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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Video. Smile and Cheer! Here’s Some Tunes from People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov

Oleg Gazmanov (1951- ), People’s Artist of Russia, seen here after entertaining Russian troops in South Ossetia soon after the repulse of the Georgian aggressors. Oleg Mikhailovich is very popular… he’s also a Master of Sport in Gymnastics, and holds a degree in mechanical engineering (pretty good, huh?).


Kick back and relax on a holiday weekend. Here are some of Oleg Mikhailovich’s latest vids:




In this one, Oleg Mikhailovich teams up with the up-and-coming pop star Dima Bilan


For this number, Oleg Mikhailovich links up with the very popular Sofia Rotaru


Oleg Mikhailovich sings “One Victory” on Victory Day ’08 at Poklonnaya Gora



Here’s one of Oleg Mikhailovich’s signature tunes… “Eskadron”… it’s also the name of his band…



Oleg Mikhailovich honoured departed People’s Artists of Russia in his intro, the audience stood in respect of their memories…




Americans in Iraq: They Left, but They’re Still Around

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The GOP lied to you about the Iraq War… the Tea Party is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP under a “dummy corporation” (they’re NOT populists)… that means that the Tea Party will lie whenever it suits them. Any questions? (the Dems lie too… but they aren’t as good at putting on a sweetly pious face as Sectarians are.)


The USA will do anything to keep Iraq in its sphere of influence…

To say that the Iraq campaign is over is premature, despite all the assurances from the Obama administration, according to the majority of Russian politicians and experts who commented on the 31 August statement of President Obama announcing the troop withdrawal from that country. For Washington, now, economics is more important than politics, as was shown by the leitmotif of Mr Obama’s speech announcing the completion of Operation Iraqi Freedom. President Obama had no other option available, for the midterm congressional elections are coming up, and the welfare of individual Americans is more important to voters than a “hothouse democracy” in a far-away country. After all, the war in Iraq placed an unbearable burden on the US federal budget, and therefore, upon taxpayers affected by the current economic crisis. In addition, the death of nearly 4,500 of their countrymen during the Iraq war isn’t much of an inspiration for the people of the “bulwark of freedom and democracy”.

Remember that the USA announced last week that the “last combat unit” had withdrawn from Iraq, and they officially declared an end to the active stage of operations. Orientalist Vladimir Akhmedov told VOR, “Combat units are far from gone [from the area], though, they’re based in neighbouring Kuwait. Besides that, in Iraq itself, there are still 50,000 American military personnel. I can’t definitively say that they wouldn’t return at some time. It all depends on how events in Iraq play out, on how successful the new political institutions are. Indeed, in the end, the Americans failed to create anything lasting and significant. At any time, the situation could flare up, and one wonders who will then extinguish it. Ultimately, it may not come down to a confrontation with Iran or al Qaeda, but, rather, a struggle with the Sunni resistance. It’s not a pleasant scenario, but we can’t exclude it”.

Senator Vadim Gustov, a member of the Federation Council (the upper chamber of the Russian parliament), said, “The White House made a big mistake with the military operation in Iraq. Their rationale for deploying troops to Iraq was false, for there were no nuclear or chemical weapons there. Yes, the USA removed Saddam Hussein, but they couldn’t impose their will on the Iraqis. As a result, the political structure of Iraq was destroyed, which could lead to a bitter struggle for power”.

Therefore, for now, Iraq has a “New Dawn”… that’s what the Americans say with their penchant for overly rosy rhetoric. President Obama tried to buck up Iraqis, “Now, the responsibility for the fate of Iraq lies with its citizens”. It brings to mind another incident. Once more, the procurator {Pilate: editor} washes his hands. All over again, “I’m not responsible for what happens”.

4 September 2010

Sergei Anisimov

Voice of Russia World Service


Arpaio Refuses to Cooperate with Feds… Muslims Fear Violence on 9/11… You Know What to Do: Don’t Support the Tea Party!

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Which way? Only one of the roads leads to the Emerald City…


Read these:



Let’s keep it simple. Sheriff Joe Arapaio refuses to hand over documents to the feds. That’s not “an excellent working relationship” in anyone’s book… you see, Arpaio’s boys have stopped many Mexican-Americans illegally and Arpaio protects them. That’s the long and short of that, it’s why he refuses to hand over documents (betcha they’ll be found “missing” or “unintentionally discarded”). By the way, there’s a reason why Arpaio feeds inmates so cheaply. He uses government surplus food… that is, the taxpayers of the USA subsidise this preening boob. YOU pay for Arpaio’s posturing (just like Rand Paul is all for Medicare because it lines his own pocket). As for the “tent city” gaol… that’s only possible because of the hot climate in Arizona. He wouldn’t be able to do that in a location that had normal winter weather (let alone a winter like Dannemora’s). In any case, that’s not Hoyle. The support of the Tea Party for such as Arpaio gives you a clue as to what it is… it’s a racist bloc of the GOP; kept separate so that the GOP is immune from charges of bigotry, racism, and hatemongering.

Let’s just mention one of the lunacies cited in the 9/11 article:

The same day in Gainesville FL, the Dove World Outreach Center plans to burn copies of the Koran.

This has been known for some time, and the Tea Party’s leaders refused to condemn it. That says it all. It also tells you about Sectarians… why would Orthodox Christians want to be allied with such ignorant slime? It says a great deal about us as a group… none of it good, it’s proof we’ve been contaminated by sectarianism.

Firstly, since we are a very small group in the USA (only some 0.3 percent of the US population), some people amongst us have been tainted with acceptance of ideas from larger (and more dominant) heterodox bodies. In practise, that means that Orthodox are tempted to follow Papist, Anglican, or Sectarian heresies. One finds papal leanings in some quarters of the GOA, Anglican ideas have wormed their way into the OCA and AOCANA (mostly through badly catechised converts, who then are ordained before they’re ready). Sectarian notions are, again, found mostly in the OCA and AOCANA (mostly the former, though) through the ill-advised reception of groups such as the HOOMies and the ordination of cult gurus such as Matthew Tate and Moses Beery. These people have brought their noisome fancies into the heart of the Church… that’s what should concern grounded Orthodox Christians, and it’s why it’s going to take at least a generation to rebuild after the coming crash of the OCA and AOCANA.

For us, we should stand aside from such Sectarian movements as the Tea Party… it threatens our very identity as Orthodox Christians. One can say this of the Secularists… they would leave our inner life alone. The Sectarians wish either to convert us to their heresy or to suck out the Orthodox content from our Faith, leaving us as Sectarians with a funny liturgy. The secularists favour disagreeable societal programmes; the sectarians favour nasty spiritual programmes. We know what the Scripture tells us… we should fear those who would kill the soul, not those who would kill the body.

If you vote for any candidate backed by the Tea Party this election, you vote for someone who is a theomachist… a “God Fighter”… vote for anything other than that. It sounds contradictory, but it’s what our ancestors in the Faith did… “Better the turban of the Turk in the City than the tiara of the Pope”. We face the same choice today.

The real world is never “neat” and “orderly”, is it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 5 September 2010

Albany NY

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