooled by the religious rhetoric of some of the neocons… they use Radical Proddie notions, which are not truly Christian. Orthodox in the West should be attending to voices from the Orthodox civilisation… not those from the heterodox West. I’ll be blunt… in the West, both “conservatives” and “liberals” are anti-Orthodox, and are such fundamentally and essentially, it’s not accidental or incidental. They are two sides of the Godless Western Secular Liberal coin… just as papism and Proddies are “milk brothers” under the skin. We should avoid both parties… it’s not our fight. The risk of contamination is much too high.


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