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Friday, 3 September 2010

Shall American Bulgarians Jump from the Orthodox Church in America to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church: Another Nail in the Coffin of the OCA?

The OCA is a “dead man walking”… when shall it expire? I don’t bloody know… no one does, to be frank. It SHALL be sudden, without warning, and without remedy, that’s certain. August ’91 Redux anyone?


American Bulgarians expressed a desire to move from the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) to the jurisdiction of the recognised Local Church of Bulgaria (BPTs), the Bulgarian portal Dveri.Bg reported. Bulgarians living in the USA and Canada are collecting signatures for a petition to the BPTs Holy Synod. It will include a request for the transfer of the parishes now subject to the OCA to the omofor of the Archdiocese of the USA, Canada, and Australia of the BPTs. The petition states that 80 percent of the clergy serving in the Bulgarian churches aren’t Bulgarians, they don’t venerate Bulgarian saints, and they don’t respect Bulgarian national holidays and traditions. One of the solutions put forward by the petition authors is an appeal to the BPTs to withdraw its recognition of the autocephaly of the OCA. Amongst the authors of the petition, a copy of which will be sent to the Bulgarian government, were members of three Bulgarian academic bodies, the Institute of History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Bulgarian Union of Scientists, and staff from the Исторический архив (Historical Archive), the publication of the Bulgarian Union of Scientists, besides Bulgarian scholars and public figures from Bulgaria, the USA, Canada, and other countries.

3 September 2010



Editor’s Note:

This explains why the Wonder was in New York at Paffhausen’s invitation. If the Bulgarians jump, the Romanians are not far behind them, I’ll warrant, and JP doesn’t have the power, cred, or stones to stand up to Nathaniel Popp. There’s no doubt that the Surfer lost his head. As a friend of mine who knows someone close to the situation in California told me, “As for Metropolitan Jonah (what an ideal name for a sinking ship), I don’t think he’s queer. I think he’s just plain stupid. He’s naïve, still last year’s convert, and simply incapable. He’s been going around with Peterson, when everyone knows what he is. Then, there’s the Platina story, let alone the two previous Metropolitans, and Archbishop Peter, who was kicked out of France by the MP because he was too embarrassing there. As for allowing Kishkovsky et al to carry on, it’s sickening”. In short, JP isn’t queer or a molester (and he’s probably not a thief… he’s too dumb), but he’s dim-witted and ineffectual, and when he lost control of the situation, he screamed for help.

Note well that the Wonder refused to concelebrate with him, and a phoney story was cooked up saying that HA was “ill”… I’ve seen that kind of “illness” before… you see it in ambitious little weasels when they decide that a former colleague is now detrimental to their future schemes. The OCA should’ve stayed quiet on that one… there wasn’t any need to print that, only a boob would do so, and it shows the extent of JP’s incompetence and lack of control of the situation. In fact, in view of the above post, the posting on oca.org can now be seen as a desperate grasping for a lifeline from Moscow… one that wasn’t extended. Note well that this “visit” wasn’t publicised beforehand on oca.org, no press release concerning it was made to the Russian secular media, and there was no photo gallery on patriarchia.ru. Also, oca.org didn’t coordinate its internet posting with that put out by the Wonder on the official MP website… that bespeaks poor planning and abysmal execution.

I wish to thank my correspondent who sent on to me the link to the above post in Russian. Indeed, all of you with facility with Russian would find this website useful… click on the above link, go to “home”, and bookmark it. I also thank them for the second part of the title, Another Nail in the Coffin of the OCA? That wasn’t my idea… I like to give credit where it belongs, even if I must keep it “anonymous”… my interlocutor will read this and be assured that not only do I respect their input, I also respect their privacy and confidentiality. It’s what all good journalists do, kiddies… “Protect your sources, first, last, and always”… that’s my credo, and that’s that.



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