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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Here’s What a REAL CHRISTIAN Has to Say About Muslims…

Archbishop Mark Golovkov of Yegorevsk (1964- )


People who speak poorly of Islam can hardly be called Christians. These are people for whom Christianity, even if it was the religion of their fathers, has ceased to be the focal point of their lives and the values they communicate and assert in the public square. In fact, anti-Islamic sentiment is provoked by people who could easily change the vector of their attack and spearhead an assault against Christianity. Genuine Christian believers understand what religion is, they understand the meaning of holy sites and things, and they can judge the meaning of spiritual values. A genuine Christian believer will never mock the religious values of other religions even if this is not his faith, his values, or his God.

Archbishop Mark Golovkov of Yegorevsk


Vladyki Mark is a close associate of His Holiness, respected by all who know him. He is not as flashy as Hilarion Alfeyev is… but, then again, Philaret Denisenko cut a fancier figure than Aleksei Rediger did… do remember who won the funny white hat (and do recall who went spinning off into heresy).

Keep Vladyki Mark’s words in mind as you assess the lies and bigotry of the Tea Party… one of these things is NOT like the other…



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