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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Britain Denied Entry Visas to Children from the Ukraine and Belarus

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What kind of heartless bastard would deny a visa to a kid so that they could enjoy the sun and the beach? It takes all kinds, I know that, but striking at a kid is LOW. It doesn’t raise my estimation of Anglo-Saxons, that’s for sure!


Entry officials in the United Kingdom unexpectedly denied visas to children from the areas of the former Soviet Union affected by the Chernobyl accident, The Independent reported.

Without any explanation, British entry officials informed local charitable organisations who organise monthly recreational holidays for children from Ukraine and that Belarus that they would not issue entry visas to them. According to these charitable groups, which have provided holidays in Britain for children who are victims of the 1986 tragedy, often with the aid of British families, for tens of thousands of affected children, they just gave up. One of the organisers said, “Our work is now impossible, British officials refuse too many visas at the last minute”.

According to the charity “Lifeline for the Children of Chernobyl”, only seven of the last group of 17 children were able to have a holiday with a family on the Isle of Wight. Ten children in the group were denied visas at the last minute. Eight of the visa denials came from entry officials through the organizations “Doctors and Chernobyl”. According to Linda Walker, the executive director of “Lifeline for the Children of Chernobyl”, “I simply couldn’t understand why the court wouldn’t issue the visas. In the past 12 years, we never faced such problems. Children returned home from Britain relaxed, with a more optimistic attitude to life”. Now, the visa office requires evidence proving the need for such a trip. “If the officials have any doubts, they deny us visas, denying children a chance to rest, which means so much to them”, Ms Walker said to ITAR-TASS.

11 July 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

I would like all so-called “conservatives” to stop braying about the “freedom” and “democracy” of the Anglosphere as compared to Russia. Anglo-Saxons should also stop preening themselves about how “superior” they are compared to us untermenschtumen. I know that the ordinary lot in Britain, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand are much better people than the PC suburban swill who purport to speak for them. Unfortunately, people in other parts of the world don’t see them… they see the worst examples of the Anglosphere… therefore, they conclude that everyone from the Anglo-Saxon countries is greedy, grasping, violent, irreligious, pompous, and gauche. I know that this isn’t so… look at the families that took the Chernobyl kids in… that’s the ticket. Don’t talk to me about “freedom” when you deny visas to kids. If that’s “freedom” and “democracy”, you may keep them, thank you very much. The Russians opened their hearts to the kids from the Chinese earthquake zone and to the kids from South Ossetia. The British… tell kids to go to hell.

The British officials get a Golden Evil George Weigel Award… it’s the sort of hypocritical posturing that Mr Weigel engages in. The English families who opened up their hearts… now, THAT’S humanity! Denying visas to kids… I’ll retire to Bedlam with Mr Scrooge. AARGH!



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