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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Muslim Drivers on Public Transport in England Refuse to Carry Blind People with Guide Dogs

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Let’s keep it simple… give the boot to any jerk, of whatever religion (or, none at all, I’m not choosy) who refuses to carry a guide/working animal on public transport or in a taxi. That would solve things in a trice… the drivers would find other employ (probably as drivers of goods vans) and the disabled would ride without harassment… if the Muslims don’t like it, they can always move back to the Khyber Pass.


Muslim drivers of cabs and buses in England are increasingly refusing to carry blind people with guide dogs. George Herridge, a 73-year-old blind man, encountered this twice on the bus. He also met with the same hostility [from Muslims] in hospital and at a supermarket. This problem became so acute that last week the topic of guide dogs was raised in the House of Lords, after which the Minister of Transport, Norman Baker, urged Muslim drivers to show tolerance, according to the newspaper The Daily Mail. This week, “Guide Dogs for the Blind” and the National Federation of the Blind confirmed that this problem is common and “continues to worsen”, whilst the Islamic Council of Britain urged Muslims to be reasonable. “Muslim drivers should not hesitate to let guide dogs into a bus or automobile… If the dog licks you, it’s not the end of the world. Just go home and wash it off”, a representative of the Council said. In Islam, the dog is perceived as an unclean animal.

21 July 2010




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