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Sunday, 25 July 2010

The City of Kursk Paid its Respects to the Dead of the Submarine “Kursk” on Navy Day

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Monument to K141 Kursk and graves of crewmembers in Kursk


People in Kursk, a city of military glory, laid wreaths and flowers on the graves of sailors from the nuclear cruise missile submarine Kursk at the memorial for the dead from the Great Patriotic War. City and oblast politicians, Navy veterans, relatives of the deceased submariners, students, naval cadets, and ordinary citizens attended the ceremony. Deputy Mayor Olga Germanova told ITAR-TASS, ”Over the years, Kursk has cooperated with the navy quite a bit. There was a strong bond of friendship between the Kursk and our city. It didn’t stop when the Kursk went down; the sailors of the Northern Fleet are still welcome guests in town. Currently, we have a relationship with the corvette Steregushchy (Watchful), which recently joined the Red Banner Baltic Fleet”.

Russian corvette Steregushchy (built 2008), which has an official relationship with the city of Kursk


Also in Kursk, at St Michael Church, on Navy Day, there were services in memory of the Kursk’s sailors. It has a “Path of Glory”, with 118 birches, which was the number of crewmen lost in the wreck. In Kursk, [at the war memorial], there are more than 3,000 graves of Soviet soldiers who gave their lives in the liberation of the city from the Nazis. In addition, there are the graves of 12 submariners from the Kursk, seven of whom were born in Kursk Oblast. A memorial honours the sinking of the submarine on 12 August 2000, it is crowned with a white figure of a grieving guardian angel… symbolising their “living souls”.

25 July 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Nuclear-powered Cruise Missile Submarine K141 Kursk, in service 1994-2000, lost with all 118 aboard on 12 August 2000… the circumstances are still “classified” to this day…

Editor’s Note:

Mystery still shrouds the Kursk tragedy (no one believes the “official” concoction)… because of international politics, it shall probably remain such for the next generation. It shall be like the participation of Soviet pilots in the Korean War… it took 40 years for the truth to emerge openly. In like manner, it took over 30 years for the truth of the involvement of Soviet troops in Vietnam to come out. There is no conspiracy… Churchill was right, “The truth is so important that it must be guarded by a battalion of lies”… that’s the tragedy of our fallen world, isn’t it? Remember, the truth is never neat, it’s often messy, and it’s never obvious at first look. Do take a care…

CD Album Cover, “Kursk to Heaven”


Pray for the sailors of the Kursk… eternal be their memories… THAT is clear… and it’s obligatory, isn’t it?



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