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Friday, 2 July 2010

Should Matusiak Go Back to School to Learn How to Count?

This is the exact size and resolution of the image posted on oca.org… it’s not acceptable in the least, and it shows utter incompetence on the part of the website staff… I can’t believe they posted such noisome rot…


Look at this, and look at the very poor low-res image posted above from the home page of oca.org:


They claim over 160 participants, but only some eighty people were in the group snap. Of course, it’s done cleverly… the people overflow the steps, it’s “cut in” in such a manner as to “inflate” the crowd. It’s deliberately fuzzy to make it difficult to count the people.

In short, JP could only attract eighty autocephalist fanatics to come to his Dixie-Fry from all over the USA. The OCA is in the deep kimchi, kids. This moribund organisation has, at most, five years to go before it collapses. My Nicky gives it one year, another friend says that it shall last “two more Easters, if that”.

However, here’s the real sign that the OCA is in deep doo-doo. On 18 June 2010, Bishop Aleksandr Drabinko of the UOC (MP) was in New York City, and NO American bishop met him, that is, according to the lack of posts on both the OCA and ROCOR official websites. The art exhibition that he opened merited a news release on the MP official website, and it was  blessed by the First Hierarch of the UOC (MP), Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan. If an OCA or ROCOR bishop met him… the lack of prompt and accurate reportage of that fact speaks volumes about the competence of the present power-structure in both the OCA and ROCOR. If no bishop of either group met with him at the opening, it speaks volumes about the Centre’s attitudes towards both “American” bodies. What’s my “take” on it all?

I believe that a ROCOR bishop (probably Bishop Jerome Shaw) met with Bishop Aleksandr, and that incompetence on the part of those running the ROCOR official website is to blame. Never underestimate the power of hutsky-klutsky bumbling, it’s the cause of most mischief in the Church… conspiracies? Don’t be daft. Don’t forget… Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov forbade OCA clergy to serve at Vladyki Laurus’ funeral. Could this have been a repeat of that? Trust me… had an OCA bishop met with Vladyki Aleksandr, a snap would have been up on the OCA site… the OCA is in need of cred badly, and a photo-op with an MP bishop would have been ideal.

So, there one has it. Matusiak groans mightily… and a mouse scampers forth. An MP bishop comes to NYC, and neither the OCA or the ROCOR websites mention it. However… as Chukcha would say, “Never suspect conspiracy, always suspect stupidity”.

Sad, ain’t it? It’s NEVER boring covering Orthodoxy…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 2 July 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A “little bird” chirped the following to me:

The latest addition of the OCA paper omits the “official” section. I’m sure there will be some excuse about how they are hurting financially, and couldn’t afford to add the pages to accomodate this info, but it doesn’t wash with me. What are they hiding? Is it the fact that Velencia hasn’t gotten so much as a letter in his file? Or, even worse? Heck, they could put the info up for free on their website!

Of course, Valencia got no reprimand, not even a bootless “letter in his file”. He’s one of the SVS cabal, and they can do no wrong (remember Pierre l’Huillier and John Erickson?). I forgot… it’s all for the “good of the Church”… we shouldn’t complain… they’re such GOOD people.

Don’t make a ruckus, it shan’t do a bit of good. Don’t send the Surfer Dude, SVS, or any of their pals any money either… THAT will get their attention.

Don’t forget… we live in “interesting times”… do act accordingly.



The Strasbourg Court Ruled that the Ban Against Same-Sex Marriages in some EU Countries is not Discrimination

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The European Court of Human Rights affirmed the right of EU member-states to prohibit the registration of homosexual “marriages”. Recently, the Strasbourg Court rejected an appeal by two gay men from Austria, after Austrian authorities refused to register their “marriage” in 2002. The plaintiffs invoked the European Convention on Human Rights; in their view, the denial contravened it. However, the Court held that the Convention does not regulate such matters, pointing out that such is in the competence of each individual state. In addition, as the verdict noted, the EU has not yet reached consensus on the legalisation of same-sex unions, according to the Catholic news agency CNA.

2 July 2010



Editor’s Note:

It looks like the Strasbourg Court is treading carefully after the crucifix débâcle. Berlusconi and Napolitano put the fear of God in ‘em! GOOD! Europe is waking up from the neo-liberal nightmare. Don’t forget that it started in the USA and that it’s still strong there (whether in its secularist or “Evangelical” guises, it’s bad juju all around). Don’t forget, the worst enemies of Christ run about with cries of “JAY-ZUSS” on their lips.


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