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Friday, 6 August 2010

USA Needs to Remove Cuba from the List of Countries Supporting Terrorism

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For Chrissakes… the embargo has been in place since 1962… the USA trades with the PRC… so, why not Cuba?


Cuba demanded that the USA immediately remove it from the list of countries supporting terrorism. “We categorically reject the decision of the US State Department to include Cuba in the list of states supporting international terrorism , and demand that they immediately remove our country from this list”, according to a statement made by Cuban Foreign Minister Josefina Vidal, as reported by RIA-Novosti. Sra Vidal was reacting to a US State Department list of sponsors of international terrorist groups published the day before. Regarding Cuba, it is said that it “no longer supported armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world”, but “provides a natural haven and ideological support” to organisations that the USA considers terrorists. Sra Vidal accused Washington of applying double standards. “Once again, the USA cast doubts on the seriousness of their commitment to the fight against international terrorism, whilst preserving an irrational and hostile policy against Cuba”, she said.

6 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

It’s simple… don’t talk to me of “human rights” and “democracy”… that’s a smokescreen. The USA removed the DPRK from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism… and retained Cuba. That’s bloody brilliant… it deserves a Golden Evil George Weigel Award for stupidity and advanced cretinism. Cuba shelters no terrorists and it doesn’t finance them either. However… the KSA does… Pakistan does… and the USA schmoozes up to both of ‘em. This is utter BS and baloney. It’s all because Cuba won’t let itself be raped by American multinationals… and it committed the unpardonable sin of kicking them out after their Revolution.

For shame, USA! You can stand with Patriarch Kirill and PM Putin, who support Cuba and the Cuban people, or, you can support Limbaugh, Beck, and Co, and all the usual and expected cast of hangers-on and fellow travellers. I chose to stand with His Holiness and Vladimir Vladimirovich… that’s a no-brainer…



The Fifth International Don Cento Jazz Festival opens in Kaliningrad

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Nino Katamadze with Insight at the ’09 Festival… this Georgian has NO trouble with Russians!


Jam session at 2009 Don Cento Jazz Festival in Kaliningrad

The Fifth Don Cento International Jazz Festival shall open in Kaliningrad in western Russia, bringing together participants from ten countries. Jazzmen from Italy, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, Israel, the Netherlands, and Russia will perform on the festival stage. Following set custom, the festivities will open with a set by a local Kaliningrad ensemble. Over three days, outdoor concerts will feature a smorgasbord of both young musicians and world-renowned stars. The Kaliningrad Don Cento International Jazz Festival is now one of the known European jazz festivals, it’s a highlight on the calendar of cultural and tourist activities in Russia’s “Amber Region”. Last year, the festival concerts drew more than 10,000 locals and visitors, according to ITAR-TASS.

6 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


How ‘bout some live Nino Katamadze…

Here’s the link to the official website of the Don Cento Jazz Festival:


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