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Monday, 28 June 2010

Why Doesn’t Europe Need God?

Destroyed church in Kosovo… THIS is what Europe (and its US neocon backers) tolerates in the name of “human rights” and “democracy”


Editor’s Foreword:

I usually don’t translate articles of this length, as they take a good deal of time to “English” properly. However, I read this twice in the original, and I felt that it was important enough to take a day or two to do properly.

Bear in mind when you read this that it was NOT written for a religious publication. It appeared in KP… the leading tab in Moscow… its equivalents would be the New York Daily News or The Sun. THIS is what appears on a regular basis in the Russian secular press. All those attacking the homeland should hang their heads in shame… they are the Evil One’s helpers, I fear.



Our correspondent Daria Aslamova tried to understand where Christian Europe is going. Has liberal political correctness triumphed, or is it in the clutches of the Antichrist?

It was five years ago in the Vatican. At first, I took him to be obsessed… this small and rickety priest with a bare skull, a typical “scientist beetle, stuck in the dusty archives of one of the Vatican institutions. He was so old that it seemed that if I gave him a good prod with my finger, he would crumble away into dust. First, he talked beautifully about ecumenism, a possible fraternal embrace between Catholics and Orthodox, and then he started talking about THEM.

“THEY want to destroy the three bases of human existence, religion, homeland, and family. THEY deride the miracle of the Resurrection, laugh at the immortal soul, and say that family ties are kaput. THEY are building a new tower of Babel entitled Globalisation, and THEY wish to dig up our national roots. THEY want to make people nothing but COGS in a global pattern of CONSUMPTION, and to kill their desire for truth and beauty, making them work not for the sake of creation, but only so that they could BUY more things”.

“Who are THEY?” I asked him impatiently.

“The demons”, he answered simply.

I asked him, “Do you believe in the devil, Padre Pablo?”

He replied in answer to my question, “Do you believe in God, my daughter?”

I said, “With my whole heart!”

“If there is a God and His angels, then, the devil and his legions of demons are amongst us too”.

I laughed, “Well, they probably wear special orthopaedic shoes to hide the hooves on their feet, and wigs to hide the horns on top. What do they look like, these demons?”

Padre Pablo said sadly, “Just as we do, my daughter. That makes them very difficult to detect. They celebrate Satan, their good master, who forbids them nothing. Diabolism is entirely based on absolute moral freedom and lack of jurisdiction. Europe has ratified a contract with the devil, rejecting God’s judgement, and created its own in Strasbourg. Do you not feel the spirit of Satan around you? Today, it’s as strong as the odour of garlic”.

Five years later, I realised… that crazy old guy was absolutely correct.

Back Into the Lions’ Den

Christians await the next blow from the secularists…


A spectre is haunting Europe, the spectre of Christianophobia.

March 2010, Glasgow, Great Britain… on the street, a gang of homosexuals surrounded a 47-year-old American street preacher named Sean Houls. Houls later told me, “They kissed each other and laughed and asked me what I thought about it. I told them that they risked the anger of the Lord, because in the eyes of the Lord that they do is sin”. The gays immediately called the police. A policeman approached the American and asked him, “Is it true that you said that gays are going to hell?” The police did not accept the explanation that [the gays] provoked Houls, they immediately arrested him, and he spent the night in the lockup. Dragged into court, Houls had to pay a fine of 1,000 pounds (46,804 Roubles. 1,505 USD. 1,217 Euros). The local Christian community had to pass the hat in order to spring the unlucky American out of gaol.

March 2010… the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom rejected the appeal of Miss Leidel from the town of Islington, an employee of the local registry office of marriages, births, and deaths. Miss Leidel asked that she not be forced to register gay marriages because it goes against her Christian beliefs, and, in any case, she argued, there is a sufficiency of atheists on staff in the office [to register such events]. The management at the registry office threatened to dismiss her. Miss Leidel appealed to the court, which found her claim irrelevant.

February 2010, Strasbourg… the Socialists, Communists, Liberals, and Greens filed a letter of protest to the court against the presence of the cross in the prayer room of the European Parliament, as it violates its nature as a “neutral space”, and demanded an end to a 30-minute church service held monthly at the Parliament.

February 2010, Germany… twelve crosses were torn from the walls of a public hospital in the town of Bad Soden and thrown on the rubbish-tip on the demand of a Muslim patient, who said, “The cross hinders my recovery”. This desecration of a religious symbol occurred in front of Christian patients.

February 2010, London… the House of Lords examined a bill (law) on sex education, under which secular and religious schools are required to give children information about homosexual relationships, contraception, and abortion. If the bill passes, priests and nuns would have to tell students that “civil partnerships and homosexual relations are harmless and normal”, they would have to teach that it’s OK to have an abortion, and would have to give instruction on how to use a condom.

February 2010, the Netherlands… there was a scandal in the town of Reusel. During the traditional carnival, a gang of gay men burst into the church, where Sunday services were going on, and demanded Holy Communion. The priest said that he couldn’t give them communion because religious law forbade him to do so. After all, sodomy is a serious sin in Christianity. Thereupon, the gay activists filed a complaint with the police, and the priest was immediately summoned to the police station for questioning.

December 2009, Germany… eight Christian families from Salzkotten were sentenced by a local court to serious fines for not allowing their minor children to attend sex education classes and for not allowing them to participate in a theatrical production, My Body Belongs to Me due to their religious beliefs. Since the families disagreed with the sentence (to pay a fine… it means that you plead “guilty”), eight respectable fathers went to the clink (one was imprisoned for a week).

However, the main fury of the guardians of “political correctness” is reserved for the cross, a sign of love and forgiveness. In September 2009, executives for the public hospitals in the English town of Exeter compelled 54-year-old nurse Shirley Chaplin to remove her crucifix, threatening her with dismissal, even though Mrs Chaplin worked in that hospital for 30 years. They stated, “The cross violates the dress code, for jewellery at work is prohibited”.

In spring 2009, in Gloucester, Nurse Helene Slatter had to remove her cross, as “a cross can carry infection into the hospital”. However, the greatest triumph of the Antichrist is found in a decision of the Strasbourg Court in November 2009 banning crucifixes in Italian Schools. Amongst those who ardently support this decision, is Giulietto Chiesa, a famous Italian journalist and former member of the European Parliament.

“Why Must My Son Look At The Cross?”

Italian classroom with a cross…


Journalist Giulietto Chiesa said, “The Vatican goes beyond religious issues, especially Pope Benedict XVI. In Europe, there is a rule, ‘The Church is free, but the state is free too’. Take, for example, the question of the Christian roots of Europe. I am categorically opposed to mentioning such a Christian past in the European Constitution”.

I noted, “But it’s a fact that no one can dispute… Europe really has Christian roots”.

He replied, “So what? Why must we emphasise that? We must respect all religions. The European Union is a political structure; its space is not a religious in nature”.

I retorted, “In Russia, we think poorly of people who do not respect and do not remember their roots. You want to erase the fact that European culture is based on Christian values!”

Signor Chiesa came back with, “I am amongst those who do not wish to emphasise a singular Christian civilisation. Already, civilisation has long been homogenised. Globalisation will make all men equal. In general, the Church too often interferes in politics”.

I pressed, “What do you have in mind?”

He went on to say, “We believe that abortion is a fundamental step forward, but the priests do not want this. They are opposed to condoms, and, therefore, are against birth control, but the majority of the people are for condoms. They are against divorce, but the majority of Italians voted in a referendum to legalise divorce. They demand the placement of the cross in public schools. Why must my son look at the cross? The Catholic Church desires to impose religious rules on the majority and impose them through the head of state, who has long been not a Christian. Already, two million Muslims live in Italy, and, in ten years, there will be more of them than us. In such a situation, you believe that Europe must be Christian?”

I shot back, “Sure, if an instinct for self-preservation guides it. If you respect your values and faith, then, newcomers will learn to respect them too”.

Signor Chiesa responded, “In Italy, and in Europe in general, many would consider your views fascist”.

This led me to say, “It seems that if one is a convinced Christian in our time, then, you’re a fascist”.

He retorted, ”Wake up! We whites are already a minority in the world! We are less than a billion. You cannot argue against the law of nature. We have to learn to live with people of all colours and all religions. You want war? We shall lose it. No, having more kids or asking your God for help won’t help. Muslims live amongst us because we are lazy and don’t want to do any dirty work. After all, we took their oil and pumped it practically for free for 200 years”.

I noted, “Yes, Muslims live amongst you, but Islam is even stricter than Christianity is in relation to moral values, and they allow no compromise in that regard. Furthermore, they are just as strongly opposed to your beloved abortion, condoms, and divorce. What do you liberals oppose this new religion with? Who are your idols and what are your authorities?”

Signor Chiesa concluded, “Generally, I don’t believe in [outside] authority. Who would dare to say that they embodied authority? Live according to your judgement. In any case, all attempts to create an alliance of the cross and the state, as you do in Russia is a retrograde step and against civilisation”.

Harmful Freedom

Russian pro-life poster: Give me life!


For the last two centuries, European Thought sang praises to Man as the only God on earth, but it made the church a scapegoat, slinging burdens on it, caused by their rebellion and doubt. Through ideas, like blows from an axe, the French philosophes struck at the wall of natural religion. The French Revolution went down in history as a triumph of atheism and a rebellion of the human will against its innermost instincts and its thirst for God’s holiness. The twentieth century, intoxicated with the success of science, went even further, with reckless malice it tore down the shining veil, wishing to show the world naked, understandable, and without miracles. At the beginning of a new century, European churches are depopulated, and their confessionals, those diminutive houses, where the believers once dumped their sins like rubbish, stand empty.

I talked with Marco Tossati, a well-known Italian journalist at La Stampa and Vatican insider. He said, “The philosophical attack on the church led to people concluding that they were the judge and the lord of life. That is, I, Marco, decide what’s good and evil, what’s right and wrong. Nowadays, people are educated and trained in the full confidence that they are the only authority [in their life], and that the only point of life is comfort and pleasure. Individualism and hedonism are the main sources of the decline of religion. The church opposes egoistic extravagance and stands against it. It says unpleasant things… people are responsible for their actions, they are accountable to God for them, they should endeavour to take care of others, and not everything is pleasant… it’s all correct.

Mankind feels its power over nature, and tells God, ‘You’re not the Lord; you’re just part of a great painting’. Man says, ’I create life, I make a child, and if I do not want it, then, I simply kill it’… but the church insists that such is a sin. In short, the church opposes it absolutely. In Italy, every year, 130,000 abortions are performed. Women want to live selfish lives and kill their babies in the womb, and, when they are 35 to 40, and they decide to have children, they find out that they can’t cheat nature. Today, there are very few children born in Christian families, but immigrant families have many children. Muslims still believe in the family, they have very strong beliefs that we do not like, but they give birth, and we do not.

We have lost the sense of good and evil. After the French Revolution, Freemasonry, the coming of Marxism, and the fall of Communism, people don’t know what the truth is anymore. I remember that, during Soviet times, the Italian Communist Party spoke about moral values, and was very close to the church. Now, however, even the Communists are confused… they can’t defend their institution, which is critically judged by history… even in its land of birth, in Russia. Hence, one sees ambiguity in their ethical principles… at first, the Communists banned everything, but now, they permit everything.

So, from a very strict and controlled society, we moved to an absolutely free society. Everyone is free to do whatever he wants, whilst Strasbourg and Brussels continuously attack traditional values. However, these neo-liberals do not know that the human rights they so zealously defend come from Christianity. They don’t even know their own roots. Christianity has always placed a strong emphasis on the individual value of each person. Each of us is a product of our culture, family, and, certainly, religion. If one denies one’s roots, one follows a nihilistic path; it leads nowhere. If you think only of yourself, you will die and leave nothing behind. The children whom you bring into the world are not just human larvae; they are storehouses of a beloved culture and tradition. They carry on the values that you want to convey to future generations”.

Fr Frederico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, said bitterly, “Practising Christians have always been a minority. The Church has always swum against the current in society. Today, everybody has their own truth. ‘Everything is equal, no one has any privileges, and you cannot claim that there is a single truth’, that is, that’s what the mass media tells us. No power, no authority, there is no truth and no light, and there is no institution has the right to teach and rebuke”.

Russian political scientist Aleksandr Dugin said, “Europe developed a rigid antitheist civilisation over the last three centuries. Long ago, the Catholic Church lost its social battles, and, irretrievably, it could not keep society under its control. What is happening now is a rearguard action, the last act of a long series that led to the de-Christianisation of society. The current Pope is a staunch conservative, and these raging liberal bastards attack him. The late John Paul conspired against the Soviet Union, against the Soviet bloc, and, somehow, that’s only criticism. Now, it’s a life or death battle. People don’t go back to church, so, it’s discredited. This crisis in liberal, post-church, possessed, vice-steeped Western society makes the coming of Antichrist inevitable. Just look at the faces of modern secular government authorities, listen to what they preach, and it’s clear… we are talking about the last days”.

Is The Church Guilty Of Something?

Defendants in the dock… just what IS the Church guilty of, anyway?


“The Devil is in the Vatican!” Under this scandalous headline, in March of this year, European newspapers published a statement by 85-year-old exorcist Fr Gabriele Amorti on the machinations of Satan in the Holy City. An experienced battler with the enemy of the human race, Fr Gabriele, who cast out demons on numerous occasions, said that he smelt the “odour of sulphur from the Holy See”. This statement poured additional fuel on the stories of innumerable sexual scandals that have shook the Vatican over the past few years. In traditionally devout Ireland, priests are afraid to go out in religious garb, as passers-by throw stones at them. In 2009, in the Catholic diocese of Dublin, 46 priests are charged in cases of child sexual abuse dating from 1975 to 2004. This spring, in the USA, for the first time in history, a victim of Fr Lawrence Murphy, who worked in a school for boys with hearing impairments, filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Vatican and the Pope (the late Rev Murphy is accused of raping 200 children). In Germany, there is a scandal over boy choristers in the “Sparrows of Regensburg Cathedral”, which revealed incidents of sexual abuse occurring over thirty years with young singers. However, the main attack on Rome is from the gay community, which uses this criminal weakness in the church. Many gay websites around the world have posted the film Sexual Violence and the Vatican (it is banned in many countries) by the Irish director Colman O’Gorman, who was a child victim of a priest, Fr Sean Fortune (after being charged for 66 cases of child abuse, Rev Fortune committed suicide before his trial).

Philip Willan, a British journalist for the Sunday Herald and an expert on the Vatican, said, “Priests preached one thing, and did another. They were untouchable, for the Internet, with its new and powerful means of spreading information did not yet exist. Now, anyone can know of any crime committed. The Vatican’s reaction was a mistake… they said that they were victims of the media, and that all-powerful political lobbies organised a persecution. Of course, there’s a grain of truth in it… newspapers need scandals to boost their sales. However, the Catholic Church discredited itself through the cases of paedophilia in it, and it was in a weak bargaining position, so the gay community took advantage to provoke and ‘delete’ the church”.

Pope Benedict XVI is the main target of gay attacks. He even dared to speak out against the British law allowing same-sex marriages as “contrary to the natural order of life”. Cardinal Julián Herranz Casado said, “The Pope of Rome defends life and family values based on marriage between a man and a woman, in a world where a strong political lobby would like to adopt an entirely different order”. However, a statement of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone caused the largest scandal, “Many psychiatrists have proven that there is no connection between celibacy and paedophilia… however, there is a connection between homosexuality and paedophilia”. Gay groups howled with rage and immediately demanded scientific evidence to substantiate such claims, and the Vatican had to go on the defensive. The church apologises, the church defends itself, and the church looks for understanding. The Pope of Rome asked forgiveness for incidents of child abuse perpetrated by servants of the church and he met with victims, thanked them for their courage, and called paedophilia “a grave sin which offends God and the dignity of the human person created in His image.

Vatican expert Marco Tossati stated, “The Pope said that there are all kinds of fish in the church… some are bad, and some are good…  and his task is to cautiously, but effectively, remove the bad fish from the church”.

Vatican spokesman Fr Frederico Lombardi told us, “Sexual violence has given people a serious argument against the church, ‘You pretend to be a moral authority, you give us directions on how to conduct our sexuality, but your priests involve themselves in criminal acts. You enjoin strict adherence to morality on us, whilst you do otherwise’. The situation is clear… no one in the Vatican is covering up any crime. The problem is not only to admit one’s guilt and to listen to those who have suffered, not to punish (the majority of the offenders are long in the grave), but to do whatever is necessary to avoid a repetition of this situation and restore our credibility. This is what the Pope is trying to do”.

Who Benefits From An Attack On The Church?

The Russian Market: Satan Reigns There

Vasili Ostrovsky


In 2004, in Athens, during the Olympic Games, gays and lesbians staged an alternative Olympics. During one of their extravagant parties, the number of sponsors, including some world-famous brands, struck me. Kostas, a Greek who works in a Parisian advertising firm, explained to me, “Why are you surprised? The gay community is one of the main consumers of fashion, luxury, entertainment, expensive shoes, and cars. We are their most desirable customers. Here’s why. In a gay couple, both partners, usually, are employed in well-paid intellectual or business jobs (one never sees, for example, a gay builder). There are few unemployed (for gays, like any minority, have solidarity, and are always ready to help “their own” find work), no children, and are not burdened with supporting parents (for example, my mother has not spoken to me for five years). So, what does a young, healthy, and single man spend his money on? On themselves. You, for example, are a much less interesting consumer than I am because you’re a mother. Any loving mother primarily invests her money in the development and education of the child. You don’t buy clothes for your child from Dolce or Gabbana or Gucci, as it’s a foolish waste of money… kids quickly grow out of such things. Even less desirable as consumers are large families. There, the parents fight to give their kids a good start in the world, so the brothers and sisters wear hand-me-downs. Believers and people with conservative views are just hopeless. A believer can’t buy a Lexus or throw money away on a Rolex watch because his religion tells him, ‘You may have no luxuries, do not make loans, save for tomorrow, help the poor, be moderate in all your desires’. The church has had a bias against trade and profit from the time that Christ expelled the merchants from temple. It does not understand that the movement of capital and goods moves the world forward. Consequently, global companies and the media will always support their ideal client… a single, rich, and handsome gay person”.

Giovanni Maria Vian, the director of the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, said, “The attack on the church and faith by the world media serves the economic interests of different forces. The church opposes luxury and excess frivolity, it supports traditional family relations and family values, it’s against genetic manipulations (I’m talking about cloning), and it’s against the ‘right’ to decide the beginning and end of life (abortion and euthanasia). These religious teachings are contrary to the interests of the largest manufacturers of luxury and pharmaceutical goods. Often enough, ‘science’ stands against the church”.

In Dan Brown’s well-known novel, Angels and Demons, the Vatican chamberlain exclaims in desperation, “The ancient war between religion and science is over. You won. However, you did not win in a fair fight. You have won a victory without giving answers to address people’s concerns… Who is this God who calls Himself ‘Science’, one who hands people great power, but who leaves them without any moral landmarks to indicate how to use this power? In the language of science, there is no indication for the concepts of good and evil… You continue to accuse the Church of ignorance. However, who is the bigger ignoramus? Is it those who can explain the origin of lightning, or, is it those who worship the power of this phenomenon? Show us the evidence of the existence of God, you say. I’ll tell you, ‘Grab your telescope, look at the sky, and tell me how this could occur without intervention from heaven!’ Whether you believe in God or not, you must understand that if we reject faith as a species by parliamentary fiat, we will inevitably cease to feel responsibility”.

Where Does Salvation Come From?

The Russians are coming… the Russians are coming…


The Vatican fervently hopes that help will come from the east, from distant and incomprehensible Russia, where once again the cross is raised, in joint efforts by the two churches, fighting against materialism, spiritual poverty, and the detestable actions of a rotting civilisation. In May, the Days of Russian Culture and Spirituality were a huge success in the Vatican, and representatives of both churches cautiously talked about a possible meeting (for the first time in history!) of the Patriarch of all the Russias and the Pope of Rome {editor’s note: such a meeting is in not in the cards… a tiny blemish on a generally excellent article}.

Adriano Rocucci, the Secretary General of the Religious Congregation of St Egidia, said, “The Russian Church is very powerful and rich in spiritual heritage, whilst Russia itself is, particularly in its political, geographical, cultural, and spiritual space, the key to Europe. Only by uniting the efforts of these two churches can we respond effectively to the challenges that the current crisis casts before Christians. Decades of persecution and repression made the Russian Church a Church of martyrs, whose blood seeded a barren land. The feat (подвиг) of the Orthodox clergy glorified their spirit of resistance to the spirit of the times, which the Soviet regime embodied. Your pastors fought for a place for the church in Soviet society, they didn’t extinguish the candle before the icons, they tried to keep their churches open, and they served clandestine liturgies. I was always struck by your deep conviction that the most important thing was to serve the liturgy, for that would enable you to resurrect everything else. Then, who would have thought that from that single candle, and the blood of its martyrs, the Russian Church would begin its revival? When the Soviet regime fell, we witnessed Orthodoxy with great spiritual joy. The twentieth century was a century of martyrdom. The Apostle Paul said, “Do not adapt to the spirit of the times”, and the current ethos of consumption is far more dangerous and alluring than the spirit of Communism ever was. These forces have but one aim… to push the church, which preaches against a consumer mentality, to the margins of our public life. Europe, it seems, is a continent that has decided to take its leave of history, to depart from it. What is lacking in Europe is a vision for the future, one that would make us work hard, sacrifice, overcome obstacles, and even renounce material prosperity. If Europe is to live for today only and not make any investment in the future, its fate will be as either a museum or a resort. Both Russia and Europe need each other, not only geopolitically but also spiritually.

Political scientist Aleksandr Dugin said, “From a Western perspective, our position may even appear good, for when they are not on the edge of an abyss, they are on the verge of one. However, I’m not sure that the revival of Christianity in Russia is genuine. Instead of the theomachistic Communists, even more loathsome oligarch scum took their place. Before, we had atheists, and, now, we have thieves. A real spiritual revival has eluded us so far, because the people haven’t deserved one yet. Power in Russia is not in Orthodox hands. However, our society, at its heart, is still traditional and religious. A thousand years ago, Western Christianity broke off, like a dry branch falling off the living tree of the Church. Now, it is torn off in hunks. Why? The genesis of neo-liberal values is the Western individualistic interpretation of Christianity. Such an imbalance, such an interpretation of human rights, generates a dangerous self-centredness. Our Orthodoxy is more solid, more popular (народное), more public (государственное), and more modest. It does not insist on its personal opinion, but on the contrary, it insists… save yourselves so that others around you may be saved. Save others”.

What Do They Lack?

Get Behind Me Satan

Ilya Repin


A passionate and unparalleled sacrifice, the kind that conquered the world of the early Christians, is abundant in Islam, a younger and more enthusiastic religion. Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi said, “We should always offer a positive and friendly dialogue and seek to engage Reason”.

I asked him, “Why should we use Reason, Father? Why don’t you speak from your heart? You need passion, not intellect, maybe even new martyrs. This is your last battle”.

He replied, “However, we cannot take an adversarial position. Then, for us, as Catholics, the intellect is extremely important; we must do our best to explain our point of view”.

Political analyst Aleksandr Dugin said, “Reason is written on the banner of the Anti-Christ. If Catholics wanted to rid themselves of that evil scourge, well, that time is gone. However, we, Orthodox, suffer from the export models of that scourge. The offal of Western civilisation attacked us in the form of liberalism, communism, atheism, and various forms of materialism”.

I asked him, “Neoliberalism massacred European Christianity, clearing the field for Islam. But can they cope as easily with the Muslims?”

“Here, one sees their great gamble. Liberals believe that religion is a legacy of the past, a relic. They think that after two or three generations, the seduction of gay pride parades, hamburgers, and social benefits will encourage the Muslim immigrants in Europe to sell their souls to the devil. After all, neoliberalism is Satan’s new religion. They’re fanatics, and they have their liberal ‘martyrs’, their saints of Satan. They are willing to steamroller as many as thy must in order to establish rights for the homosexual community. They believe that their master, their dark lord will be able to cope with Islam. They will use world control, globalisation, new technologies of surveillance, and repression, making us media-induced zombies. They will use cloning and genetic programming, and, at some point, they will pull out the “gene for aggression” (as they call gene of religion), to enable them to rule the world. Those who worship technological civilization have Christianophobia. We, Christians, do not have the same rights as an offended minority does. We desire to isolate ourselves from ugly attacks, but we are not perverts who need to protect their dubious identity against criticism. We are not afraid. If the enemy hates us, if they are beastly, spitting, and screaming at us, then, we must not fear. We must preserve the truth of Christ, and each one of us will have to decide which side they are on“.

The Servants Of The Devil: Who Are They?

Daniil Dondurei, a renowned media sociologist, said, “People can relate to the devil easily. The Devil is perfect evil personified, who is responsible for all our misery and real-life soap operas. It’s easier for people to think that they face an ethereal foe. However, evil people certainly exist, as your opponents prove. The world is Bipolar! Its Black and White; it’s light and dark. In today’s world, our main fear is that darkness shall overwhelm us; we suffer from a gaping lack of moral values. A free society does not have such former controls as humanist ideology, religious dogma, or a cult of noble knighthood. Television as an institution is now ten times more powerful than the Orthodox Church (despite the fact that 60 percent of all Russians consider themselves Orthodox, only 6 percent are practising Christians, whilst 93 percent of the people watch TV every night!). Because societal norms were incredibly shaken, the universal measure of every action is money. Greed (to define ‘profit’, I include unearned income and income derived from plutocracy) is the chief motivator.

A priest, in despair, asked me, ‘Why do journalists find good news uninteresting?’ I’ll tell you why. Humanity has a profound, hidden at the genetic level, fear of doomsday. Even the most educated and advanced people are afraid of universal death. All the bad news… the default, the financial crisis, earthquakes, dead miners, the plane crash with a Polish President… all are harbingers of the expected end of the world. Russian television, with no moral or social obligations to society, exploits this general fear. Political power resides in television, like a feudal lord to his serf. TV must set out the serfs to work (to inform people about how great the system is), then, they can do with these people to do what they want them to. They can report the rape and murder of children, interview serial killers, or advise buckwheat as a treatment for cancer. Indeed, NTV concocted an incredible concept of “hard” TV, which shows people as all black and evil, and, thus, exempts them from the dark subconscious complexes of the ‘I’”.

I remarked, “In my opinion, that’s Satanism”.

“Absolutely. Today, both mass media and television play the roles of the resellers and agents of the dark forces of evil”.

23-24 June 2010

Daria Aslamova

Комсомольская Правда (Komsomolskaya Pravda)

As quoted in Interfax-Religion



Editor’s Afterword:

Here it is, laid out in plain language. We should fear the black flag of nihilism more than we should fear the red flag of revolution. Both the neocons in the USA and SVS in Orthodoxy fly the black banner unashamedly. The neocons worship greed and egotism, whilst SVS mocks Orthodox beliefs and calls holy saints “clinically insane”.

God or Mammon… the old test stands. America (and SVS) has failed it, I fear… how many more young lives will be snuffed out before that failure sinks in? A meaty reflection…



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