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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

L’Affaire Sherrod: There are Things that Decent People Do NOT Do…

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Here’s what Corporate America wants… of course, it doesn’t want government bureaucracy… it would cut into their bureaucracy and it’s profits! You can believe in JAY-ZUSS as long as you bow down in front of the Almighty Dollar… let us prey!


Read this, if you please:


I shall not be coy in expressing my distaste for what so-called “conservatives” and so-called “teabaggers” did in trying to discredit a federal bureaucrat. Now, all the Sturm und Drang appears a setup… no decent person does that. As Solzhenitsyn put it, “Survive at almost any cost”. The Bushies (and their “teabagger” successors) lied to you from the first. The Great Recession started in late 2007, but Bush didn’t tell you… it might have hurt McCain/Palin. That’s why Sarah Palin is evil… she knew the truth in 2008, but she refused to tell it to you straight up because it would have hurt her political ambitions. In any case, she is nothing but a TV presenter who knows how to do two things:

  • How to look believable on camera
  • How to read from a Teleprompter and make it look natural

“If we enact single-payer healthcare, a government bureaucrat is going to make decisions about your life”. The soggy teabaggers say that… let me tell you, bureaucrats are making such decisions right now… HMO bureaucrats… they refuse people care to preserve their firm’s “bottom lines”. A friend told me about how an HMO refused to allow compensation for heart surgery for a relative… the person involved had two holes in their heart! The bastard at the HMO said, “We won’t pay unless they have a stroke”. Reflect well on this… these creepozoids are pouring millions into the teabagger movement to preserve their profits. It’s not a “grassroots” movement. In any case, a country of 300 million is not run like a small New England town of less than 10,000 residents… and it can’t be. There shall be bureaucracy… it shall be government bureaucracy… or it shall be corporate bureaucracy… but bureaucracy we shall have, for the USA can’t be run without it. Make no mistake on it, corporate bureaucracy is far worse… everything is sacrificed for the “bottom line”. After all, the Second VP of Marketing has to keep their six-figure job and go to that “sensitivity seminar” in Palm Beach in December…

Of all industrialised countries, the USA is the only one with such a shabby safety net. If you are single, or a couple with no children, the government gives you very little indeed. I know… when I lost my job (downsizing)… ultimately, I lost everything that I had worked for. I am only now getting my life somewhat back in order. Why do the teabaggers want to rip up what’s left of the safety net? It’s to preserve tax cuts for the richest 1 percent of Americans. Look at how they played games with unemployment funding, but gave the Pentagon a blank cheque without demur. I call such people liars… I call them hypocrites. They have NOT kept America “safe”… they did run secret prisons in the Baltic states, the Ukraine, and the Balkans… they did bankroll Georgia’s Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians in ’08… they did lie down with every neo-Nazi politician in Eastern Europe that they could find (it was only sufficient for the SS-lovers to prove their “anti-Russian” credentials).

In short, I see no difference between “conservatives”, “neocons”, “teabaggers”, “progressives”, and “liberals”… they are all what a modern Russian would define as Godless Liberals. There are no actual Conservative Legitimatists in the USA… “conservatives” are Liberals who believe in Big Business… “liberals” are Liberals who believe in Big Government. In any case, Radical Protestants AKA “Evangelicals” are not Conservatives… and I doubt that they have any resemblance to Classical Christianity at all. Christian worship doesn’t consist of a few vapid hymns and a 45-minute lecture. That’s a mockery of Christian liturgy. The American Sectarian Mindset has seeped into the Church, for we are not careful in screening converts from such groups, and many are ordained after derisively short periods as Orthodox. You wish an example? Look at Paffhausen… he ignored a UOC MP Bishop in NYC so that he could kiss up to Mormons in DC… actions DO speak louder than words.

Orthodox people should stay out of the “conservative” or “teabag” movements… they are nothing but materialism (often) with a “religious” veneer (there’s no similarity between the Lord Christ and JAY-ZUSS, thank you very much). As Patriarch Kirill said, “The consumer psychology and the lust of the flesh are not viable… they destroy the spiritual dimension of life, and turn human beings into animals”. We must oppose all Godless Liberals… both those who call themselves “liberals” and those who call themselves “conservatives”… both are nothing but Bolsheviki in nicer vesture.

There are things that one does not do… the Sherrod affair points up that the “conservatives” and the “teabaggers” do NOT have the moral high ground. Lord Acton was right… but do remember this… it’s not only power that corrupts… but also the “love of power”… an Orthodox elder would call it “prelest”… it’s something to think about.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Albany NY


Muslim Drivers on Public Transport in England Refuse to Carry Blind People with Guide Dogs

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Let’s keep it simple… give the boot to any jerk, of whatever religion (or, none at all, I’m not choosy) who refuses to carry a guide/working animal on public transport or in a taxi. That would solve things in a trice… the drivers would find other employ (probably as drivers of goods vans) and the disabled would ride without harassment… if the Muslims don’t like it, they can always move back to the Khyber Pass.


Muslim drivers of cabs and buses in England are increasingly refusing to carry blind people with guide dogs. George Herridge, a 73-year-old blind man, encountered this twice on the bus. He also met with the same hostility [from Muslims] in hospital and at a supermarket. This problem became so acute that last week the topic of guide dogs was raised in the House of Lords, after which the Minister of Transport, Norman Baker, urged Muslim drivers to show tolerance, according to the newspaper The Daily Mail. This week, “Guide Dogs for the Blind” and the National Federation of the Blind confirmed that this problem is common and “continues to worsen”, whilst the Islamic Council of Britain urged Muslims to be reasonable. “Muslim drivers should not hesitate to let guide dogs into a bus or automobile… If the dog licks you, it’s not the end of the world. Just go home and wash it off”, a representative of the Council said. In Islam, the dog is perceived as an unclean animal.

21 July 2010



Serbian Patriarch Expects “Wise Decision” by ICJ Tomorrow

Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović (1930- ), the First Hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC)


His Holiness Patriarch Irinej Gavrilović, the First Hierarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), said that he expected the [ICJ’s] decision on Kosovo tomorrow to be “wise”. The court’s ruling in the case of the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo Albanians should leave “both Serbs and (ethnic) Albanians” in Kosovo satisfied, he was quoted as saying. The patriarch believed that any unilateral decision would forever remain “an apple of discord between the two peoples”.

The spiritual leader of the SPC also stated that his thoughts were mostly with the Serbs in Kosovo, and that he was praying that the decision of the ICJ would represent a permanent and best possible solution for both peoples, and in particular, that it may reduce the suffering of the Serb people in Kosovo. “Serbs in Kosovo today, without a doubt, live in the worst conditions people can face in the world and that is why tribute should be paid to them”, the patriarch said, and he noted that he had witnessed this fist-hand during his recent trip to the province. “Those who stayed live under the most difficult conditions, they’re in constant pain, suffering, and fear, so they need help and support from all of us from other parts of Serbia. The international community should have realised and understood that by now”, Vladyki Irinej said. The patriarch also noted that he was surprised by what he had seen during his visit to Kosovo, from the efforts made, the fact that “people actually lived there”, to the sights of Serb holy sites burned to the ground, which testified to the centuries-long and primordial existence of Serbs in those parts.

21 July 2010



A Photo Essay. One of These Things is NOT Like the Other… Afghanistan, Before and After the Taliban

Here is an upper-middle class family in Kabul in 1964…


Here are segregated women forced to wear burqas in Kabul in 2009…


Here is the Paghman Gardens in 1967, prior to the American-sponsored warfare in Afghanistan…


Here is the Paghman Gardens in 2007, after the American-sponsored warfare in Afghanistan.


Here is Hamid Karzai, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan… propped up with YOUR tax dollars and the lives of YOUR kids… great.


What would you think if an outside power started to arm, fund, and back some of the “Evangelical” wingnuts in this country? I don’t think that you’d care for it. That’s what happened in Afghanistan. WE funded and armed the Taliban… in a misguided attempt to “hurt” the Sovs. That’s right… “we have met the enemy, and he is us”… Walt Kelly, wherefore art thou?


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