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Friday, 16 July 2010

It was Adjudged a Suicide…

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The Suicide

Édouard Manet


First, read this:


What is happening in the case of Mădălina Manole is a tragedy… it’s sad… it’s heartrending… but it’s how the Church acts in the case of suicides. There is no full burial service, but a priest DOES say prayers at the burial. I’d like you to recall a case that certain factions in the Church labelled a suicide… but they allowed a full funeral. I would say that the evidence would show that the person involved was NOT clinically depressed… indeed, they were pursuing legal redress with full vigour for what happened to them. One wonders… people do desperate things in extremis… and if some of the events surrounding this ordinary (and rather sane) individual were to “surface” in a court of law, it would be finis not only for certain highly-placed persons, but for certain institutions, as well (that is to say, the institution and the highly-placed persons were desperate, not the individual who was bringing the lawsuit against them). I would warn Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral against becoming too cosy with a certain organisation… they have a “past”, one that they are unrepentant about (and refuse to rectify)… after all, its head venerates “icons” of Dorothy Day and Francis of Assisi… and calls it “spiritual maturity” (and you join yourself to that if you support him publicly, sir).

By the way, one CAN raise questions if a matter remains unresolved… oh, the lawsuit? That disappeared… that’s why people are still whispering… I’m only saying openly what many are saying privately. Someone has to bell the cat…

Why must we live in such times? God DO help us all…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 16 July 2010

Albany NY


Washington Times Gets a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for its Alarmist Coverage of the Recent Russian Spy Case

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OOH… they’re out to get YOU! Why did Hill want to keep the pot boiling on this one? Methinks that she has ambitions…


First, read this:


The neocons really believe this crapola… so do their teabagger buddies. This article proves to me that there’s bad blood between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. There’s something missing from this story… the fact that Washington exchanged ten Russian agents for four of its own. That’s disproportionate… and shows that Foggy Bottom wanted them back desperately. Those guys all know SOMETHING… and Washington didn’t want Moscow to find out that SOMETHING. The author of this article accuses the Russians of not playing with a full deck in bilateral negotiations. Well, I’d say that the facts prove otherwise… don’t forget that Igor Sutyagin, one of the operatives exchanged for the ten held in the USA, worked in arms control (here’s a “coincidence”… his lawyer, Anna Stavitskaya, is neck-deep on the wrong side of the Forbidden Art 2006 case… she appears to like defending zapadniki, doesn’t she?).

Dontcha know… there’s a vast CONSPIRACY out there… and they’re all out to get Hill! I remember hearing this song before… do you recall Hillary saying that there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” that wanted to smear her and Bubba? Yep, “Gardel DOES sing better every day”, but Hill’s gone to the well once too often with this tune and everyone is hip to her now. She went and threw hissy fits in Georgia, the Ukraine, and the Baltics, schmoozing up to every neo-Nazi on the block, accusing Russia of causing everything but the common cold, cancer, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. Now, we see this. Hill is on her way out, I believe. She’s in a no-holds barred Texas Strap Match with Leon Panetta, and Leon’s gonna win. After all, he knows all her secrets and where she buried all the bodies… can anyone spell “Vincent Foster”… remember him?

This case is not over yet… Hill is gonna mine it for political points… and cynically use the neocons as allies. Well, we all know about “birds of a feather”…

The Washington Times gets a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for this botched-up reportage. However, it’s what they normally serve up… do remember who owns the rag.

A special note to George Weigel:

Hey, it looks like Hill is getting ready to challenge BO. She’ll need a speechwriter. The two of you share the same ignorant and provincial hatred of Russia… why not join forces? After all, neither one of you has a scrap of conscience or an ounce of principle. You’re a pair… why not make it official?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 16 July 2010

Albany NY

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