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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30 June 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words… Agents? What Agents??

11 агентов раскрыли!

А я тебе говорил, выкин этот айфон!


PM Putin:

Eleven agents were exposed!

President Medvedev:

I told ‘em to can the I-Phone!

30 June 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Composure…

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Хладнокровие… сохраняй его в любой ситуации.


Composure… keeping your cool in any situation.

Strasbourg Court Hearing Appeal in Italian Crucifix Case

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Go git ’em Sergio! Those lovely guineas are standing tall! They’re showing us the way!


Italy is appealing to the European Court of Human Rights to lift its ban on the placement of crucifixes in school buildings, according to the newspaper La Stampa on Wednesday. According to the article, “The Grand Chamber of the ECHR in Strasbourg is considering an appeal filed by Italy against its verdict of 3 November 2009. Then, the court decided that the presence of crucifixes in classrooms violated the rights of parents to educate their children according to their own beliefs and [infringed the] religious freedom of students”. In the present case, the court will hear arguments from those who support the Italian position, including Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Romania, and Russia. Several non-governmental organisations, by contrast, supported the original verdict of the Strasbourg court. Observers anticipate that it will take six to twelve months to hear all the arguments in the case and render a decision.

30 June 2010



Invasion (an étude)

Konstantin Vasiliev


They shall not pass! And they won’t… if we stand together.

Editor’s Note:

Note well that all the countries involved in the appeal are either Catholic (Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, and San Marino) or Orthodox (Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Russia). None of the Protestant countries of Europe is involved. Does this have a meaning beyond coincidence? I believe that it does. Protestantism as an ideology is kaput… one finds either over-tolerant “mainliners” or prunish “evangelicals”… there is nothing of intellectual or spiritual rigour left amongst them. Has Protestantism degenerated into Christian Atheism of various forms? I argue that it has. The “Evangelical” believes in none of the classic Christian doctrines such as the Eucharist, the Ever-Virginity of the Godbearer, or even the Church itself as an autonomous and discrete Body of Christ. All too many “Mainliners” are simply secularists with a liturgical itch. The “Pentecostalist” is nothing but a Dionysian enthusiast with a VERY thin Christian veneer.

By the way, this is the only kind of “ecumenism” that I (and many other grounded Orthodox) endorse. If the godless pigs attack any of us… we are obliged to stand at the barricades with them. We are NOT talking of “Union”… this is NOT syncretism. The godless hate all of us, both Catholic and Orthodox, of whatever variety. You see, we believe that there is something (rather, Someone) outside of us, a power that constrains human action and “freedom” (actually, license). Make no mistake on it; the secularists are samobogtsy (“self-gods”)… and Radical Proddies are no different with their “individual salvation”.

We have a hard road ahead… shall you stand with me?


WCC General Secretary Doubts that the WCC Will Come to a Consensus on Blessing Same-Sex Unions or Female Bishops

Pastor Olav Fykse Tveit (1960- ), the General Secretary of the WCC


Pastor Olav Fykse Tveit, the General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, stated that the WCC does not have a unified position on the blessing of same-sex unions and the ordination of women to the episcopate. “The WCC doesn’t have a position on these questions. Various churches have different positions”, Pastor Tveit said on Wednesday at a press conference in Moscow. In his opinion, the WCC has no unified perspective on questions where no consensus exists between the churches that make up the organisation. He pointed up that one of the missions of the WCC is to promote negotiations by providing space for the expression of different churches on various topics. “I can’t say that I foresee that the WCC would ever adopt a single point of view on any of these questions {the blessing of same-sex unions and female bishops: Interfax}”, Pastor Tveit said. Earlier, many in the MP repeatedly expressed their concern about a crisis in the ecumenical (inter-Christian) dialogue, mainly due to the blessing of gay “marriages” and the ordination of female bishops in a number of Protestant communities. The WCC comprises more than 350 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, and other churches in more than 110 countries, totalling some 560 million Christians. The MP joined it in 1961, and it is the largest individual group in the WCC.

30 June 2010



Editor’s Note:

There is an interesting difference in the “take” in this post and the one yesterday from an English publication. Yesterday’s report spoke of “frank discussions”, which means that voices were raised in private. It also spoke of KMG’s “serious concern” over the stance of some Protestant bodies on homosexuality. None of that was found here. Pastor Tveit obviously repeated what he said to KMG in private… and “frank discussions” and “serious concerns” imply that His Nibs didn’t buy it at all. What was the earlier report based upon? I think that a “little bird” named Volodya had something to do with it… people in the know need no further clue… those who can’t catch the reference have no “need to know”. In any case, where was the Boy Blunder? The WCC was part of the bailiwick of the DECR, after all… or, did KMG take that away when he “castrated” the DECR in March ’09? Obviously, there’s a fight going on over the membership of the MP in the WCC… it’s going on behind the scenes. It’s why the konvertsy should NOT make comments on Church affairs… they don’t have the background necessary to “read the tealeaves” correctly. I wonder… shall the Boy Wonder win this one or shall his opponents do so? In any case, Pastor Tveit is worried… what shall the WCC be without the MP?


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