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Friday, 25 June 2010

Residence of the Catholic Archbishop in Brussels in Belgium Searched

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St Rombout. Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk, Mechelen, Belgium. (Unknown Artist, 20th century)

On Thursday, Belgian police, during an investigation of a criminal case of paedophilia, raided the residence of Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard of Mechelen-Brussels, the Catholic Primate of Belgium, the Belgian newspaper Morhen reported. Then, detectives raided the Cathedral of St Rombout in Mechelen. According to the newspaper, they even searched the crypt of the cathedral. The search coincided with the [Belgian] Bishops’ Conference. The police searched for evidence to support allegations of sexual abuse of minors, which the Procurator’s Office in Brussels was informed of earlier. The precise circumstances of the case, the identity, and the age of the possible victims are unknown. In the Belgian city of Leuven, the Commission investigating sexual crimes amongst the clergy also conducted a search. Earlier, the Bishop of Bruges was dismissed when investigation proved his guilt in a case of child sexual abuse involving a young boy.

24 June 2010



Procession in honour of the image of Our Lady of Hanswijk in 2009… yes, there are abusers amongst the papist clergy… here are the people that they betrayed. I feel for them… they are getting screwed by the same sorts who have been screwing us Orthodox all these years. Evil is evil and good is good… you don’t need a seminary education to figure that one out!

Editor’s Note:

There is more to this than meets the eye initially. Of course, uninformed and spastic jerks such as Dreher are going to join the cause to denounce the Belgian Catholic clergy. Well… I’ll tell my papist friends that we’re not innocent… no, not in the least. If only a tithe of the rumours concerning a certain bishop are true (both those from Paris and those from New York), we have no right “bad-dogging” anyone else. Indeed, we have tolerated far worse than this, if the allegations are true. Ya wanna know the truth? Here’s a website for you:


Cappy and Melanie have been sliced, diced, selected, detected, and rejected by the loudmouth goodthinkers in Orthodoxy for exposing abusive clergy. In short, they’re neat folk who paid the price of speaking up (I know that personally, myself). They’re worth attending to…

There is another reason for the raid on the Archbishop’s residence… note well that he is not charged with anything, not even covering up the mess after the fact. Archbishop André-Joseph is the most traditional of the Catholic episcopate in Belgium. He has taken a firm stance against both euthanasia and abortion, and this angered the secularist loudmouths. Here’s the Socialist Party’s take on the Archbishop:

We insist that Archbishop Léonard respect the democratic decisions taken by the institutions of our country. For the Socialist Party, the rights and duties that people adopt democratically take precedence over religious traditions and commandments, without any exception.

There’s the REAL reason for it all. Archbishop André-Joseph refuses to compromise with the secularists and, doncha know, he approves of and celebrates that retrograde Tridentine Mass! If there were a scintilla of evidence against him, his political positions would ensure that the authorities would have him in the dock to pay for those (although any sexual abuse is evil in and of itself, obviously).

I oppose false ecumenism with the papists. For instance, what JP did at the Lumen Gentium conference was evil. All that it did was to confirm certain people (both papist and Orthodox) in their error. I think that responsible RCs would agree with me (in fact, I confide that I KNOW that they do so!). That being said, I believe that we can live as “good neighbours”, and that we should have decent and friendly relations on the human level. “Send us no more letters on doctrine… send us letters of friendship only”… now, that’s the ticket! Richard! Where did you put that church key? There’s a bottle to be opened…


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