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Friday, 27 August 2010

Ramadan Tent Opens on Poklonnaya Gora

In Moscow, the official opening of the Ramadan Tent on Poklonnaya Gora was held on Thursday evening. This is an annual cultural and charity event, held by the Council of Muftis of Russia with the cooperation of Moscow municipal authorities. The “tent’s” purpose is to expose visitors to the culture of the Muslim peoples, to give a presentation on Islam and its traditions, and to strengthen friendship between people of different religions. “Our intent is to spread peace, tranquillity, brotherhood, and friendship, so, God will bless us”, said Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, the chairman of the Council of Muftis in Russia at the opening event. One of the most prominent clergymen in the MP came and conveyed greetings to the Muslims [from Orthodox  Christians]. “The fact that we share the joy of our holidays with each other means that we in Russia have a special and very good relationship, there’s peaceful coexistence between people of different religions”, said Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the head of the MP Synodal Division for Church and Public Relations. For two weeks, until the end of Ramadan, the tent will offer hot dinners to all comers. According to statistics, last year, about 500-600 people ate dinner in the tent each day it was open. Several hundred guests attended the opening ceremonies at the tent.

Mufti Ravil Ismagilovich Gainutdin (1959- ), President of the Council of Muftis in Russia


Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, President of the Council of Muftis in Russia, is convinced that the canons of Islam don’t impede the integration of Muslims into European society. “Islam has adapted itself to live in a modern globalised world”, Mufti Ravil told journalists on Thursday evening at the opening of the Ramadan Tent on Poklonnaya Gora. In his view, it’s not only impossible to change Islam, it’s unnecessary, because its teachings contain everything that a Muslim needs to live “at any time, in any community, amongst any other culture or tradition”. According to Mufti Ravil, “To do this, we only need goodwill from our partners, so that they can know Islam, so they can cooperate with Muslims. We have a Creator, one Maker, and we must cooperate and collaborate, so that there is  mutual understanding and brotherhood between us”, he said.

27 August 2010




Editor’s Note:

THIS is what Orthodoxy believes… THIS is what Orthodoxy holds up as an exemplar for all of us. Observe what Fr Vsevolod did… you must do likewise. The lady or the tiger? Orthodoxy or the Tea Party? Do choose well…

By the way… the Ramadan Tent is pitched on Poklonnaya Gora, the memorial park to the fallen of the Second Great Patriotic War against the Fascists. That is, it’s pitched on a VERY significant and sacred site. Think on THAT as you make up your mind…



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