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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Patriarch Kirill Believes that the Modern Economy is Largely Based on “Fraud”

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias believes that we have a nonviable economy built on deception. “The modern economy is built largely on fraud, it creates money out of thin air”, Patriarch Kirill said in a speech on Saturday at Dnepropetrovsk National University. He pointed up that money is “a token of human labour and of our God-given resources, such as coal, ore, and oil, along with our intelligence, physical labour, culture, and spirituality”. However, today, according to the patriarch, “every company produces its own money in the form of shares, which is passed onto the secondary market, becoming not just simple securities; they are traded and used as items of speculation. If these mere phantasms earn billions, not even backed by labour or real capital, then, how can such an economy exist? Who going to pay for all of this? Why, the simple worker [is going to], who produces the value behind all of this bubble”. He is convinced that we need “a fair economic system where money and capital are equivalent and are the expression of real work”. Patriarch Kirill arrived in Dnepropetrovsk on Saturday. Speaking with reporters at the airport, he said that the city is renowned for its technical expertise. The patriarch said that Dnepropetrovsk is the third city in the Ukraine [in size], but the first in its impetus to innovative development”. In his opinion, the local population professed Orthodoxy for centuries, “it was faithful for many centuries, it based its outlook on life and its relationship with the outside world [on the principles of Orthodoxy]. His Holiness asked the residents of Dnepropetrovsk and its surrounding region “to keep this marvellous, great, and humane tradition of strong faith and strong knowledge”.

26 July 2010



Editor’s Note:

Who woulda thunk it! It’s Big Green Weenie time at Interfax again… My version has 281 words in the main body, whilst the Interfax version has 135. One of these things is not like the other… on top of that, the Interfax translator rendered “fraud” as “eyewash”. OUCH! Who are they trying to fool? Holy Moly… this layabout is being PAID for this… in my more peevish moments, I almost think that Matusiak is the translator, it’s incompetent enough and slothful enough to come from his hand… but, I must be fair… he’s not the only dogsbody apparatchik drone on the face of the planet.




Patriarch Kirill Said that Political Correctness is Harmful to Orthodoxy

It’s like they’re trying to take the kegs out of Orthodox parishes… ah, yes, PC… long faces, long explanations, and long lists of rules… it can drive anyone to say, “Cookie!” and dive for the pecan sandies…


Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias considers that Orthodoxy and political correctness in the modern Western sense of the word are incompatible concepts. “Many people are becoming Orthodox. Now, we see a growth in Orthodoxy around the world, and that is because Orthodoxy refuses to adopt political correctness. Wherever Orthodoxy does adapt itself to political correctness, it degenerates, it’s transformed”, His Holiness said on Saturday at a public meeting at the Dnepropetrovsk National Theatre. In his opinion, today, Western Christianity, especially Protestantism, is in “profound crisis” for this reason. “When the Church ceases to tell people clearly what’s good and what’s evil, it’s no longer needed”, he emphasised. The patriarch believes that if the Church ceases to teach the truth, it ceases to be relevant for people, they will declare its protests against so-called homosexual marriages and free love “relics of the past”. He went on to say, “If theology starts to serve politically correct modern philosophical and political fashions, it ceases to be fit, it ceases to inspire the hearts of millions of people”.

In his view, the reason why many Europeans gravitate to Islam is explained by its rejection of excessive political correctness and blurring of moral concepts. Vladyki Kirill believes that the appeal of Islam lies in people’s thirst for “specific ethics and uncompromising tradition”. Indeed, His Holiness believes that, on the former Soviet space, “we’ve avoided intense conflict with Islam because we have common ground for a conversation, a general concern shared by all faithful Muslims and Christians”. He said that these common themes included the continued role of religion in society, questions of morality, and the protection of the human environment. “We are building a dialogue with Islam, but not, as some believe, to create some common religion, syncretism, and so on. Please God, we were born Orthodox, and we should and must act like Orthodox. Otherwise, instead of the Church of God, we create a Church of Satan”, Patriarch Kirill said. He thinks that the task of Orthodox “is to be loyal to their faith, but we must develop our faith, and, then, our voice will be understood by honest and pious people of other religions”.

26 July 2010



Editor’s Note:

Do note this one sentence, “Wherever Orthodoxy does adapt itself to political correctness, it degenerates, it’s transformed”. I have never heard a fitter and more ringing condemnation of SVS and New Skete… it says it all, and I would ruin its effect by saying more. Reflect on His Holiness’ words… and look at the fruits of SVS, New Skete, JP, and Company… it’s instructive, no?


Uniate Nationalists Foiled in Efforts to Disrupt Patriarch Kirill’s Visit

Let’s see, the nationalist scummers hate Patriarch Kirill… THIS is what they glorify and hold up as exemplars! Let God see and judge…


The all-Ukrainian Association “Freedom” announced the arrest on Saturday in Dnepropetrovsk of members of their organisation who attempted to hold a protest during the visit of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias. Soldiers of the special MVD detachment “Berkut” arrested nine activists from “Freedom”, according to the press service of the organisation. In turn, the press service of the MVD in Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, according to Interfax, reported that the protestors were released after four hours of detention to fill out legal paperwork. In all, the police detained about 25 people.

The police arrested eight representatives of the all-Ukrainian Association “Freedom”, who tried to hold a protest against the visit of Patriarch Kirill in the centre of Kiev. As our Interfax correspondent reported on Monday morning, the OMON nicked the activists near the Hyatt Hotel. Earlier, a court order enjoined a planned protest by “Freedom” near St Sofia Cathedral against the visit of Patriarch Kirill. The press service of the Kiev Metropolitan Police said that the “Freedom” activists violated the law regarding the holding of public demonstrations, for they had not filed a proper application for a permit to do so. Patriarch Kirill is in the midst of a pastoral visit to the Ukraine, he arrived in Kiev yesterday.

On Tuesday, at the Ukrainian House in Kiev, about 80 representatives of “Freedom”, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists, UNA-UNSO, and the Ukrainian People’s Party held a protest in connection with the visit of Patriarch Kirill to the Ukraine. According to our Interfax correspondent, the rally featured a theatrical performance entitled “The Glamorous Tour of the Kremlin Geybist” (Гламурные гастроли кремлевского гэбиста) {“geybist” is slang for a KGB officer (from “GB”, the initials for State Security in Russian: editor}. Prior to the rally, activists attempted to hold a rally on the square in front of St Sofia Cathedral. The police prevented this, and the cops arrested eight nationalist extremists.

On Tuesday, they put on a satirical show. Three activists put on masks with the faces of Dmitri Medvedev, Vladimir Putin, and Patriarch Kirill, as well as wearing shoulder straps with the inscription “FSB”. During the presentation, “Medvedev” and “Putin” sent the “Patriarch”, who wore a silk cassock, to visit the Ukraine. When the “Patriarch” came to the Ukraine, he tried to convince the nationalists that “there was no such country as the Ukraine”. Then two guys stripped the silk cassock off the “Patriarch” and kicked him out of the Ukraine, showing the audience his one-way ticket to Moscow. Other protesters held party and state flags and banners reading “Ukrainian people! Pope (поп) Kirill is muddying the waters!”, and “Out with the Moscow Pope (попа) coloniser!”, and they chanted, “Get out, Moscow Pope (попа)! “, and “Kirill-Suitcase-Station-Russia!” The action was carried out peacefully, without incidents involving the police.

Editor’s Explanation: “Pope” (поп) is a slangy and offensive colloquialism for a priest. It is almost on the level of “mat”. The protestors were being blasphemous, in fact. Jonas Paffhausen consorted with these sorts at the Lumen Gentium conference… shame on him and those who went with him!

26-27 July 2010





An American Awl in an Afghan Bag

Take a GOOD look… THIS is your tax dollars at work… THIS is what the neocon and teabag movements want throughout the world. After all, such kids don’t live in a “democracy”… these kids don’t have “freedom”… let’s give it to them on the bomb-racks of a Reaper UAV. Look at your own kids tonight… would you want THIS to happen to THEM?


The publication of secret documents about the war in Afghanistan confirmed what was long an open secret… the war is lost…

Leaked secret US military documents about the war in Afghanistan were the basis for articles in the Western media, in such outlets as the British newspaper The Guardian, the American New York Times, and the German Der Spiegel. The secret papers, some 90,000 files with sensitive information, previously appeared on the website WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks is an international organisation specialising in the publication of classified material or “sensitive information” from all over the world. However, it adamantly protects the anonymity of its sources, which encourages further “leaking”. The documents that journalists have seen so far indicate that the coalition is losing the war in Afghanistan, the military killed hundreds of civilians, and the information about it was kept secret. The number of attacks by the Taliban is increasing, and the commanders of the NATO forces fear that Pakistan and Iran support the insurgency in the region.

The documents featured in the editorials in the media were papers used by the Pentagon and the military in Afghanistan to draw up plans for new operations and the preparation of briefings on the situation in the conflict zone. Sergei Demidenko, an Orientalist at the Institute for Strategic Assessments and Analysis, said, “Accordingly, they contain information that would shed light on the errors and omissions committed by the US command during military operations in Afghanistan. Firstly, the Americans haven’t been able to establish a mutually beneficial dialogue with all Afghan ethnic groups, especially with Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Hazaras. In addition, the Americans failed to make over Afghanistan’s economy, for Afghanistan was a major producer of opium in Eurasia, and it stayed that way. All the programmes initiated by the White House to change this fact have failed. The Americans are simply resigned to it all. In fact, the operation in Afghanistan, in general, is not very successful, and the international coalition’s losses are growing. Most importantly, now, Afghan President Karzai speaks of the fact that the Taliban need to engage in dialogue”.

The White House condemned the publication of the classified documents, the Obama administration stated that the airing of such secret documents jeopardised not only US and allied military forces, but also national security in general. However, the US Senate reacted differently. Some senators asked whether the published material raised serious questions about the feasibility and utility of American policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan. Furthermore, despite the fact that these documents were publicised illegally, their use can help refine American strategy in these Central Asian countries.

26 July 2010

Vyacheslav Solovyov

Voice of Russia World Service


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