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Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Photo Essay. Patriarch Kirill in Odessa on Wednesday 21 July 2010







Am I the only one to notice this? Every time the Patriarch goes on a trip, he does SOMETHING for at least one disabled child… was there a disabled person in his family?



22 July 2010. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: “Were Did Everybody Go?”

ICJ Supports Immoral UCK Powergrab in Kosovo

Take a good look! This is what you support when you support the “teabaggers”… it’s a UCK thug desecrating the ruins of an Orthodox Church… I don’t have to tell you what he’s doing. The neocons put these thugs in power… need I say more?


UN Court legitimised action in violation of international law…

The unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo was not a violation of international law, according to Hisashi Owada, the chairman of the International Court of Justice, in reading out the advisory opinion of the UN’s highest court. In the opinion of the court, international law does not prohibit such a declaration of independence. The UN General Assembly made a request for a ruling to the ICJ in October 2008. Even then, it was clear that the UDI flew in the face of international law and was nothing but political expediency. After all, the Kosovo case was unprecedented; for the ICJ had never considered the question of a territory seceding from a state without the latter’s consent before. Hence, one saw elevated feelings about the proceedings. This was confirmed by the December 2009 public hearing in The Hague. Opponents of Kosovo independence, led by Serbia and Russia, emphasised the serious violations of international legal norms, in particular the principle of inviolability of borders. Their opponents, the Kosovar Albanians, the USA, and leading members of the EU, had already recognised Kosovo’s independence and spoke of it as a fait accompli.

Meanwhile, France still doubts the jurisdiction of the ICJ in the matter, as Paris believes it a purely political question. However, since a decision in this case could be won by a simple majority vote, it’s clear that the Kosovar Albanian separatists could count on success from the outset. Indeed, they did not conceal such feelings. Their “Minister of Foreign Affairs”, Skënder Hyseni, already promised that the UCK junta is determined to take control of Serb-inhabited northern Kosovo. Anna Filimonova, a well known Russian Balkan scholar, said, “You should recall that, in contrast to decisions of the ICJ, its advisory opinions are not binding. At the same time, it gives legitimacy to a completely illegitimate act. What does this mean for the Serbs… for those Serbs who live south of Ibra? This means that they will be gradually taken over. This means an abandonment of their long history and their ancestral roots, and it will not be limited only to this. It will also threaten such southern Serbian municipalities such as Preševo, Bujanovac, and Medvelzha. Moreover, of course, it’s a blow to the Serb national consciousness”.

It’s still too early for a celebration on the part of the Kosovar Albanian junta. The ICJ advisory will be sent to the UN General Assembly in September. Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Božidar Đelić, in this regard, has already warned that his country would submit draft resolution to all UN member states, “which would reflect willingness to compromise on all issues, including the status of Kosovo”, but that this would require new negotiations between Belgrade and Priština. In addition, the findings and especially the reasoning of the ICJ decision went beyond Kosovo and the entire Balkan region. They will be carefully considered and will be interpreted afresh in relation to other similar conflicts, including the Caucasus and other parts of the former Soviet Union. Therefore, today’s decision isn’t the end of the Kosovo case, and it’s only a prologue to the new geopolitical battles.

22 July 2010

Pyotr Iskenderov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Do note who supports the UCK junta in Kosovo… the godless American neocons. This same lot bankrolls the so-called “teabagger” movement. Congratulations… all those who support this phoney movement not only support the shredding of the social safety net to reduce the taxes of the rich, they support the UCK thugs. They support endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan… which are far more expensive than the 34 billion dollars necessary for the unemployment bill.

We in the USA have a hard choice… we can support the “teabaggers” because we oppose abortion… but that would mean abandoning all needy Americans and the fostering of wars throughout the world (and supporting the UCK junta). Or, we could make common cause with those who may favour abortion, but oppose the shredding of the safety net and oppose the increasingly mindless and expensive wars of the neocons. I’ll not say it’s an easy decision. I’m of two minds right now… but the neocons are a clear and present danger… they defend the use of torture, secret prisons, and indeterminate detention. I’ll say this… I will NEVER EVER stand on the same side of the fence as George Weigel.

Think very hard on this… the world cannot support another Kosovo… or another Easter bombing (do you remember Belgrade in ’99? I do). Why must we live in such “interesting” times?


Altay Cheese Can Compete With French Ones…

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Click on the link below… it will take you to a page with a three-minute audio presentation in English on Russian cheese. “Who cut the cheese?” I’m not sayin’… but I do see an empty can of refriteras here… hmm…

22 July 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


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