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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Jeffrey Kuhner Said: “Obama is a ‘Cultural Muslim’”… I Say: “Jeffrey Kuhner is an Utter Maroon”…

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Osama bin Laden was the creature of the American neocons… Mr Kuhner should reflect on that, not make wild and unfounded accusations. He should ponder “Brzeziński’s Legacy”…


I have experienced two dictatorships in my life, Hitler’s and the Communist. I did not wish to experience a third, an American.

A Russian Orthodox Bishop

The neocons empowered Osama bin Laden… not Barack Obama…


There has been much ignorant and irresponsible drivel written lately about President Obama by the rightwing commentariat. Mind you, I have serious reservations about Barack Obama… and about the direction of the Democratic Party. To be fair, I also have very serious doubts about Republican nostrums as well. However, to say, “Obama is a ‘cultural Muslim’” is without foundation. Barack Obama opposes the extreme Zionist rejectionists in Israel. So do I… and I am no “cultural Muslim”. I was not such, I am not such now, nor do I ever intend to be such. To smear someone as a “cultural Muslim” simply because they oppose Netanyahu’s brand of fascism is ludicrous and asinine. In any case, Barack Obama did not empower the Isalmofascists. No, kids he didn’t… he also didn’t invent halitosis, flat fleet, and the heartbreak of psoriasis either. I’ll tell you who empowered the Isalmofascists and made them into the threat that they are today… the neocons! Yes sir, it was the Jeffrey Kuhners, Max Boots, and Ramesh Ponarus who did it! It is the most glaring example of the “Law of Unintended Consequence” that one can find. However, let’s be fair, the Limbaughs and Becks are only loud megaphones. Let’s identify the ur-father of these creeps…

Zbigniew Brzeziński…


Zbig’s bully boys… better known as the Taliban… he didn’t give a damn for Afghanistan so long as he could “hurt” Russia.


That’s right… Zbig started the ball rolling, and the bastard is unrepentant about it to this day. Who gave Zbiggy the green light to arm and fund the Islamofascists? That great peacemaker… Jimmy Carter! Ronald Reagan continued Zbig’s policy of aiding the Taliban and their ilk. In the early 90s, George Bush Sr bankrolled and armed the Taliban. So… don’t go around claiming that BO is the cause of everything you don’t like… he didn’t start the Great Recession… George Bush Jr did, with his enormous deficits to fund his wars and slashing revenues with his deep tax cuts to the rich. He didn’t start or empower Islamofascism… Zbigniew Brzeziński did so, and ZB’s quite proud of it. You see, it was an anti-Russian move, and if it’s anti-Russian, it’s great news for people such as Zbig… oh, it hurt America? Who cares? It hurt Russia! That’s all that matters, in the end!

Made in the USA! Your tax dollars at work!


Let’s talk straight… the USA funded Osama bin Laden. The USA armed him. The USA watched his back. Trust me on this… Barack Obama wasn’t involved in it at all. The neocons were involved in it up to their necks and so was Hillary Clinton. Sheer justice compels me to speak up… and I’m no fan of BO, let me tell you. In short, all the screamers in the rightwing commentariat are the very people who funded, armed, and empowered the Taliban… not Barack Obama.

Here’s Zbig’s gift to America… it sickens one, doesn’t it?


Today, Americans and others are fighting and dying to support the “Islamic Republic of Afghanistan”…which is an Islamofascist state. Remember how they put that chap on trial for converting to Christianity? They would have killed him if they had their druthers. Jeffery Kuhner calls Barack Obama a “cultural Muslim”. Mr Kuhner belongs in a well-padded room for a very long rest. After all, his ilk caused 9/11 with their support of the Taliban in the 80s… not Barack Obama. To think that Mr Kuhner was paid good money to write such drivel…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 21 July 2010

Albany NY


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