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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Poll Shows that Only a Few Americans Consider Religious Faith an Important Part of Life


Despite the fact that 90 percent of Americans identify themselves as belonging to one religion or another, only 12 percent identified faith in God as the highest priority in life. The Barna Research Group, using a sample of more than a thousand American adults, conducted this poll, according to the website Christian Post. The purpose of this study was to identify how the economic crisis had affected American attitudes. The poll found that 45 percent of respondents believed that the family was the most important thing in life, 20 percent mentioned health, leisure, and a reasoned way of life, whilst 17 percent opted for career, money, and success. In 2006, 16 percent of Americans held faith as the most important thing in life; in 2008, that had fallen to 9 percent. Roughly, 75 percent of Americans consider themselves Christians of one sort or another.

27 July 2010



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