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Monday, 6 September 2010

Stokoe Posts an Interesting Little Tirade… What Sort of Crack is He Smoking?

No stems, no seeds, that you don’t need, take a toke of Mark’s badass weed…


Read this nasty little screed:


I haven’t been looking at Stokoe’s site for quite some time, and I haven’t missed much at all. There was something from Oliver Herbel that was undiluted New Age positivism, and quite a bit about Antioch making Saliba the absolute monarch of the AOCANA. However, the above piece caught my eye for its Americanist phyletism and defence of American godless nihilism.

Get this:

The New World, that is the United States and Canada, is a continent, the most developed part of the World and the leader of the World. This reality cannot to be argued, it is a fact.

No, it’s not, Mr Nemoianu! It’s the centre of the most meretricious and greedy society on the face of the planet! It invented “outsourcing”, “downsizing”, and “globalisation”. It routinely bombs all those it dislikes, except Russia and China, who can fight back (and those protected by Russia and China). It ran secret prisons where prisoners were tortured in the “War against Terror”. It supported tinpot dictators such as Yushchenko and Saakashvili. This is absolute rubbish, full stop.

The American and Canadian nations are centuries old and their contribution to the modern culture and civilization is overwhelming. In all areas of development, the New World is at the top… most of the time head and shoulders above the rest of the world.

More absolute rot… the USA is only some 223 years old, whilst the Confederation of Canada has existed only since 1867… some 143 years. It’s clear that Mr Nemoianu is a crass materialist. How about this, sir… the USA spends more on bombs than the rest of the world combined… the USA is the home of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin… the USA caused the present worldwide depression by its feckless economic policies. In short, Mr Nemoianu’s thesis is not only thin; it’s nonexistent.

The Orthodox bodies of the Old World act, in regard to New World Orthodoxy, in a selfish and misguided way.

Huh? This is absolute hooey. He’s upset that the rest of Orthodoxy isn’t kissing the OCA’s naked bum at high noon. Most of the Local Autocephalous Churches are either in countries that are mostly Orthodox (Serbia, Romania, Greece, Russia, et al), or where substantial regions are mostly Orthodox (Poland, Czechia/Slovakia), or where patriarchates existed in the historical past (Antioch, Alexandria, and Constantinople). None of these conditions exists in North America. NONE. American Orthodoxy is a tiny sect on the American scene, being less than 0.3 percent of the US population (per Professor Krindatch’s estimates, which are the best figures currently available).

The canonical bodies of the Old World, or, anyhow, too many of them, ganged up not just against the OCA; they ganged up against the very idea of American autocephaly. Such machinations should not pass!

This is SVS/New Skete/Renovationist nonsense. There is no “conspiracy” against the OCA… the OCA is killing itself by its inner contradictions.

For the Orthodox faithful of the New World now is the time to prove the unyielding mettle of America. No matter how many would gang up against it, America does not cave. The OCA’s autocephaly… the autocephaly of all Orthodox in America… is a cause worthy to fight for. It is a cause that will prevail.

It’s time to get out the humane killer and put down the OCA before more souls are lost. We’ve lost enough already. It started in the lunatic war between Schmemann and Grabbe (it really was an ecclesial equivalent of the savage Bitch War in the camps); it continues today… leading to Eric Iliff, Kristi Koumentakos, and all too many other nameless (but all too real) savaged souls…

We’re supposed to be silent “for the good of the Church”… what say you?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 6 September 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

A correspondent pointed up to me that Stokoe posted some material that I had posted in a poorer translation. I decided to run a “machine” translation on the piece involved… it was the same as the piece posted by Stokoe. Of course, it missed His Holiness’ nuances and was wrong at several points. Mark… some of us are on to you. Then, again, Stokoe believes in “automatic excommunication”… I kid you not! Mark… stay away from the Russian sources, you don’t have the knowledge or skills to use them properly. By the way… why does Stokoe put a “cross” in front of bishops’ names? Only nappy-wearing konvertsy do so… Mark, are you identifying with such self-centred toddlers? If so, be frank about it!

Things are NEVER boring in Orthodoxy…



Pannikhida to remember the Fallen of All Wars to be held on the 630th Anniversary of the Battle of the Kulikovo Field

Russian medieval re-enactors… a Russian “Society for Creative Anachronism”


Russians went to the Kulikovo Field as citizens of various principalities and returned as a united Russian nation.

Nikolai Karamzin

A Pannikhida for all those who fell in battle for Russia will be served in the church on the Kulikovo Field on the anniversary of the battle. On 18 September, the 630th anniversary of the Battle of the Kulikovo Field, about 300 re-enactors will portray Russian and Mongol foot soldiers and cavalry, they will stage a re-enactment of the battle for the thousands of visitors expected, the organisers of the affair told our correspondent on Monday. Within a few days, workmen from Russia and throughout the CIS will recreate the camp of a medieval war band on the banks of the field’s rivers. As part of the holiday tournament, contestants will take part in archery and fencing, hold horse races, and demonstrate authentic period cuisine, costume, and armour. Master classes in pottery-making, baking bread, armour and costume fabrication, felt fulling, dyeing cloth, and wickerwork will be held on the campgrounds. Besides this, there’ll be a medieval brewery and a travelling forge. The celebration will conclude on 21 September, the feastday of the Nativity of the Virgin. Liturgy will be served at the church near the Kulikovo Field, an Alley of Memory and Unity will be opened, and a monument to the fighters of the Kulikovo Field will be blessed.

6 September 2010



Tajik President Rakhmonov Urged Tajik Women NOT to Wear the Hijab

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A group of traditional Tajik women… they don’t look so dangerous to me! Maybe Palin and Beck have special vision so that they can see things that the rest of us can’t (I DON’T think so)!


Tajik President Rakhmonov complained that many women and girls in Tajikistan were copying “foreign” Muslim styles of dress. “In the streets of the capital, I often see girls and women wearing foreign-style religious head scarves, copying examples seen in other countries”, President Rakhmonov said on Wednesday, in an address at Tajik National University. “If you appreciated our country and its culture, then, you’d be satisfied with our national dress, which is much freer than some other countries. Be thankful that you’re free; if you really want to dress in the style of another country, then, I’ll send you there”, he joked.

Two sweet little girls from Tajikistan… the one on the right is wearing a traditional Tajiki scarf… President Rakhmonov is right… it’s not a hijab (and there are many other Muslim cultures that wear similar scarves, by the way).


According to President Rakhmonov, who earlier urged parents to take their children out of foreign religious schools and bring them back to Tajikistan, the hijab and chador are alien to Tajik culture. In Tajikistan, about 98 percent of the population is Muslim, mostly of the Sunni Hanafi variety. However, the Constitution mandates a secular state, and state schools forbid the wearing of Muslim headscarves that completely cover the face and hair. Some students even tried to sue the Tajik Ministry of Education regarding this regulation, but they lost the case. Tajik traditional native dress utilises bright-coloured scarves tied behind the head, leaving a woman’s neck and hair exposed. In contrast with this, most Tajikis consider that the hijab and chador are recent foreign fads.

1 September 2010



Editor’s Note:

The above puts the lie to the despicable Tea Party propaganda that Islam is out to destroy our way of life. The more that they wave their placards, the more that I’m convinced that the Islamic Centre must go forward just to thwart their hatemongering and bigotry. Reflect well on the fact that most of the konversty support the tirades of Beck and Palin… and they aren’t silent about it!


Sieg Heil! Terrence Mattingly Gushes Over His Führer and Führerin…

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NSDAP Parteitag in Nürnberg in the 1930s. Be aware that the tribune in the background is a little over five times the width of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, and that there are 60,000 people present. That means that any crowd estimate above 50-75,000 for the Beck/Palin Dixie Fry is a gross and deliberate lying overstatement.


[It would be] a great mistake to say that there aren’t “wolves” who want to steal the flock. Today, from time to time, we see false teachers, who, under the guise of protecting the Church and Orthodox believers, sow seeds of doubt in an attempt to divide our flock and its pastors. There are other wolves that try to affect public opinion through the media… they create false and dangerous goals and values, and attract spiritually inexperienced people to these ideas, especially young people.

There is no grace or truth in schism. Therefore, they cannot give a salvific message.

Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias

Do read the first paragraphs of this misbegotten screed:


Fox News star Glenn Beck staged the show at the Lincoln Memorial, and then fired up his flock by claiming, “Something that is beyond man is happening. America today begins to turn back to God”.

Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin almost stole the show with a political shot at President Barack Obama, telling her fans, “You too know that we must not fundamentally transform America as some would want. We must restore America and restore her honour!”

I kid you not… Terrence Mattingly wrote the above rubbish. Glenn Beck is a Christian apostate, a fact well known to Mr Mattingly. Sarah Palin is a Pentecostalist, one of the worst varieties of Sectarian; she’s not even a Christian, again, something that Mr Mattingly knows abundantly. Of course, he segues into something about Alveda King, but what is important for us as Orthodox Christians is his noxious and fulsome praise for Palin and Beck, two of the most unpleasant and unrepentant Sectarian voices in America today. Apparently, Mr Mattingly approves of apostasy… it’s no secret that Beck left Christianity for Mormonism. Likewise, his obnoxious fawning on Palin shows that he approves of Sectarianism… Mr Mattingly, she’s no Christian… she’s a Holy Roller without any ties to Classical Christianity (none of the “American Sects” qualify as Christianity… a quick look at their beliefs will convince you of that). In any case, their Lincoln Memorial rally had more similarities with a 1930s Nürnberg Parteitag than was comfortable.

The OCA and AOCANA have all too many Sectarians and Anglicans who are formal “converts” to the Faith who have not internalised it, Mr Mattingly is one such. Reardon, Matthewes-Green, Paffhausen, Hatfield, et al are cut from the same piece of moth-eaten cloth. Do you need proof? On a night that he could have stood with a bishop of the confessing and bleeding UOC MP at the opening of an exhibition blessed by Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine, Paffhausen chose to (figuratively) kiss the bum of the First Profit of the Mormons in public. I kid you not… pictures of it exist, and they’re all over the Orthodox internet.

These people are not “bone of our bone, and flesh of our flesh”. They do not have “Orthodox souls” or “Orthodox hearts”. One reason is that they were encouraged to act as Church spokesmen long before they were ready. One time, can you believe it, I stumbled across a prelest-ridden website maintained by a nappy-wearing baby who was only in the Faith for some two years… he was in the Navy, and was expatiating on the Fathers (as konvertsy are wont to do). This is not a fairy tale… it’s not the WORST that I’ve seen. These people think that they’re Orthodox if they’re always quoting the canons or the Fathers. I have news for them… I know many wonderful Orthodox Christians who have NEVER read the Fathers and canons… in fact, that describes the MAJORITY of the REAL Orthodox Christians that I’ve met.

Terrence Mattingly’s gushing encomium of Beck and Palin is obsequious and without warrant. Where is His Most Catholic Majesty Juan Carlos when he’s sorely needed? ¡¿Por qué no te callas?! Why don’t you just shut up!? That’s the ticket…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 6 September 2010

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

I had some interesting correspondence on this, most was supportive… one took me to task because they felt that Mr Mattingly is “intellectually honest”. My reply was:

His ignorance is shocking, and he had the obligation and duty to rip those saccharine poseurs apart. No… I believe that he, like so many konvertsy, is a knee-jerk “conservative”. Between you and me, there’s NO intellectual integrity at all in the so-called “conservative”/”neocon”/”Tea Party” movement. It’s profoundly anti-Christian. A Christian has the DUTY to expose this… and expose it LOUDLY. They’re nothing but nihilistic lucre-loving opportunists (they’re not the affluent effluent for nothing, hon), when you come down to it.

‘Nuff said, no?


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