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Monday, 19 July 2010

Oil Still Leaking into the Gulf of Mexico

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BP experts discovered a new oil leak.

At present, BP engineers are trying to find the cause of a methane leak that indicates that there may be a rupture in the pipeline. BP has prolonged the testing of the protective cupola, which has been going on for more than three days. Every 6 hours, the engineers are measuring the pressure in the 75-ton cupola into which the oil is flowing. The growing pressure is evidence of the fact that there are no other sources of leakage. After the tests are over, BP intends to start pumping the oil into tankers that are already standing-by. It is expected that with the help of the new system the company will be able to pump about 80,000 barrels (nearly 13,000 tons) of oil a day from the well. This process will last until extra wells are made at the site of the accident, which will fully stop the leak.

19 July 2010

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This is Meant Seriously… Truly!

Mr Sammons… this is the real world… not a kid’s TV show… I’d suggest that you shut up until you TALK to REAL Orthodox Christians like Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, Deacon Andrei Kuraev, and Professor Aleksei Osipov. Listen to Bishop Pitirim Volochkov of Syktyvkar and Vorkuta… “Thus, ecumenists preach in all human sincerity, but not the truth. The only ecumenism that we can practise is one that stresses the oneness of Orthodoxy, for good reason, without any sort of common prayer. Heathens and heretics must repent of their separateness (this includes all the denominations), as the Holy Fathers of the Church taught us”.


Firstly, read this:


Let’s start out by saying that this person isn’t Orthodox… they’re not only of the papist confession, their writings show them up to be a typical American suburbanite… that is, an airhead and superficial believer in “niceness”. Note how he gushes over JP. “He never avoids a question and can be quite blunt in his answers”. What obvious stuff n’ nonsense. JP avoids questions all the time… and he lies like a rug. What about your relationship with the sodomite Podmoshensky after his well-known defrocking, JP? What about your defence of Raymond Valencia, Bobby K, the Iggster, and Eric Tosi, JP? “The records simply don’t exist”… a lawyer friend said, “That statement is a lie. Nonprofits are required to keep accurate records and any court can subpoena them at any time. At the least, they’d lose their nonprofit status if they failed or refused to produce them”. Mr Sammons is a dweeb… he doesn’t know about the “West Village Cowboy” or the “French Connection” (and JP didn’t tell him!)… we can’t point fingers at the RCs about perversity in clerical circles… I fear that we are guilty too (that is what makes Rod Dreher’s sanctimonious drivel so offensive… Mr Dreher KNOWS about the cases I mentioned… and he slammed the RCs anyway… that’s LOW and beneath contempt).

Mr Sammons also quoted John Behr… “Perhaps, we Orthodox haven’t called an ecumenical council in over 1200 years not because we don’t have an emperor to call it, but because we don’t have a pope who won’t be there”. This proves, even to the slow learners, that John Behr’s a heretic, and that SVS is a heretical institution. They invited Rowan Williams to speak… and Behr allows Williams to write prefaces to books meant for the common faithful. Bob Taft bleated away… but that’s of no interest… everyone knows that he’s an empty Uniate poseur. Do note who defends him in Orthodox circles… shame on both of you, Vassa Larina and Andrei Psaryov! I hope that the Vladyki Hilarion takes you out to the woodshed… and soon! Don’t forget that SVS ADORES him.

“I was actually one of the few Roman Catholics there, so it was great to speak to many Eastern Catholics (sic) and Orthodox about their perspectives on East-West relations”. Mr Sammons has his head stuck in a particular orifice… and there’s no use arguing with him. No doubt, he would be shocked to find out that most Orthodox HATE the Unia… and that the reason we do so is that we see that the Uniates are the WILLING running dog lackeys of the Vatican, and that the Uniates are violent and underhanded in their attacks on the Church, as the events that unfolded in Galicia after ‘91 proved. Fr Mikhail Shuvar’s beating by Uniate thugs proves that Mr Sammons is chock fulla beans, and Fr Dmitri Sidor’s persecution by the Galician Uniates (through the CIA-trained SBU) proves that Mr Sammons is utterly ignorant and without any cred whatsoever.

I give a sincere and big THANK YOU to my correspondent who sent this link. I don’t have the time to chase down such things… I’m usually busy enough translating articles and chasing images for them. This is nauseating and disgusting… it turns one’s stomach, doesn’t it? Reflect on the fact that none of this pabulum was ironic… it was serious. If this is what passes for thought in certain circles… do pass me the jug, I’m need of a good one… Richard! Get out the church key and open up another bottle! I think that we both need a stiff slug after such rot, no? By the way… I confide that I know that most RCs are not as fatuous and vacuous as Mr Sammon is… it takes all kinds, I know that, Lord… but this stupid? PUH-LEEZE!!!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 19 July 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

One of my friends sent me the following:

They seem to be on an offensive recently and shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. There’s a fair amount of the ostentatiously Orthodox who speak in non-Orthodox venues, this fools people. Invariably, the conclusion is, “look, X and Y, who are Orthodox, support our views”. However, the views of the ecumenist fanatics don’t represent the real voice of Orthodoxy.

I quite agree. Unfortunately, the only voices that many heterodox hear are squiffy sorts such as Larina and Psaryov, or out-and-out raving heretics such as Behr, Hatfield, and JP. REAL Russian Orthodox are getting PO’d with such sorts… do bear in mind that Russian Orthodox people are an uncomplaining lot, but, then, we explode when “enough is too much already”. Don’t be fooled by the quiet… we are living in “October 1916″… and “23 February” is not far off…


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