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Monday, 5 July 2010

Gay Times in Merry Old England… Guess Who Might Wear the Funny Hat and Guess Who’s Getting Married!

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Rev Jeffrey John (1953- )… centre of controversy in the Anglican Communion… shall he be made a bishop? Rowan Williams wishes it so! What does that say about John Behr and SVS? Behr gushed all over Williams and allowed him to write a preface for a book published by SVSbirds of a feather flock together!


The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, approved a list of candidates for the post of Bishop of Southwark, and amongst them is a well-known gay priest. This week, he will decide on whether to refer Rev Jeffrey John, the Dean of the Cathedral of St Alban, as a candidate for final review by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron. Mr Cameron, in an interview in 2009, criticised the Church of England for its overly rigid attitude towards homosexuality. According to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, most expect that a nomination of a gay priest would gain approval… then, it would only need final permission from the Queen for the Church of England to have its first openly- homosexual bishop. However, the appointment of Rev John would exacerbate the split in the Anglican community, of which Elizabeth II has repeatedly expressed deep concern. In 2003, Rowan Williams forced Rev John to drop his candidacy as the Bishop of Reading, as it was known that he was part of a civil same-sex union.

Mayor Boris Johnson of London expressed his readiness to lift the ban on the legalisation of same-sex unions in the UK. Recently, Mayor Johnson took part in London’s Gay Pride parade. At the march, he announced the necessity to lift the ban, according to Peter Tatchell, a spokesman for the British gay movement. “I told him (Mayor Johnson ) that the Conservative Party does not support gay marriage, and he replied that they should support it”, Mr Tatchell said, as quoted by a British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph. According to the London mayor’s office, Mr Johnson “supports same-sex civil unions and believes that with a coalition of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives, anything is possible”. Earlier, reports indicated that the coalition government of Great Britain was going to allow the civil legalisation of same-sex couples that had gone through a religious ceremony.

5 July 2010




Editor’s Note:

Reports such as these are causing many Anglicans to question their continuing as members of the Anglican Communion. Some have come into Orthodoxy, where Renovationists have advanced them too rapidly… you can see the sorry results in Jonas Paffhausen, Chad Hatfield, Frederica Matthewes-Greene, and Patrick Reardon.

We must speak frankly. Anglicans do not come to us because they love Orthodoxy. They are with us because they hate what is happening in the Anglican Communion… a beast of QUITE a different colour, no? One could see this in such actions of Jonas Paffhausen as the signature of a pact with a seminary of the TEC, the signing of the Radical Protestant “Manhattan Declaration”, his kissing up to an “Apostle” of the Mormon sect, and his enthusiastic participation in the so-called “Lumen Gentium” conference in DC (don’t forget John Behr’s fulsome fawning over Rowan Williams with JP’s approval).

There are only about 10,000 former Episkie disgrunts amongst the approximately one million Orthodox in the US (we don’t count those who aren’t connected with a parish in some way or “Oriental Orthodox” (they’re not in communion with us)). You can trick this out by taking the number of subscribers to Again magazine (3,000) and multiplying it by the number in a standard household (2.5), which makes 7,500 all told. Let’s round it up so that we’re not accused of deliberate undercounting, so, one comes up with 10,000. This is only some 1 percent of all Orthodox in this country. However, there is a disproportionate number of clergy in that number, and the laity tend to be loud and active posters on the Internet… so much so that they have crowded most “native” ethnic voices off the Net (especially in such venues as the Orthodox Forum and ocanews.org). Don’t forget… the Bolshies were no majority, but they did seize power at the Centre (which the Episkies are attempting to do in Orthodoxy).

There is no major movement to Orthodoxy… otherwise, one would see it reflected in the general religious press, and it’s not there. In short, Reardon, Honeycutt, Matthewes-Greene, Hatfield, JP, and all the rest are lying to you.


They want to turn Orthodoxy into a sanitised version of Anglicanism with a VERY thin Orthodox liturgical veneer. You can see this in some OCA parishes and some others in the AOCANA. They make much noise… but you find that the average convert conventicle has only about 100 members (or less!)… this was something that Fr Alexander Lebedeff noticed in ’07 before the MP/ROCOR reconciliation. He was more of a curmudgeon about it than usual… but that’s OK… it was necessary. In short, ROCOR let the loudmouths go… despite all the noise, I think that most breathed a sigh of relief when certain sorts were gone.

Shall we have the guts to let the former Episkies adrift to go, as they will? I hope so… they’re not one with us, and it’s about time someone said it. It’s all the sad legacy of Alexander Schmemann’s Renovationism and Philip Saliba’s ambition. I wish all Anglicans well… I merely warn them that Orthodoxy is not Anglicanism, there is no similarity whatsoever, and that they have to jettison all of their preconceptions in order to live amongst us successfully. That is hard to do… I have seen no former Episkie in the OCA or AOCANA do it yet. It is better to stay an Anglican than to become a half-baked “Orthodox”… I shall be lambasted for saying it, but that’s the way it is, and nothing can change it. God have mercy on us all.



Second International Festival “Academy of Orthodox Music” Opens in St Petersburg

Ioannis Tsamis (1971- ), director of the Greek male chorus Idimelon, one of the participants in the Festival


The Second International Festival Academy of Orthodox Music (Академия православной музыки) opened in St Petersburg. “This is a significant musical and educational project, as it allows many people to join our distinctive singing culture, rooted in the artistic and liturgical works of ancient Russia”, according to  a message of Patriarch Kirill to the festival participants, the text of which was released Monday by the patriarchal press office. According to His Holiness, of special value are the efforts of enthusiasts, who painstakingly collect information about the origins of our national culture, “so that now it stimulates a revival of such an important artefact as authentic church singing of the 10th through the 18th centuries. It was no coincidence that the festival programme includes not only Old Russian and New Roman works, but sacred music by Russian composers of the classical period, as well as the creative output of our talented contemporaries, which drew its inspiration from the treasures of the past”.

Greek choir Idimelon, one of the participants in the Festival

The event will run until 29 July, and will bring together participants from 30 countries. The programme provides for pilgrimage/concerts to holy places in St Petersburg, Veliki Novgorod, and Valaam, with participation by the best domestic and foreign choirs. In addition, through master classes, thematic tours, and lectures, festival participants can become acquainted with authentic examples of ancient singing and ancient manuscripts kept in the Russian libraries. They can talk to theologians, scholars of medieval Slavic choral arts, choir directors, and choristers, to share practical experience and theoretical developments concerning the liturgy and iconography, and the history of church singing, architecture, and literature.

5 July 2010



Mayor Luzhkov to Help in Restoration of Old Russikon Skete on Mount Athos

A Morning on Mount Athos

Vasili Nesterenko


The Moscow municipal government will assist in the reconstruction of the Old Russikon Skete, the oldest Russian monastery on Mount Athos. Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, at a recent meeting with a group of Athonite monks in Moscow, promised to implement all the necessary work needed to restore the monastery in the near future, the communications department for the MP DECR said on Monday. On behalf of Mayor Luzhkov, a Moscow government delegation will head to the Holy Mountain to come to an agreement on the necessary agenda [for the project]. Yuri Mikhailovich himself made a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain in early June. One of the interesting facts about the Old Russikon Skete is that the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Savva, took his monastic vows there. In the 17th century, the Russian monastery moved to the seashore, where it remains to this day. As it has been long abandoned, the Old Russikon Skete has suffered much neglect and is in urgent need of rehabilitation and restoration.

5 July 2010



Father of Muslim Actress in Harry Potter Series Arrested Again for Threatening to Kill His Daughter

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Afshan Azad (1988- ), British-Bengali actress who played in Harry Potter series


Police arrested the father of 22-year-old Afshan Azad, who played the role of Padma Patil in the Harry Potter series, for violating an order of the court, for threatening to kill his daughter. He will appear in court on 12 July to answer charges. Previously, the brother and father of the actress had been detained for threats against her, but were released on bail awaiting trial, receiving instructions not to leave the house, the British newspaper The Daily Mirror reported. Despite this, Azad Sr violated the conditions of his bail, for which he was re-arrested. On 21 May, at their home, her father and brother attacked Afshan, her father threatened to kill her because she “tarnished the family honour”, and her brother actually hurt her. She decided not to wait for them to carry out their threats and turned her relatives in to the police, but both have denied any involvement in any attack. The Azad family came to the UK from Bangladesh.

5 July 2010



Editor’s Note:

This is a vivid illustration of why the USA will fail in Afghanistan. There is no “democracy” there… there are “honour killings” and Afghanis who convert to Christianity from Islam are threatened with the death penalty. Makes one pine for the “good old days” of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan… with all its faults (and as a Sov client, it had them), it was NOT the Taliban-Lite junta of Karzai. It’s not worth one more American life… we can’t afford to prop up this Central Asian popinjay, in any case. Let’s leave them to their sheep and “honour killings”… and keep such out of our country, too.


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