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Thursday, 12 August 2010

US Economy shall remain in Crisis Until 2013

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The current economic depression is the direct result of the voodoo economics of the Bushies… and the Tea Party comes from the Bushies… after all, Caribou Barbie is one of ‘em… if they were economic clowns in the past… if you expect otherwise, you need a life… full stop.


The current crisis in the US economy will continue at least until 2013. At the same time, a new recession is very likely, the probability of such over the last few months almost doubled, in the opinion of a leading world analyst, Nouriel Roubini, a professor at New York University. “There is a very serious deterioration in the situation surrounding the American economy. By the end of this year, the US economy shall virtually stop growing”, Professor Roubini said, adding, “We can talk about the deepening of the recession. The pace of growth will fall in the second quarter of 2011 to about 1 percent”. However, he doesn’t think that the American and global economies will experience a deepening of the recession over the coming months. “I do not foresee such a development, although the threat of recession in the US last week rose from 25 to 40 percent”, Professor Roubini said. He linked the deteriorating macroeconomic situation in the US with the end of a number of government programmes to stimulate economic growth, as well as the growing problem of the public debt, according to ITAR-TASS.

12 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Earth to Tea Party: Congratulations! If you get elected, you must end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring home the legions, or you face economic collapse. It is quite that simple. There is no other alternative. Most of the debt burden that is now being “given” to our grandchildren is the result of “conservative” Republican administrations, like it or not. The present depression is the result of feckless neocon policies… and the Tea Party is nothing but the neocons with a new title sticker, that’s all.

If you vote for the Tea Party and you’re an Ordinary Joe… you vote for a continuation of war, a continuation of deficit spending, a further reduction in the light level of taxation of the rich, and a further shredding of the safety net. All the choices are bad this year… but the Tea Party is the reeking cesspit of American politics… you’d do better voting for Blago Yago… no lie. At least, you KNOW he’s a crook…



Is This the Beginning of the End? Won’t Someone Put Down the OCA to Put it Out of its Misery?

A friend, who wishes to remain utterly anonymous, sent me the following (I left the grammatical errors, haphazard plotting, and poor sentence structure in place (I shan’t identify the writer… this is dreadful copy, frankly speaking)):

An unofficial account: Fr Innocent Dresdow’s Pilgrimage Planning Committee struck out again. People arrived at the harbour at about 7:30 am to pick up life vests and get ready to get on the boats which were to leave at 8 am. Pilgrims were stuck at the dock for hours –no boats. “Unmitigated disaster” was the most frequently heard phrase after “appalling”….Not enough life vests were provided. At least 15 people were not able to go to Monk’s Lagoon because of a lack of
life vests.

+Benjamin  {sic… this is a sign that the original author is a boob… no grounded person EVER puts a cross in front of a bishop’s name… what a maroon!: editor} did not go to Spruce Island. He served liturgy in Kodiak for those unable to travel for one reason or another. +Jonah (sic)  and his entourage took a charter boat (may have been donated) to Monk’s Lagoon on schedule (along with Vic Downing of the “Pilgrimage Planning Committee” and “self-appointed advisor to the Holy Synod”). However a hundred or more pilgrims (possible including Serbian Bishop Maxim) waited at the harbor for boats that did not materialize in a timely manner. Many waited a previously unheard of 2 hours — some 4.

St. Innocent’s Academy (bulgarian) reportedly transported people to Monashka Bay by car to ferry them to Monk’s Lagoon on the small boats/skiffs. Reportedly the Russian pilgrims ended up chartering the M/V(motor vessel) U Rascal so they could get to Monk’s Lagoon. It is very expensive, but one (non Russian) pilgrim reported that the charter fee was donated. Learning that many priests were stuck at Kodiak harbor, Forum member Tatiana Berestoff and the skiffman for their boat, F/V (fishing vessel) Luba Marie, turned their power skiff around and picked up at least 6 priests. They all boarded the Luba Marie before making the crossing to Monk’s Lagoon due to fog. A small vessel full of babies, children, women and priests! Tatiana’s husband, Andy, is the skipper.

Men from Spruce Island ferried people from the boats to the shore at Monk’s Lagoon.

Liturgy began late, possibly 10:30-11 am rather than 9 am.

Aside from the gnats torturing the faithful, the Liturgy at the chapel at Monk’s Lagoon was wonderful. Many, many people were there and shortly before Communion, the clouds parted and the sun came out. Although the forecast was that the weather would go downhill, the sun stayed out and made this joyous occasion much more pleasant. The choir was from St. Innocent’s Academy, and the singing was beautiful.

The F/V Luba Marie ended up bringing approximately 50 men, women & children back to Kodiak resembling more of a refugee beat than a group of pilgrims.

St. Innocent’s Academy put on a dance in the park next to the church. The traditional soup supper that usually warms the returning pilgrims was done on Monday, so pilgrims dispersed to find food. The Academy brought a large number of watermelons for the people.

Firstly, I apologise for the extremely poor writing in the above excerpt. Can you believe that one of Harry Coin’s inner sanctum at the Orthodox Forum wrote it (No… it wasn’t Harry, or Bill, or Fr Michael… all of them can write better than the author can)? It was one of the SVS fanatics, though… you’d think that with all their supposed “education” that they could, at least, write coherently! Nevertheless, there are diamonds in the muck. This was a Chinese Fire Drill from start to finish… with the caveat that a Chinese Fire Drill only looks chaotic to Westerners… it does have a structure and form, after all. JP screwed up in full view of Yustinian Ovchinnikov. Matusiak’s a bone-idle dogsbody, so, oca.org didn’t have anything up until Wednesday, but, rest assured, the Centre was aware of this travesty on Monday night (Vladyki Yustinian saw to that). To compound matters, there were NOT hundreds of people… it’s impossible to get that many across to Spruce Island… it’s not a port after all, it only has an anchorage. At best, you can fit a boat of about 20 metres in length in there… you couldn’t even fit in a large craft, let alone an actual ship (that is, something over 60 metres in length). In short, all of the OCA sources, even this somewhat critical account, are fudging the number of participants. Stop it… the Centre knows the truth of the matter… Vladyki Yustinian reported in, kiddies. This was an incompetent muddle from stem to stern. This would have NEVER happened in the old Metropolia days. The planning would’ve been in the hands of the native elders and everything would’ve gone swimmingly. Jonas Paffhausen’s an incompetent boob… the more one sees of him, the more one becomes convinced that he’s the cat’s-paw of the Unholy Trinity… Peterson, Kondratick, and Kishkovsky. Remember, JP said at PSTGU last year that “no one was left from the old administration, save for clerical staff and a housecleaner…”. I think that there are 250,000 reasons for calling him a liar on that score…

It’s never boring, is it? Someone should get out the humane killer and put down the OCA before more people are scandalised… I’m NOT alone in that view…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 12 August 2010

Albany NY

Paying Tribute to the Victims of the “Kursk”

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Naval cadets attend the opening ceremony for a memorial to submariners who died in peacetime military service in Murmansk.


The sinking of the nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine Kursk in the Barents Sea on 12 August 2000 literally shocked the world. The last decade saw the release of numerous documentary research projects concerning this tragic occurrence. Versions of the reasons for the Kursk disaster are still being put forward, making people wonder why none of the 118 people on board the submarine survived. One thing is clear… the crewmembers fulfilled their duty completely when they managed to shut down the nuclear reactor and thus prevented a global disaster.

Right after the incident, a church of St Nicholas was built in the village of Vidyayevos, where the families of the Kursk submariners used to reside back in those days. A lamp made of the submarine’s emergency light is still burning in the centre of the church’s altar to commemorate the 23 seamen who had fought for their lives in the ninth compartment of Kursk for several days after it sank. Their death became a tragedy for the country. Igumen Mitrofan Badanin, a former sailor who wrote a documentary book for the 10th anniversary of the Kursk submarine disaster, said, “A commemorative lamp is also burning in our hearts. This tragedy left no one indifferent, both in Russia and around the world. In my book, I wrote that portraits of Kursk victims can be found on the walls of houses in Venice and that a Chinese poet published a series of rhymes that he called Funeral Songs to Kursk. Holland and Britain staged performances praising the courage of Kursk crewmembers. Furthermore, the Central Military and Navy Museum in St Petersburg displays a tapestry made by wives of Britain’s Royal Navy submariners. These women, who always pray fervently when their husbands go on a mission, embroidered a rhymed prayer on the tapestry, which contains 118 words, repeating the number of dead seamen”.

The tragic experience of Kursk proved helpful in terms of updating rescue systems installed on board Russian nuclear submarines. Now, a crew can safely escape the sub in case of emergency. Besides, all the Russian fleets received mobile complexes “Panther Plus”, which were successfully tested in the course of the annual search and rescue drills. This year, the Russian Navy will also be provided with all-purpose new generation diving equipment.

On 12 August, memorial events and remembrance services shall be held in St Petersburg, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, and many other cities. People laid flowers at the graves of the Kursk submariners, who were also commemorated in Orthodox churches worldwide, including the church in Vidyayevo, where a lamp in their memory is burning in the altar.

12 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


The Black Sea Fleet Commemorated the Dead of the Submarine “Kursk”

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The famous Russian rock band DDT (led by its frontman Yuri Shevchuk) sings Kapitan Kolesnikov… a song in honour of the crew of the Kursk…

Black Sea Fleet sailors and officers in Sevastopol honoured the memory of the submariners who died in the sinking of the K141 Kursk in a ceremony held in the Kommunarov Cemetery. An honour guard from the Fleet formed up before the memorial to lost submariners, then, crewmen from active submarines lined up, followed by members of the Black Sea Fleet command and relatives of the victims. At a memorial rally in Sevastopol, the ranking officers of the Black Sea Fleet gave their condolences to the bereaved families of the submariners. Relatives of the victims also made speeches and expressed the hope that the death of their loved ones would somehow help prevent such tragedies in future. After the memorial rally, the honour guard laid a wreath at the submariners’ memorial as the Russian national anthem played, then, the relatives of the victims and members of the Black Sea Fleet laid down the flowers that they had brought with them. Admiral Anatoly Varochkin, the commander of the submarine flotilla of the Black Sea Fleet, said, “Due to the loss of the Kursk, we were able to learn much that contributed to the survivability of future craft,  but it’s sad that we gained this experience as a result of such a terrible tragedy”, RIA-Novosti reported.

12 August 2010

Voice of Russia World Service


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