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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

French Parliament to Consider a Bill Banning the Hijab

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On Tuesday, the French parliament will consider a bill calling for a total ban of wearing veils and hijabs in public places. The proposed penalty for violation of this law is a fine of 150 euros. In addition, “repeat offenders” would have to attend lectures on how to behave in France, the website of the newspaper Российской газеты (Russian Newspaper) reported on Tuesday. A much more severe punishment awaits men who force women to wear a veil or hijab. Under the new law, such an offence would carry a fine of 15,000 euros and/or criminal penalties of up to one year in prison. The government hopes that the bill would pass into law by the autumn. However, consensus on this issue is not complete… the deputies of the ruling UMP unanimously endorsed a complete ban on the veil, but the Socialists made their own bill to ban the wearing of Islamic clothing only in certain public places, Российской газеты noted. If everything passes, the law would take effect in spring 2011. According to the French Foreign Ministry, only some 1,900 women completely hid their faces, amongst a population of around five million Muslims. In 2004, France adopted a law banning the conspicuous display of religious symbols in public places. In practise, this led to a ban on the wearing of Muslim headscarves in schools. According to earlier reports, the Chamber of Representatives of the Belgian Federal Parliament approved a bill to ban the wearing of headgear covering the face. A proposal to introduce a similar ban was made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and by British politicians.

6 July 2010



Editor’s Note:

It looks like the American neocon bogeyman of Eurabia is not coming any time soon. Let’s be frank about the REAL reason for the American propaganda… Europeans are not falling into line behind American Corporatism. American neocons are immature self-centred snot-nosed brats armed with nuclear weapons… it’s why Iran wants the Bomb… they notice that America leaves all those with nuclear weapons alone… that’s not insane or aggressive… it’s merely observant and intelligent.

I believe that Europe can still pull away from the brink… and the present news indicates that it may, indeed, happen. I believe that there’s a few more laps left in this old world… the Second Coming is not yet in the cards… and we can delay it, if we fly right.



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